A DPS job can often do way less damage than a tank/healer does


Progression is great and all, but I don’t want to do something that I dislike multiple times a week for gear that only lasts a few months give or take, it’s simply not worth the investment. I am really waiting for this game to give me that endgame excitement XI did. Dynamis: loved it, Salvage: was a hoot, Sky: let’s go, Assault: I’m there, etc etc even after doing it regularly for literally years. I actually still run coil with people when they need clears just for kicks even if its a faceroll now. I enjoy it. But Alex?

Coils felt rewarding to do. It gave character growth to the NPCs involved and your own character. What did you get from Alex? I felt more attached and sympathetic towards the primal itself than the characters involved. Coils story felt like a part of the world where Alex felt more like some side thing you won’t hear mentioned from NPCs outside the quest line. It left no impact to me, no feelings, no changes, no feeling of satisfaction that my character did a great thing. It was like another quest completed. But coils? Even if it was no longer current content, I went to prod my friends who joined after HW to do it cause it was that amazing and I gladly helped some clear it.

It’s true that a high percentage of players is not raiding but not necessarily due to the lack of skill. Personally, i find raiding to be extremely stressful from my small experience. Also, the gear is indeed the best in terms of stats but why should i bother with raiding when i can get second best just by waiting a few weeks with tomes? Last week i got my shire weapon and finished shire armor. In 3.5 i will get each piece to i270 and even though it will take some time, im more than fine with that not to mention that my gear will be comparable to the raid gear in terms of basic stats which is all i want in the first place.


I beg to differ on the “lack of skill”. DPS discrepancy is huge on each job. The same job can do as high as 3k dps, and as low as 300 dps. A DPS job can often do way less damage than a tank/healer does which is a bizarre occurrence. And it has become a “stigma” for basically any player with low DPS output, which normally is way off from the standard the general players should do. In a raid environment, you are required to at least know 60-80% of your basic DPS rotation to clear, the more the better and most players seemingly fail at this department very often.

Stress is sadly unavoidable in a harsher environment. This is mainly due to how the environment is designed around tighter checks, the requirement is tuned much higher which contributes to having to perform better and better to improve the rate of success. Mostly performance issue is what leads to stress. The argument on stress can be bad and/or good depending on how you see the situation.

Coil was more successful because it was more worthwhile. There was a major story behind it that tied in really well to 1.23 and the calamity. That alone was the motivation for a lot of players to push through. personally it was the ONLY reason I completed coil in ARR. certainly didn’t care about the gear cos it was all junk..

Since then though it’s not been worthwhile. Players won’t raid for rewards that aren’t worth it. The gear is ultimately junk there is no story. And as such there is no reason to even attempt raids. look at midas savage. 240 gear but still junk the second 3.4 landed and raider s went out and got 250 for creator savage….

savage 270 armor that’s not necessary for anything isn’t a motivation either when players will have 270 armor thrown at them in a couple of weeks augmenting there shire stuff with no real effort involved…

you can see it with primals… a lot of people won’t even bother with Sophia ex for 255 weapons because screw that, get 255 weapons from palace of the dead that are just as good…. and they ain’t wrong…

The ONLY way Yoshi is going to get substantially more players raiding / taking on harder content is to make it worthwhile to do so.

Look at MMO’s of days gone past. FFXI pre Abbysseaa for example something like HALF the playerbase cleared CoP which was widely regarded as the games toughest content. and at least half those that hadn’t cleared it were progressing through it to varying stages..

Despite being notoriously hard players still did it because it was worthwhile and the rewards were valuable.. people spent months on end trying to clear divine might back in the day and they kept on trying till they did it because them earing were “epic” they weren’t just some junk that you’d chuck away next week… the final chapter of cops boss fights were the same because those rings at the end were again “epic” rewards.

FFXIV Heavensward: The Aetherochemical Research Facility Dungeon Guide

On my run, we only killed ice and not the fire and it worked just fine. Also, we had the tank gather up all the orbs and the healer just healed through it. Was wondering what the better strategy was.

I think taking someone else’s orb does less damage than taking your own. I did this as a WHM and we had a very undergeared Bard who was getting nearly 1-shot by his own orb. Then he started picking up our DRG’s orb and suddenly I didn’t have to waste my Bene’s and Tetra’s on him.

I’m about to run this place for the first time, and I’d like to know what the Avatar’s missiles do to you. As somebody who never ran the Coils past turn 5, I’d like to go in with whatever information I can, and “Just do it, otherwise you won’t like the results” isn’t enough info for me. Is it an insta-kill? Massive damage? Major debuff? This early in the life of the expansion, yours is the only reliable guide, and this is information we need, so we can prepare for mistakes.

Other than that, I’ve been using your guides to get me through Heavensward content, and they’ve been a major boon! Thanks a lot for your hard work making the videos!

Just beat this tonight. And my responce to the final boss when it appeared was. ‘Well that’s not creepy as fuck.’ It kind of was. But a good fight. Mind you Bismark was still my favorite even if it took me 5 tries. But good mechanics there.

FFXIV: HW – 3.0 Advanced Dragoon Rotation Guide & Tips

That would work in an ideal situation when you can keep attacking the boss for all that time, but what about situations when you can’t? How should I adapt to changing fight circumstances? What are the priorities? You said to use cooldowns right as they are available, but which cooldowns were you talking about? Everything except life surge (which has to be combined with 4th or a full thrust) and geirskogul? Also, could you say more about skipping combos or redirect me to some guide? I tried asking uncle Google but he’s not been helpful.

I’m new to these types of games, and im a dragoon. The one thing im unsure about is how i should position my hands on my mouse/keyboard. Currently, i often end up with both hands on my keyboard with my left hand on wasd and on 1-5, with my right hand on 6-0. This however makes it impossible to use my mouse. Im not sure if i am supposed to be using my mouse during combat, but at the same time, i find it difficult to use my skills with one hand on the keyboard and one on the mouse. Firstly, i often fat-finger the wrong hotkeys on 6-0. Secondly, pressing those hotkeys requires me to lift my left hand off of wasd, making it impossible to move around.

You’re going to have to get used to using ALT/CTRL for keybinds if you do not have an MMO Mouse, as well as using q,e,t,c,v etc. That’s the only way to use all of the buttons required. You should never keybind more than 1-5. I can only reach 1-4 as I have smaller hands.. 6 and onwards are too hard for anyone to reach, unless you literally have giant hands.

i scrapped the usage of the alt/ctrl cause of a self perceived lack of coordination. the method i used was to keybind 4 of the hotbars into the shape of the keyboard and map it to the qwerty layout with 1 through = on top. in that setup i bound the skills into groups based on the part of the rotation i was at to allow for “free flowing” utilization. everything is available with a single key stroke. im probably the only one in my fc that does this, but i find it to be the most efficient setup for myself.

Thanks for this Dervy. Been away from the game for 7 months and just came back and used this video last night to re-train my dragoon. I really appreciate your explaining how to maximize your GK + B4B usage. It was easy to manage once I got the hang of it.

Whats the minimum attributes that I need to successfully pull off his rotation? My SS is 697 and on the opener i cannot seem to get the last tier 4 before the BoD drops. Now with 3.2 I’m not for sure if the SS requirement has changed from the previous 590.

I’m currently at ilvl 199 and I cant seem to go above 1.3k 3min parse, is it because I’m too slow or I’m just bad. I’m using your opener btw and my ping is roughly 280ms. Reason I ask is because people keep bothering me how it should be higher.

Thundercloud is the best single target spell in the game


I think it’s a good change. Thunderclouds have and always granted us mobility (mobility check.) the potency was increased so its more on par with fire 4 if the ACTIVE dot is about to wear off (potency issues vs fire 4 check.) And DOUBLE the proc chance? I’ll take it. Also enochian change will make floor 3 less of a headache because on that floor I actually do get ahead of the enochian cast curve occasionally.

Well, the math says, Thundercloud is now worth 780 potency that scales higher with SS higher than F4, so it’s certainly stronger than F4 now. The only thing about it is the opportunity cost, IE it won’t necessarily be worth dropping a F4 for a Thundercloud because you will often want to use Thunder as filler for MP ticks (if, say, you can only do Thundercloud or F4 as your last move in a rotation, F4 will take precedence because you’ve got half the Thundercloud damage coming more than 50% of the time anyway). I’m looking at this change as a raw DPS upgrade for now without trying it, our odds of using a very strong Thundercloud as our filler in UI (and yes, we always have this capability, even if it’s after B4) just shot way up. Using it in place of F4 in AF, I don’t believe that is the intent unfortunately, the stipulations on using it are still going to be high in a F4 rotation except specific rotations and timings but we’ll see.


Since F3 is less damage than our primary dps spell now, that would turn it into a utility proc, rather than the flat dps boost it used to be. With a fresh enochian we could potentially eke out an extra F4 but that wouldn’t make us OP, and the increased mobility of being able to move and keep AF up would make enochian less frustrating over all.

Proving once again the only way to fix something is to increase potencies and worsening the problem with Thundercloud by doubling the procs. It’s definitely a boost for stuff like A1 and at a base of 780 Potency. Thundercloud is the best single target spell in the game. With that potency so high, you can recast a proc under 18 seconds to have a better Potency than F4. Under 21 second is barely a lost.

Been doing some Alex NM farm before we can raid later … BLM feels exactly the same. The Enochian buff is so far as situational as it sounds (you really don’t want to turn rotation 3 into rotation by default, Sharpcast isn’t up usually even if you would), and the Thundercloud buff, you really can’t use them without sacrificing F4 for, because the later your rotation is before B4, even if you technically have time, that makes dodging that much hairier and limits your options greatly.

Just my impression after a few dummy trials and some A1-4s. It is a DPS increase just on the fact that you can use Thundercloud as filler more often, and Thunder does a little more, but it’s not a big increase, and I kind of wonder why they did it in the first place when the complaints were about Enochian timers.

It feels Spell Speed will get a stronger impact. That said, they definitely missed the train on making Thundercloud part of the rotation. First dummy try when I logged I did 1220 single target Dummy 4 minutes parse with an X-Potion. The buff is noticeable and I guess you lose less DPS from moving if you get more procs.

Fact is Thundercloud is superior to Fire IV. You need to clip a Thunder dot higher than 18 seconds to actually lose DPS versus Fire IV. So you might lose some Fire IVs but it’s still a gain and a proc = mobility. There is also a situation you can Enochian in the middle of your astral fire so you don’t lose any Fire IV. At best, you get a Thundercloud and replace that Fire IV by a Fire I which is still a DPS gain.

FFXIV 2.51 0570 Weaver 1-50 (Powerlevel Guide)

I use Mithrie’s level 50 Weaver and also have a friend make all the required items for the Levequests level 1-50 below. This method relies completely on High Quality (HQ) quest turn in’s to be effective as it offers a 100% experience bonus when applied. Any level 50 Weaver should be able to help you craft all required HQ items.

I can’t get anyone to help me on my server (Zodiark)… You need a really nice person to take the time out to help with crafting the items and sticking with levelling to 50 or now 60. if you don’t have help this is hard to do.

Sad alot of my friends are not into final fantasy. sadder I got the wild rose gear set for my being a sub 810 days, the friendship of circlet braclet would have been more useful.

if you still care I would say get a friend from free company or shout in main city to craft HQ for you. Its breeze for lvl60 crafters to craft 50 and below stuff even with None quality materials.

When you crafted those 200x Spruce Plywood for the 10 Million gil video, did you buy HQ Horn Glue and Spruce Lumber or did you make them HQ yourself? What about shards, did you buy or farm them?

Hey Mithrie Really enjoy all of your Videos. Do you have any Macros for HQ Leatherworker Items with out using any other Crafters abilities? I just hit level 50 with leather worker and would like to make the most of it before Starting another Craft like Weaver.

big fan of your videos, and I know you made gearing up with 1 level 50 and 15 BSM earlier, but I was wondering about gearing up with all 50’s. Recently I have capped out all my stuff, and was wondering if you could make a video on where to go from there in order to better prepare for heavensward. Thanks!

may i ask about the rested experience? is it crucial or just a small bonus? im hoping to get back into ff14arr in a few months and i am trying to do some research early on. thank you for the guides, i would be completely lost without them.

You do know when you first teleport into Ul’dah or any major city, you can use that main large aetherite crystal you come in with, to teleport to any of the smaller aetherite locations such as the weavers guild, you don’t need to run around to find one of the smaller ones. Once again, a great guide though.

I’ve got some questions, if you don’t mind my asking. 1st, how do you get items onto your Alt? 2nd, if you can HQ all the items by yourself would you recommend doing so? I’m one of the only people in my FC that was lvl 50 crafters, and I don’t want to bother the other crafters. Also as of this moment I only have goldsmith and alchemist left to get to lvl 50. Gsm is at 32 and Alc is at 26.

HQ leves are pure gold. Funny enough I just did this last night with GSM. Took me 3 hours to take it from 15 to 50. Didn’t craft a single thing either. Bought everything from the Marketboard. Was cheaper than expected. Only spent a million gil on it. Drained me down to 4 leves though lol… Guess i’ll work on fishing while they replenish then do ALC next.

ffxivbook – Yes, Final Fantasy XIV Really Was This Bad The First Time Around

The Black Shroud was a nightmare in 1.0.

Since its 2013 relaunch as A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best massively multiplayer role-playing games going, but let’s not forget the poor performance, shoddy lighting effects and nightmarish copy-pasted landscapes from the original 2010 release that made the relaunch necessary in the first place.


YouTube’s Speakers Network has launched the first in its “The Fall and Rise Of Final Fantasy XIV” video series, detailing the various problems that led to Final Fantasy XIV’s original release being scrapped completely and reworked into something players didn’t actively hate. Warning: If you played version 1.0, prepare to be triggered.

Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 wasn’t an unattractive game, but much of the attraction was superficial. Map assets were pretty and filled with nifty touches on higher end machines (I loved the swirling leaves effect), but upon closer inspection many of those intriguing elements were the same intriguing elements used over and over again. No area was a worse offender than the original Black Shroud, pictured atop this post, which was just a maze of utter bullshit.

Using the Crystal Tools engine from Final Fantasy XIII proved a bad idea, as the requirements for a static game world and a persistent world with realistic day and night cycles are quite different. Nighttime was daytime with a blue tint applied. Indoor lighting maps were the same as the outdoor ones, with shadows unaffected by light sources that weren’t the sun.


The best part of the first video here is it goes into several issues I was barely aware of in the initial release, and there are so many more to get to, like over-complicated systems, chocobos we couldn’t ride and much, much more. Really looking forward to the nightmares the rest of this series will bring.

Final Fantasy XIV May Let You Pay To Catch Up  – ffxivbook.com

The biggest barrier for entry in Final Fantasy XIV, a tremendous video game, is that you have to catch up with the entire story to play each new expansion pack, which can take dozens and dozens of hours if you’re behind. Square Enix wants to change that.


Over the weekend, FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida published a large post on the forums about Jump and Boost Potions, a new feature they’re exploring that will allow players to pay real money to level up and catch up with the story. These potions are currently available in the Chinese and Korean versions of Final Fantasy XIV, and Yoshida says they’re looking into ways to bring the feature to Japan, Europe, and North America.

The short version: for 5,000 yen (about $43), players will be able to take a job to level 50 and catch up on the current story via cutscenes in the inn. If you buy both potions, you won’t have to grind through dozens and dozens of hours worth of story quests just to check out Stormblood and other future expansion packs. Says Yoshida:


Including the free trial version, we are seeing several thousand new players play FINAL FANTASY XIV every day. While FINAL FANTASY XIV might be one of those games wherein new players can catch up to the top-end of the players relatively easy, not everyone has a lot of free time to spend on the game. A lot of people enjoy gaming as much as they can with their limited free time while managing their busy lives.

While people will be able to catch up even easier after the release of Stormblood with the adjustments we will make to the amount of experience points obtained, it would still require a lot of time just to reach the starting point of Stormblood.

If an MMORPG is not able to recruit new players, all that is left is for the game to stabilize and eventually go on a decline. At that moment, the type of operation of the game would shift to one that works hard to slow down the pace of decline. To prevent the game from reaching that point, we would like to prepare as much as we can for the potential new players that may be interested in the game.

Yoshida says the system is still in early development and may not be out in North America for a while—possibly not until after Stormblood, the next expansion, comes out next year. Since Yoshida and crew are soliciting advice, here’s mine: Include a free Jump and Boost potion with every new copy of the game. Everyone should be able to catch up if they choose, and $43 is pretty pricey.

Final Fantasy XIV Gets A Raid In Ivalice – ffxivbook.com

As if Final Fantasy XIV wasn’t rad enough already, last night Square Enix announced that one of the game’s next raids will head to Ivalice, the world of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. And, most importantly, the raid will be designed and written by Yasumi Matsuno, the director of those games.


The Return to Ivalice raid is just one of the new features in Stormblood, the Final Fantasy XIV expansion that will launch on June 20, 2017. Director and general badass Naoki Yoshida also announced that Stormblood will bring with it swimming, diving, a boss fight against the running Final Fantasy villain Omega, and a new class: Red Mage.

Square didn’t offer any further details on Return to Ivalice, although they did add that longtime Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu is composing the Stormblood theme.

Final Fantasy XIV remains one of the best Final Fantasy games you can play today, if you have patience for MMO-style combat—and the monthly subscription.

FFXIV OST – Alexander: Cruise Chaser’s Theme

I love how varied the music is in FF14. Not every boss battle has to sound all doom and death. I was playing the new Emerald nightmare raid in WoW and while the raid itself was good I noticed the music was just sooo boring. The raid included nightmare versions of existing areas and they didn’t even remix the music from those areas.

It also comes down to the quality of the music lol. Jeremy Soule makes western styled background music that is absolutely great to listen to all the time, many others do not.

i doubt blizzard can match ff even if they try the Japanese take game orchestral very seriously its not just ff check out Zelda wild arms the list gos on and on some of the greatest sound tracks ever and i mean ever.

In the sound when they scream FORWARD AND BACK, to anyone else, does it sound like the voice is trying to mimic a sound of gears harshly grinding against each other at high speed? If you’ve ever had homemade ice cream, the ice cream churn sounds similar when it’s grinding inside to churn the ice cream xD Does anyone get what I meant?

Maddi Kitten I thought they were saying “Fly, butterfly” because of the whole ‘a single beat of a butterfly’s wings could cause a hurricane on the other side of the globe’ thing. Like, chaos theory or something.

It is also a double-reference. It is meant to embody Ark from FF9, whose transformation scene is extremely, extremely similar and just so happens to gain power from Lapis Lazuli in your inventory.

this crap becomes the sound of your sanity ebbing away.love it, but one of these runs im gunna be found rocking in a corner insanely muttering “forward and back and then Forward and back and then go foreward and back and put one foot foreward” over and over.

The Agate Rings gave only Agates


So far – you can get WVR desynthable items for 9k and GSM desynthable items for 11k that are both r115 from Coerthas vendors. I made it from 107 GSM to 116 GSM in about ten minutes. And then I made all the money back by selling the 11k rings for 20k each on the MB because I’m a terrible person <_< The rings give BC2s, not BC3s. They are a level 51 zero star recipe. It seems that they are considered to be r51 for the purposes of item drops, but r115 for the purposes of experience gain and desynth difficulty. I had a 50% chance with dSkill 115. It remains to be seen how items obtained via the new one star recipes will be treated.

The Agate Rings gave only Agates (and the occasional BC2) from desynthing them, interestingly, even though crafting them takes both 1x Agate and 1x Basilisk Whetstone. I’ll post more info as I get it, but I won’t be doing much desynthing right now since I have both RL work to do, weekend plans, a main story to finish, and a Machinist to level xD.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn_20141029222513

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn_20141029222513

Leveling Crafter classes is fast though – level 51.5 WVR after about 10 minutes of the level 45 leves. It’s only 5 leves to get from 50-51. Leveling crafters will help with desynth…. now if only I actually chose to focus my specialties on my desynth classes xD.

Yeah, at Foundation when you get past the first couple story missions (Temple Leves). Also, when you can unlock Temple Leves, you can also unlock Collectable Synthesis. As far as I could tell before I got locked out for 24h by a login bug, Collectables are just like leves, but you only have one option per level per class, you have to make it yourself, you can do it an unlimited number of times (?), and it gives like 1/4th the exp of a leve (75k at level 51). For GSM, I had Agate Ring of Healing. I bought Agate Rings from the vendor for 11k, broke them down to get Agates (90% chance of getting Agates from them), and then re-crafted them into 75k exp items. The craft itself gave me 18k too, so I wound up getting 93k GSM exp (and ~0.3 GSM dSkill) per 11k spent. So, like, 100k for GSM 50-51 and GSM dskill 116-119. Not bad, imo.

So far, just like before, it looks like ilvl == rlvl for fish. That’s at least true from the i120 (f51) fish to the i145 (f58) fish, from what Zorlinta says (thanks for the data, Zorlinta!) I’ll put logical flvls next to the fish. I guess we’ll see when someone catches a 60* fish if the rlvl is really r180? It really does seem like crafter and gatherer rlvls are not the same. r120 being the lowest for the fish is kinda annoying because the highest rlvl of fish from 2.x is r80, and all of those fish are super rare. So, going from dSkill 90 to dSkill 110 for CUL desynth looks like it’ll be a pain still. From what I’ve seen, the only logical way to do it is to use the level 45 crafter/gatherer leves to farm Better Crowned Pies to bridge the gap, and then start on the r120 fish as soon as is feasible. Or, be crazy and start at dSkill 90 with Tinker’s Bacon up, which would give you a 0+15% chance to desynth an r120 fish.

What’s odd about this is the last set of fish are i180, but the last set of crafted gear is i160. i180 is the ilvl of the upgraded Law Tomestone gear. Does this mean there are no 60* fish (only 60**), or that the fish are actually r160 (despite being i180), or the i160 crafted gear is r180? Guess we’ll find out?

Oh, and according to Lodestone, there is no new demimateria, and few post-50 items use any Demimateria at all. The only post-50 items that use FC3s are the new Primal furnishings from the two new Primals (the Extreme versions). The only post-50 items that use FC2s are the new Hard Mode Primal Furnishings, two music boxes, and a new chandelier. Nothing else is used, post-50. The only new items that use BC3s are the new level 50 Bright Primal and Wootz weapons for the three new classes. I suspect we’ll see IVs when they let us desynth the Law gear, or gear from post-60 dungeons that aren’t out yet (all dungeon gear is currently desynthable, contrary to what they said when they told us token Artisan gear isn’t desynthable because “new gear is never desynthable”… Also, btw, those items are *still* not desynthable!)

There are also no new seeds, and only a single gardening-obtained item is used in any post-50 items (Glazenuts are used for three new c60* crafted minions).

I’m lagging way behind with levels because I keep trying to do everything, and I was locked out for most of the weekend. Could a crafter who’s making items whose recipes are listed as being level 54+ please let me know what their desynth chance is on the items they can make? Like, let me know: Level listed next to the recipe (NOT required level to equip), your dSkill, and your success rate BEFORE desynthing (if you desynth it). Any value over 0% would be really helpful for figuring out how the rlvls scale with the recipes, you don’t have to actually desynth the item!