Regroupment of Ninja Improvement Suggestions

Recently i’ve seen a lot of “Please buff Ninja” topic, and I have to agree with some of them.

There are multiple difficulty non-needed with the Ninjas, multiple useless skills and differents issues.

The first one is the LAG issue. We’re all aware that this issue is from our Internet Provider and not SE. But the fact is, Ninjas are the only DPS so much sensitive to ping. People that live far away from server OR great cities shouldn’t be penalized. Most of Ninjas can’t play this Job at his maximum potential because of lags.

Many suggestions have been made.
– Redesigning the entire Ninjutsu mechanic bye replacing the useless MP bar by a Chakra energy bar. Still 20s cooldown on Ninjutsu but no Mûdra, only consuming Chakra Point (which regen while hitting a target, maybe) and pressing an ususal 3 steps jutsu like Suiton will just launch a 1.5~cast (each mudras are .5s CD atm). So no delay from 2-3 steps Mûdra lags.
– If not redesigning, Maybe just take the 2nd part of the first suggestion.

The actual difficulty of the Ninjutsu is only to handle servers ping which is not really pleasant and not really a “difficulty” but a problem. Memorizing them take only a few hours past lv.50, not much difficult.

Useless Skills :

– Sneak Attack : This skill is just useless. In a raid you’ll never be in front and have a 100% accuracy. Even if you have these two conditions, it will always be better to go back and launch Trick Attack instead. Continue reading Regroupment of Ninja Improvement Suggestions

PvP tips seal rock

Just started recently like a week or two ago but i’ve noticed that alot of people like to do their own thing…when its a team game..i dont get the logic in that..if you wanted to do your own thing w/o a team then why not go wolves den..test your skill there instead of testing your skill on trying to kill 10 guys by yourself..ok enough ranting about the wolves in the team game.

Tip #1 – stay coordinated as a team ( there will be times where you will be forced to be split up due to having multiple bases), figure out where your enemies are and decide whether or not to abandon post to regroup or to let your enemies fight it out with each other. pretty much listen to group chat n watch map to see whether or not each move is best for team.

tip # 2 – avoid the fight if it isnt neccessary, there are times when two team just go at it due to some unknown hatred for each other, these are the best time to steal bases as they are the least guarded, no point joining the fight when your just chilling and raking in points ( think boss mode, why dirty your hands when you can get your opponents to take themselves out) .. also DONT FIGHT IN OPEN GROUND WITH NO BASES TO GAIN…unless of course its like 1-2 wolves lurking then ya, kill them asap. Continue reading PvP tips seal rock

Time Mage Class Idea

These are just some Idea to throw out and see what people think. I know it takes a lot of time and thought to make a proper and well balanced class. So don’t beat me with clubs pl0x. ; – ;

I’ve always found it really cool when there’s always an involvement with time manipulation. It just sounds so powerful to me. I’ve always wanted to make a Time Mage class/Chronomancer in a game as a supporty type of deal. I just feel like there so much potential. I’d love to see it with a slowing enemies or speeding up allies. Maybe even something that involves bringing back health to an ally that took damage from a certain period of time. Stopping an enemy in its tracks and keeping it frozen in time for duration would be cool as well. I made a small list of skills I think would be cool. Some of them I didn’t give names for since its kind of hard to make a name lol ; v ; )7

-So of course as all healing classes do in FFXIV we have our 2 basic heals as well as our important AoE heal and atleast one HoT. Lets not forget a reviving spell as well. I would also like to see a skill like Light Speed.
-I also had an idea for rewind type of skill. The rewind would reduce cool downs on skill for a very short period of time. Continue reading Time Mage Class Idea

The Housing problem and my proposed solution

Good day forumites! With the news that the development team is finally considering having a decay on the current housing system it’s become a bit of a hot topic on the forums.

Personally I find that this is something that is needed, but is a bandaid to a broken system that needs to be re-worked from the ground up. But first we need to identify the main problems with the system as it stands.

The problem!
Housing is limited and in extreme demand
Players can retain housing no matter current subscription status or even banned
Players can buy MULTIPLE houses
Individual Players share the same space with free companies
Rapid inflation of FFXIV Gil means more and more players can afford housing further increasing scarcity
Players in general treating the game as a solo endeavor rather than a group.
Currently due to the haphazard release of personal housing the housing situation has only become more and more dire as time has passed due to the lack of being unable to revoke housing plots of inactive players. Problems also arise regardless of this fact due to the popularity of housing in general, there is no way to accomidate every single player with their own plot of land in a housing in a ward. Fact of the matter that if it were possible without being cost prohibitive to Square Enix you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Continue reading The Housing problem and my proposed solution

SCH in 3.0. Some thoughts while healing A3S

Hey all.

It is quite rare for me to start a thread like this one.
However, this time I would like to share my opinion on the state of the SCH job in Alexander savage.

My static has been trying to down A3S for some time now. We are currently at last phase, with quite a few hours of practice under our belt.

I have been a full time SCH since 2.0 was released, and always cleared endgame content before nerfs happened. I always believed SCH to be a very versatile and fun job.

However, now that I am in A3S, I am starting to doubt myself.

While SCH got some nifty new tools, hardly anyone of them seem to be particularly relevant. Continue reading SCH in 3.0. Some thoughts while healing A3S

My suggestion for FFXIV PLD changes

First off let me open by saying, I know a change like this is highly unlikely for SE to implement, not mid expansion anyway, but here’s my suggestion. Humor me a little.

This proposed change will accomplish few things. It will give Paladin more of an active mitigation role and will make Paladin more spell-centric by giving them more spells to work with.

1. Give PLD stacking buffs from their combo, similar to WAR. Let’s call it Justice. Casting spell uses up all Justice stacks.
When Paladin does any of their 123 combo, it gives them 1 Justice stacks.
Justice: Decreases next spell cast time by 5% and Decreases next spell MP cost by 5% per stacks.
When Justice reaches 5 stacks: Next spell cast is instant and the MP cost reduced by 50%.
Paladin can use this with the already existing spell like Clemency and Stoneskin.
Flash does not benefit from this, nor does it uses Justice stacks. Continue reading My suggestion for FFXIV PLD changes

Defensive Cooldowns

Although we do in fact have 6 MRD/WAR cooldowns, plus another 4 possible cross-class defensive based cooldowns, I’ve found that I tend to use multiples together. My cross-class defensive abilities of choice are Awareness and Convalescence. I split my defensive buttons into 5 groups.

1. Inner Beast. This gets its own group because you can use it frequently, and if there’s a big hit coming there’s nothing stopping you from using it with one of the other groups. In fact this is what you should do.
2. Foresight. This cooldown is relatively weak, and only affects Physical damage. At 60 it is basically the same as putting an extra peice of chest armour on. This should be used pretty much any time it’s available and you’re tanking physical damage. Continue reading Defensive Cooldowns

Pulling and Rotations

Pulling – Single Target

If you are pulling a single target only, then your first ability must be Tomahawk. It is a ranged attack that generates additional enmity and it wont noticeably delay your first melee attack. Body pulling is not something you ever want to do in this game, don’t walk up to a mob and hit it, just throw your axe at it. Once you’ve done this, the mob is coming, and you’ve got to gain an enmity lead before the DPS decide you’ve had your 3 seconds and they’re unloading everything. To do this, you want to use Butcher’s Block. This is pretty much the case on every pull. Occasionally (if you have weak DPS) you can get away with Storm’s Eye first, but it isn’t really needed and it is risky. So, initial actions are:

Tomahawk – Heavy Swing – Skull Sunder – Butcher’s Block

We now have an acceptable lead in enmity, but it wont last, we need to really accelerate this or we risk letting those pesky DPS catch up. We now have enough breathing room to get Maim and Storm’s Eye running to buff our next Butcher’s Block combo, which we will need to use because we’ve just used a low enmity combo, and the DPS will be catching up. Our start-up now looks like this(full combos are bolded): Continue reading Pulling and Rotations

Wrath and Abandon Mechanics and abilities

The generation and spending of Wrath and Abandon stacks is the main mechanic of the Warrior. Each stack generating ability will add 1 stack of Wrath or Abandon to the Warrior when used. Once the Warrior has 5 stacks of Wrath, the stack will be removed and the Infuriated buff will be applied. Alternatively, for 5 stacks of Abandon, the Uncontrollable buff is generated. Additionally, once per minute, the Warrior can use the level 50 ability Infuriate to gain the Infuriated or Uncontrollable buff without having to generate stacks first. From 0 stacks, it will take approximately 20 seconds for a Warrior to generate 5 stacks of Wrath or Abandon unless Vengeance, Raw Intuition or Berserk are used. None of these buffs should be thrown away simply to generate a Wrath stack unless you are off-tanking and expect to not have to tank anything for the next 2 minutes.

The Infuriated buff allows the Warrior to use the following abilities:
a. Inner Beast – This is your bread and butter as a Warrior. If the fight you’re tanking has no large damage abilities (think Mountain Buster or Death Sentence) that you need to save this for, it should be used as soon as you have 5 stacks of Wrath. Continue reading Wrath and Abandon Mechanics and abilities

What is the Warrior?

The Warrior is one of three (currently) tanking classes in Final Fantasy XIV. It is a job built upon the Marauder class and pulls additional abilities from Gladiator and Pugilist. Its job is to keep the attention of the monsters the group is fighting and to reduce the damage they do by as much as possible. To do this, it makes use of abilities that generate additional enmity when used. The Warrior is a technical tank, having shorter duration, weaker defensive cooldowns. These cooldowns are available more often however, which can make the Warrior the preferred tank for some fights with large spike damage mechanics on predictable timers. Conversely, the short duration of these cooldowns mean it is very easy to mistime and waste them, leaving you naked to the enemy’s attacks. This also makes the Warrior the weaker tank on any fight where there are no predictable large spikes, but the incoming damage is relatively smooth, while still being high. The Paladin’s and Dark Knight’s longer duration cooldowns making them the preferred choice for this type of fight. Regardless, having one of each tank available is preferred in all 8-man content, and taking two of the same type is a waste of Limit Break generation, as well as redundant. All the tanks can tank all the content. Continue reading What is the Warrior?