The ffxiv new hairstyles for 3.0 in the benchmark

These are the 2 new hairstyles in the benchmark that are supposed to be coming in 3.0. Only modeled them on my character and a female highlander alt i made and never used.

With a haircut and shave this first one turned my ruggedly handsome Ulath into a clean cut choir boy.

And the samurai hairstyle. Would be better without the clips IMO. Continue reading The ffxiv new hairstyles for 3.0 in the benchmark

I Just started playing FFXIV I came over from WOW

I Just started playing FFXIV I came over from WOW, I have gotten my paladin up to level 50. I have ran a few dungeons and I have a very small FC I made with some friends and Family. But the last three story line Dungeons are Raids that are on Farm with the bigger FC’s, I have done ok solo tanking but dual tanking was tough in WOW with out talking. I know to get the mobs attention and I got to 50 which just means I am good at grinding xp. I know FC’s like EVIL and THOR have great tanks and I notice we have a shortage on this server. But I need some advice and some help. If a few tanks could give me some pointers on rotations and such that would be great. I want to learn how it’s done here and the best way is to ask?

Any advice from Zalera tanks would be helpful?
Signed Sainted Blade

The three duties you’re referring to are actually your first taste of an 8-player ‘full party’ which naturally require a slightly different paradigm – usually duties with 8-player parties require two tanks instead of one, one delegate ‘main tank’ who is exactly what it says on the tin, and one an ‘off tank’ who is more a back-up in case the main tank incapacitated and will usually pick up adds that may appear while the main tank holds the main target, and also acts more as an extra melee DPS – accordingly when you’re off-tanking if you’re a PLD putting yourself into Sword Oath can be very useful as that way you’re less likely to pull hate from the main tank which you might not be strong enough to handle. Continue reading I Just started playing FFXIV I came over from WOW

All standard Final Fantasy XIV monk things up like fist of fire

I can’t get anyone on my server to help me cuz apparently I don’t know any monks. I am parsing between 500-520 on a practice dummy without party buff. (These parses lasted 5 minutes (before TP starvation got too much and I had to stop) hitting the practice dummy and I did 4 attempts, getting the same results each time. During those 5 minutes I had my parse on screen watching the fluctuations in DPS, not just the DPS displayed at the very end of the parse)

Yes I know my positionals and hit them all every single time.
Yes I am hitting my GCDs immediately without delay.
Yes I am using my DoTs. I stated that already but it must have been ignored.

All standard monk things up like fist of fire.

PB opener: SP, IR, SP, B4B, Demo, DK, Twin, Steel Peak, Howling Fist, ToD

Rotation afterwards: Boot, True, SP, DK, Twin, Demo, Boot, True, SP, DK, Twin, SP, Boot, True, SP, DK, Twin, Demo. Continue reading All standard Final Fantasy XIV monk things up like fist of fire

I just recently came back to FFXIV after playing WoW for awhile

I just recently came back to FFXIV after playing WoW for awhile, its been a few months since i’ve played.

As the days pass I seem to have a harder time being able to play. I usually like to get on and play around 3pm eastern time or a bit later, and I can never get on. It will sometimes tell me the server is full and I have to wait, which is fine, but other times it will not say that, and it will crash the game on the loading screen to log in. This has happened quite a few times in the past few days and I sill have yet to get on.

I DID get on my alt, so I figured it might be an area population problem (Gridania at the moment of speaking), but then after awhile of being able to play my alt, it started to crash again, so now not only is my main character stuck in the loop of never logging on for me, but so is my alt, and she’s not even in a main city! Continue reading I just recently came back to FFXIV after playing WoW for awhile

How do you FFXIV level alts quickly?

I just returned after taking a break from 2.1

I’m a 50 SMN, BLM, and MNK. I managed to eat up all possible quests for leveling those from every faction zone. I have the caster pre-reqs cross class FFXIV Skills.

But good god, it sucks for melee. Blood for Blood is lv34, and it’s just such a chore now to level.

FATE parties are not what they used to be when I was here at 2.1, the leveling areas are now very sparse/empty. My Lancer is 28 now….slowly slogging through the few FATES he can cycle through.

So the options are the daily low lv dungeon and guildhest. The dungeon alone is 40 minutes of wait times, so it’s not like you can level just by doing dungeons. Continue reading How do you FFXIV level alts quickly?

I’ve been with the Twin Adder since the beginning of FFXIV 2.3

I’ve been with the Twin Adder since the beginning of 2.3. When Frontlines first came out, at least on Primal, the story was Mael was the dominant GC (to the point of suspicion), Adder was second, and Flames seemed to desire third place. It was just very difficult to beat them. They could be a distant second for most of the match, claw their way back to front and get the win (this happened far too often). Personally I thought some of them were manipulating the score. Ridiculous, yes, but those were my thoughts. I didn’t have a full understanding of scoring worked and seeing their score jump 15/20 points a second bothered me, but I kept it to myself. Around the time 2.4 rolled around, Flames clawed themselves from their third place ditch and contested for second place, and going for first place more often than they did during 2.3. This is also the time that bore witness to their nasty two-party-alliance-roaming-the-lands tactic (very hard to deal with, but they would still lose in the end). They would just steamroll anybody within sight. It wasn’t before long the Adder started doing this tactic, but it wasn’t long lived, I believe. This was the beginning of the premades, I think. When 2.4 hit, there was a change – you could be blind and notice it. Mael was winning a lot less than before. I don’t know if it was due to people switching alliances, or Square slightly altering the map, but this is the period where my first and second place winnings switched, and it’s been the same ever since. I’ve never seen Mael in third place so often before. The long time Flames must have noticed something too. I’m sure they were happy during this time. Continue reading I’ve been with the Twin Adder since the beginning of FFXIV 2.3

Give Us Final Fantasy XIV PvP

Hey Hey Square Enix and fellow Eorzeans,

FFXIV has an increasing pvp playerbase (take a look at the pvp forum section, some threads got thousands of views and plenty of input also), we obviously love the FFXIV saga and PvE, and some of us have played it for decades.

But among us there’re PvPers, and passionate ones. and it is ok, it is certainly ok to evolve and develop new interests for certain types of gameplay. We are extending our humble request to adjust the small pvp content FFXIV offers:

The level of animosity and prejudice by “most” FFXIV players is so great it reflects the fright and negativity towards pvp in this MMO. I understand bad pvp experiences in other MMOs may have influenced these players to generalize all pvp as negative and rotten. But lets not fail to acknowledge pvp has been fun and fair in some MMOs, as a whole or fractional, such as pvp instances. Continue reading Give Us Final Fantasy XIV PvP

A-Rank Hunts Need a Poetics Reward Sometime Before FFXIV Heavensward

I am a fairly active dungeon crawler. I run them 10 to 15 times a week, working on a Zodiac weapon and several weapons in the pre-Zodiac progression. I consistently utilize raids for my weekly and still beyond that. I run to an S-rank hunt whenever it’s called out. I even jump into BGs from time to time, but I simply do not have enough time to sit in queues every time I want a significant amount of Poetics. Furthermore, FF is a franchise which prides itself on freedom and diversity. The devs will speak often and passionately that they strive so that players will have many avenues to reach their goals.

Continue reading A-Rank Hunts Need a Poetics Reward Sometime Before FFXIV Heavensward

FFXIV ACN/SMN should be unlinked from SCH entirely

Though I doubt it will happen, I feel the most ideal approach to “fix” SMN would be to make SMN evolve from ACN (as now), but separate SCH entirely but making them a special job you unlock similar to the new 3.0 jobs like DRK. Basically, a special job you unlock and start at level 30. It can require ACN 30 if you want, but should NOT draw abilities from ACN.

With that in mind:

-ACN should lose Resurrect; it should go to SCH
-ACN should lose Eye for an Eye; it should go to SCH
-SCH’s dps line-up of skills should be completely rewritten to account for no longer being a branch of ACN, which is why this will probably never happen Continue reading FFXIV ACN/SMN should be unlinked from SCH entirely

The difference between doing this on Final Fantasy XIV WHM

First let me start of with saying I am fresh to the game with less than 1 month of game play.

I am currently a lvl 33 WHM(17 ARN) and just finished Brayflox by sheer luck and amazing Duty finder mates(hat tips to them)

I think the biggest issue I’m having is mana management, I seem to OOM very quickly and as a result toward the tail end of the fight, I’m literally going from Cure I cast and praying for a free Cure II. I had a very difficult time managing dispells and again by the end of the fight I was OOM.

Does anyone have an good lowbie guides for WHM starting off? Is this maybe just a gear issue and I need to go back to Hakkue and get some more gear? Any screen configurations for healing? I’m afraid I might be tunnel visioning on health bars and missing things.

Any tips, hints, guides, youtube videos that anyone finds helpful would be great. I did google but everything seems to be for max level, I’d rather not fail through the next 17 levels, causing grief. Continue reading The difference between doing this on Final Fantasy XIV WHM