If you don’t have a Final Fantasy XIV house and complaining

I think you’re lucky, because at the very least your money is still in your pocket. I’m not sure how you will take it, but I think people with private housing has it far worse.

The main reason is it seems private housing is all but forgotten to the developer. When it was introduced 2.38, private housing were every bit a piece the same as FC house from their cost to function, and that’s how most people assume how it gonna be going forward. After all, the main reason was that we wanted all the benefit of an FC house, but with our personal control instead having to share or controlled by others. But pretty much every piece of major contents released for housing have been FC house exclusive. Private housing has been left out for dried.

This greatly contribute to the death of neighborhood. I haven’t touched my house for at least 6 months now because there is no reason to. Sure I come back once in a bluemoon to put in a new piece of furniture, but that’s it. And here it presents another major problem with the housing market – it’s heavily punish private housing to change hand – both on the buyer and seller side. Continue reading If you don’t have a Final Fantasy XIV house and complaining

FC Housing Transfer Question

Hello All – after doing some searches for some of my housing questions, some of the threads are out-of-date, or there really isn’t a definitive answer I can find.

My FC will be in the process of relinquishing our current plot (small), and buying a new plot (large). Before I do anything, I want to make sure I have all of my bases covered since this transfer affects others.

Here are my questions:

– I know if we relinquish the plot, the removable items from our personal rooms go to the junkmonger. However, is everyone required to purchase a new room at the new house? I assume yes, but need clarification.

– So far we have a company airship and a glamour for the front of the house. The glamour for the front of the house, which was made in the workshop, will have to be redone. Does anyone know what happens to the airship? Do we lose it?

– Chocobo stables – I know this was an issue in the past, but if I have inactive players with chocobos housed, can I still remove the plot and/or the stable? I feel like this issue was resolved, but can’t seem to find an answer in the search. Continue reading FC Housing Transfer Question

For all astrologians interested to CHANGE THE THINGS

Here. Let’s us All stop creating fantomatic skills. Let’s stop acting like developers. That’s not our job. Our job it’s to play and have fun. It’s ok we can discuss till the end of times and we can enjoy it too. Confronting each other it’s very good. But stop now. Let them hear our voices.

Who, like me, wants really a change, and it’s Sick about this UNDERPOWERED UNBALANCED class post it’s really and true thinks in the link above. I think, and I’m an active astrologian player, (even if ryt now km not playing so much because I feel bored and angry) that we must raise all together. Square Enix maybe it’s already working but I doubt it. Are u blind guys? They added a potency to CU!!! DO U Really think that they will CHANGE it? I’m sure they will not! And it’s not just for CU it’s for everything. The time passed, the cards effect that theorically are good but in fact are really low, hehe cooldown on mid power skills etc. That’s y this class it’s unbalanced. We all talked about this. And please don’t come here and say : hey this class it’s not unbalanced it’s good! Because WE All know that it’s not like this. We are discussing about it since the release. Continue reading For all astrologians interested to CHANGE THE THINGS

FFXIV Patch 3.05 will be implemented in two separate maintenances

*Patch 3.05 will be implemented in two separate maintenances. This maintenance is the second of two, implementing adjustments to gatherer/crafter, including “red crafters’ scrip” and “red gatherers’ scrip”.

So am I missing something or are the other “adjustments” pretty much non-existent? They don’t seem to have added any new information to the patch notes, but I don’t see any even slight changes.

As much as I really dislike the red scrips as implemented, I could almost handle this if they actually added something to crafting to show they care in the least. No crafting from retainers or indeed ANY inventory management changes. No QoL changes to make recipe management easier, not even better search management that would have been a band-aid. Continue reading FFXIV Patch 3.05 will be implemented in two separate maintenances

Final Fantasy XIV Paladin tips


I’m still a bit inexperienced in the art of tanking, and after lurking a bit here I’m wondering about some things :

How should I stance dance as a paladin ?
On current content I’ve only been switching to Sword Oath when I’m not going to take much damage if any (for example, burst phases on Ravana EX and the Pillars of Heaven follow-up until he starts throwing shockwaves). I feel like I take too much damage otherwise as MT in Sword Oath, and I have to use RoH far more often if I don’t want to lose hate to the WAR OT.

How do I use my cooldowns effectively ?
I’ve seen that a lot when reading about STR accessories but I’m not quite sure I’m doing it right. I usually cycle through them if there isn’t huge damage spikes, and keep them for tankbusters otherwise. I also use them if the party is taking a lot of damage, a healer is down/incapacitated, or if I have to take a few adds.

What about Cover ?
I can’t really find a lot of use for it, I’ve only been using it on healers when adds are popping so they won’t take damage before the latter actually turn on me with the lag, and on “adds you can’t tank” mechanics. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV Paladin tips

FFXIV Astrologian Ideas

Astrologian is a weak job. Here’s some ideas to hopefully remedy that.

Benefic -> 400 Pot

– Srsly why is this 380 when Physick and Cure are 400?
– Change the 15% mechanic to 15% chance next Benefic II will have 100% critical chance.

Light Speed -> Lets wait and see what SE does.

Spread -> Can use out of Combat, Change to keep the card in spread until shuffled back into deck. The card in the spread shares CD with Spread(40s). Reduce Spread CD to 40s. Continue reading FFXIV Astrologian Ideas

FC Workshop Ideas and Feature Requests

Just like the other thread, I wanted to start a separate section for the new workshop content. I, myself, like crafting. And so far the free company workshop has been fun and unique. However, like many others, I feel there are things that need to be added or changed to make it better. I hope SE will listen to our suggestions here and build on this wonderful content.
Here are a few things that I seen mentioned, and that I wish it could be implemented:
1) Retrainer Bell in the workshop

I think many people has asked for this, running in and out to fetch stuff out of your retrainer is a headache. Though will adding a retrainer bell inside the workshop change the needs to have a bell inside the house? For example, small cottage can avoid adding a retrainer bell if there is one in the workshop. Continue reading FC Workshop Ideas and Feature Requests

warrior rotation for max Final Fantasy XIV DPS?

For maximum DPS, the biggest thing to remember is your big opener. Keep in mind that, when using this, you’ll want to ensure that it’s okay to be using deliverance, since death means no DPS, and likely a dead party.

Heavy Swing->Maim->Storm’s Eye->Heavy Swing->Skull Sunder->Butchers Block (Internal Release) (Berserk)->Fell Cleave->Infuriate->Fell Cleave (Brutal Swing)->Heavy Swing(Vengeance or Raw Intuition)->Skull Sunder (Vengeance or Raw Intuition)->Butchers Block->Heavy Swing->Maim->Fell Cleave

This opening rotation allows you to get 3 fell cleaves in during the time of one Berserk. The timing on this is a bit tight, so make sure that you won’t be stuffed by mechanics at any point after activating Berserk. If you think you will get interrupted, hold off on activating Berserk until you know it’s worth it.

The basic idea here is to get four stacks of abandon before activating Berserk, to give you one Fell Cleave right after activation, leading into another free one after Infuriate, and then stockpiling more abandon with your oGCDs for a third one as quickly as possible. It’s pretty simple, but as I noted above, the timing can get pretty strict. Continue reading warrior rotation for max Final Fantasy XIV DPS?

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Are the GM’s on strike?

Around 24 hours ago I reported a spambot in Limsa, you know the ones, trial account, spamming /say with “come to our website to buy gil”

A few hours later, the spambot was still there, so I figured I may have not sent the report into the GM’s, checked my log and yeah, nothing there, oh, I thought, so I went through the process again, put in another report.

Now, almost 24 hours later…. the spam bot is STILL THERE. There is no point in reporting to SE, they do nothing, nada, zilch, no wonder RMT are rampant in this game, they know they can get away with it and SE does nothing.

How about you spend some of that $52m a month you get from our subs and hire some GM’s? Only thing I can possibly say about GM’s response to RMT bots is useless. Continue reading Are the GM’s on strike?