Need some help in finding useful parsing comparisons for AST…

So I had a thought to measure benefit of AST buffs vs. WHM DPS vs. SCH DPS…

I don’t have a DPS meter or the necessary classes leveled to 60 yet, but can someone test the following?

In ilev 150-180 (as long as it’s consistent) I’d like to know the following values:

-Ideal BLM DPS with ilev 150-180 (ideal being ready to unload a full MP bar of fire spells) with the 10% damage or attack speed buff for 15sec (can also be another DPS class if you feel it would make a better comparison)

-With the same ilev, ideal SCH DPS for 30 sec (with and without Selene speed buff)

-With the same ilev, ideal WHM DPS for 30 sec

I want to try to determine how much extra DPS an AST is bringing to a party, assuming a 34% chance to boost that BLM’s damage by 10% every 30 seconds with 2 cards in the pool that can do that. Continue reading Need some help in finding useful parsing comparisons for AST…

FFXIV Spoilers Heavensward Story

I decided to make a totally separate thread on this, as I notice some people on the [Final Quest] thread still have very little knowledge about how things are heading in Heavenward.

I am only 56 at the moment (just done Nidhogg), and liking the story so far.

I am slightly confused with the Holy See. From the trailer, you knew he was with the Ascian, hence I mentioned at some point “oh no, you are heading straight onto where Ascian has political power!!!”, then HW quests start and you head to Ishgard, he then told you about his plan with the Ascian. At this point I was like “ah that is how it is, so he is with the Ascian but really he isn’t”. But then more quest later you have him talking about working with the Ascian in the dark again, so it is getting real confusing now. Continue reading FFXIV Spoilers Heavensward Story

Happy FFXIV Heavensward: the things we love

I would like to thank Square-Enix, the FFXIV development team and Naoki Yoshida for the hard work and sacrifice they have put in to bring Heavensward to players. This expansion sets the precedent for what we can expect from the future of this game and I am very impressed by both the quality and quantity of the content it provides. That they were able to produce an expansion of this size while still providing significant updates to A Realm Reborn is a remarkable feat indeed.

Please use this thread to offer your thanks to the development team and share your favorite moments so far from the expansion.

My favorite things:
Field zones are the best thing in my opinion. Long have people asked for larger zones and it has been delivered, with flying no less. Each of the major flight zones has a unique personality and beautiful sights to behold. They also fulfill another popular request to make the game feel more ‘fantasy’, with wildlife and architecture that feels very alien/other-worldly. Continue reading Happy FFXIV Heavensward: the things we love

Cut Scenes at 50 and New FFXIV Players

Okay, I get it. All you folks who have been playing this game for a while have seen the cut scenes in the level 50 dungeons and other group content, but new people have not. Some of us would like to watch the cut scenes as they happen during the instance.

Please don’t tell me to watch them later in the inn room. It’s not the same as you well know. This is a great story driven game, and I’m enjoying it immensely. My daughter is enjoying it as well, or was rather, until she had to go into the first and second of the required dungeons to progress the story at 50.
No one stopped and waited for her to view the CS, and when everyone just keeps on going, the cut scenes keep coming back to back. By the time she’s watched them all, the other party members are long gone and since she’s never done the dungeons she has no idea where to go. The map isn’t even helpful either, since the fog of war doesn’t let her see where the other party members are.

Up until these two instances, the community here in FF has been great. This is terribly frustrating however. She’s now stuck outside a boss fight since she stopped to watch the CS and the party started the boss without her (and another person or two as well). Continue reading Cut Scenes at 50 and New FFXIV Players

Little delay really worsening FFXIV experience

Sadly I couldn’t really find out if this behaviour is normal or not but considering how some abilities are reacting I doubt that it is normal:
Basically I have a short delay after every attack and after killing an enemy that does not allow effects of other attacks to work properly.

For example as blackmage, casting fire 3 right after blizzard 3 will not give me the speed bonus (umbral to astral). I have to wait half to one whole second till the speed bonus kicks in, even though I already see the status and animation on the screen.
Similar, a fire right after a fire 3 will sometimes not get the additional damage bonus if I cast it really right away. Same with flare after fire 3.

Where I also see that delay kicking in badly is during raids as bard. After killing the last enemy of an area, swiftsong will stay inactive for up to 2 seconds. Other bards might already have put theirs on but I still couldn’t even click on the button. Or sometimes it goes active instantly after a kill, I click it, start the casting of the song and suddenly it’s inactive again, causing an interrupt of the casting and telling me that I cannot use this during a battle even though all enemies are killed. Waiting another two seconds, the button gets active again and I can now cast it but by that time all my party members are already out of the area to affect them. Continue reading Little delay really worsening FFXIV experience

What’s up with the defeatist attitude ?

Why are people leaving after one or two tries, especially in a fight with Echo, only to queue back as soon as the group is disbanded ?

Unless it’s a complete disaster I don’t see the point, the more you try the more the members of your party get used to the fight (and additionally your stats are increased with echo).
When you leave you pretty much try your luck hoping to get into an overgeared party, but most of the time you’ll get back to square one.

What’s worse is that I see this the most with dps. I thought the wait time were atrocious ?
Even though I rarely wait more than five minutes as tank I never give up on a group, shouldn’t the 30 minutes wait motivate people to try harder ? Continue reading What’s up with the defeatist attitude ?

FINAL FANTASY XIV Dungeon Roulette Bias

Specifically low level roulette.

Now I definitely understand that low level roulette wants to prioritize new players. That makes all the sense in the world. But I was a new player once, and I don’t remember Tam Tara Deepcroft and Thousand Maws of Toto-rak being the only dungeons I EVER RAN, EVER.

Seriously. What’s with these two specific dungeons? I’ve been doing a low level roulette every day for months to level my off jobs and I seem to be getting these two dungeons way more than I should.

I was actually thrilled yesterday to get a Haukke Manor (probably the third most common dungeon, but by an extreme margin). Continue reading FINAL FANTASY XIV Dungeon Roulette Bias

Windows 10 Preview Build and Flash/Silverlight

I’ve been testing out how FFxiv runs on Windows 10 Preview Build 10130. Thanks to WDDM 2.0 drivers, it runs slightly, but noticeably faster. Problem now is that it absolutely hates running at the same time as a browser that has Flash or Silverlight running on a second monitor.

I’m running on a Radeon r9 270x with version 15.20-150522a-184336E. Alternatively, version 15.200.1023.5, as said in the Device Manager.

FFxiv + youtube results in occasional driver hang ups, but it can recover from it. The driver in question is “amdkmdap”. Windows logs has many reports of this: Driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

FFxiv + netflix severely affected my screen. FFxiv was still running (audio was working), but my main monitor bugged out and showed corrupted visuals. A repeating black and white line and block pattern persisted even after turning off and on the monitor. I had to press the computer’s physical restart button.

Hell, FFxiv with Chrome in the background is enough to get driver stops.

FFxiv by itself does fine though, including highly populated areas.

I am wondering if others are getting the same thing. I don’t even know if this is a FFxiv’s problem, Microsoft and their WDDM 2.0, or that AMD’s driver team has to deal with it. Would be nice to have fixed by the time Windows 10 officially gets released, or if fixed by the release alone. Being able to multi-monitor with FFxiv.. it spoils me.

AKA reasons why FFXIV has seems troubled keeping newer players

Edit for a disclaimer: I am 50 and have experienced all the content except for the later coils. I have been 50 for near enough to two months, and have been playing for two months and change.

I have had friends trying to get me to play the game for multiple years. After telling them for the longest time, time and time again, every time I read about it it just does not look like my kind of game…here is my honest feedback and major points of complaint in no particular order, though I saved the “style-based” ones for last since they’re more “niche” (aka nitpicky).

I ask you to please listen to my points here, because I’m really trying to stick with this game because I have so many friends that play, but there are so many things, some big, some small, that kill me. Anyway, it’s a compiled list of complaints/criticisms.

Fair warning: some parts of this are angry, but I’ve avoided cursing (I think).

1.)))))))GCD is WAY too long. Like, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long.

Some people don’t seem to think this is an issue, and have no problem with it. That’s understandable. I think the people that say this game is no slower than any other game must have been struck very hard in the head, or must have played almost no other MMORPG on the market. The GCD is way too long. This is less of a problem at 30+ because you have more to do, but if you want to know THE SINGLE MOST LEADING CAUSE OF NOT BEING ABLE TO RETAIN NEW PLAYERS? This is it. Continue reading AKA reasons why FFXIV has seems troubled keeping newer players

The broken FFXIV Holy trinity

Yoshi….you need to make the mobs much more powerful in this game. It is clear to me that you mobs don’t hit hard enough especially in dungeon. I made a post about Bad tanking habits where tanks will pull half a dungeon and force dps to just press one button.

This is cause cos you mobs don’t hit hard enough. Now i notice stupid dps habits. That have also occurred. The DPS will take hate sometimes. (Usually cos they opened way to much fire before you can grab hate) Then they will keep nuking as hard as they can. Instead of stoping and letting you get hate back. Their excuse is that they are in a hurry.

They can do this cos the mob doesn’t cause them serious threat. They can get away with it. This is dangerous cos this isn’t how the game is meant to work (I know cos i played FFXI and understand the FF holy trinity very well) There is a lot of each of your classes that players aren’t exploring cos they don’t have to simply cos you made your mobs way too easy. Continue reading The broken FFXIV Holy trinity