Starting Afresh In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Despite lots of good intention, my previous Final Fantasy XIV adventure finished quite some time ago. Eorzea was a bustling place, but it was difficult to dedicate the time required to fully immerse myself, and young Pumpkin Patch drifted into the abyss of neglect.

Starting Afresh In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

After long consideration, it now feels like the right time to get back into Final Fantasy XIV. Heavensward is in full swing and there has been a slew of updates that have been constantly tempting me to dive back in. So we bit the bullet and I will now be striving towards being a hero in these new lands. Continue reading Starting Afresh In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Reverse Auction Board

The Reverse Auction Board feature!

Who: For everyone with access to an auction board.

What: A feature that lets you ask for items and you put up how much you would pay for them. The person delivering the items would just need to bring them to an Auction Board and would immediately be paid the amount upon delivery. The delivered items would then be given to the recipient’s retainers for pick-up. Continue reading Reverse Auction Board

Echo anyone?

Ok i’m sure others have noticed currently the echo is a major part of this game’s lore and story. It is a native talent held by few and explains neatly the phenomenon of why certain characters can be revived and others cannot. And it allows us to view past events we were not witness to as if we were there. But really SE has not fully used this unique gift to full advantage. I suggest they change that.

What I am suggesting is expansion of the echo feature, for instance created in the world several random spawning white circles on the ground. When a player walks or rides into the circle a random past event as simple as a dialogue or even a past and now removed CS from Eorzea past flashes up for viewing. Things like the story of how the primal Gilgamesh was summoned to wander, stories removed with 1.0, visions of how the world looked before the Calamity, rips and tears in the fabric of time. It can even be used to elaborate how the warriors of darkness came to be. I believe this kind of content would attract players back out into the world and because they are random occurring and viewable only once would keep players looking for them and collecting them. For the purpose of the feature introduce a journal which is filled in whenever a scene or dialogue is encountered we can’t view them again but we can read the true history of our world. Continue reading Echo anyone?

Lets nerf WAR

This is as much a social experiment as it is a suggestion.

There are currently multiple metric fucktons of PLD buffing threads littering this forum (for my part, literally the only buff I wanna see for PLD is lengthening the Halone debuff to allow you to maintain it with Goring Blade and still be able to use Royal Authority. But that’s a nitpick more than anything.)

I haven’t seen anything about nerfing WAR. It seems like this would solve so many issues, as PLD only seems weak in comparison, and DRK is only marginally ahead of PLD in DPS (DRK is my main) and arguably, I suppose, in mitigation. It would not take a large buff to PLD to have them overtake DRK, and then have DRK be the black sheep, and if they buffed DRK, it would just make PLDs cry harder. There’s really no reason for WAR to be so OP. And it totally is. And the people who like that are probably the first to suggest against buffing either of the other tanks and the mentality is pretty much “haha, yeah its great isn’t it!?”, with no reasonable sense for how the excesses of their job are unbalancing the game and making the other tanks struggle to keep up. So I realize that this thread will likely not be well received. But I just wanted to throw it out there. Continue reading Lets nerf WAR

trying to get an alternate character to the point she can access Ishgard

I’ve been playing the 2.* MSQ, trying to get an alternate character to the point she can access Ishgard. A couple of things have struck me as I played through it.

1) Alphinaud is a prick. He muscles his way into the structure of the Scions, takes over Minfilia’s role as communicant to the movers and shakers of Eorzea, and treats the Warrior of Light as his own, personal errand girl. He feels no apparent shame at evesdropping outside Minfilia’s door, or bursting through said door when someone says something interesting. He puts together a private army, answerable to no one, and then loses control over it (and who didn’t see that coming? (Well, okay; I didn’t… I expected him to betray us all, and turn out to be the villain behind the scenes of everything)). If I could toss one person off the high bridge in Highbridge, it would be Alphinaud. If I could toss two people off, Illbred (Ilberd) would join him on his journey to the bottom.

2) Of the primary Scions with whom we interact, the inner circle are apparently all Sharlayans, save only Minfilia (who has the snooty accent, but not the tatoos) and us. (Unless your personal headcannon backstory has you from Sharlayan, in which case, never mind). This creates a sort of distancing effect, where we, the Warrior of Light, is treated as a dumb weapon, not smart enough to understand the complicated talk of the grownups. I’ve grown to hate them all. Continue reading trying to get an alternate character to the point she can access Ishgard

Soulglazing became really hard, despite the 3.0 change


Since I switched main war at the launch of the 3.0, but still haven’t the war relic, I decided to do it (just for glamour, I really like the Ragnarok skin). Here is a short summary to what I did up to now:

The Atma phase was rather fast, since I got an Atma every 4 FATE on average. Nothing to complain about this.

The book phase was a bit painful, but not for the what I was expecting. FATEs spawned rather quickly on average, Leves were a piece of cake and mobs also (only 30 per book now, instead of 100). The problem was the dungeons. Even as a tank, it was really long… I noticed several times more than 60 min waiting time for dungeons like Pharos Syrus. At the end, I just did solo-undersized mode the lvl<50 dungeons, and asked 1 or 2 FC buddies to help me for the lvl 50 ones.

The Alexandrite phase was very fast: we just need to do 15 Alex maps now in order to get the 75 Alexandrites. Since I want this relic for glamour only, I just bought cheap materias on MB. Continue reading Soulglazing became really hard, despite the 3.0 change

We need a complete overhaul of the Crafting system in FFXIV

We need a complete overhaul of the Crafting system in game. Crafting has become nothing more then a long gathering grind. This should be changed so it incorporates Crafting into earning Crafting Blue and Red Scripts.

There are multiple ways this can be done. Can we maybe have a roulette in Mor Dhona. Where someone gives you items and tells you to make so many of something in such a space of time. The faster you do it, the more rewards are given.

Random Drops. If I am crafting for my own personal use. Can’t Red Scripts be dropped after completing the crafts of a certain level. Just one at a time. Level 50-60 crafts have a chance of dropping a script.

Beast Tribes give them. You can do old beast tribe missions for an amount of scripts. Again using crafting to get them. Continue reading We need a complete overhaul of the Crafting system in FFXIV

Why is the Support Desk in this game so abysmal?

And by that, I do not mean the GMs, but the interface itself.

From opening the window, it takes at least 7 seconds for it to be populated, usually more than 10. And even then the Recent Replies & Notices part more often than not only shows “There is no information to display.” – even if a Support notification is blinking.

Clicking on the In-Game Support or one of the Report links at the bottom, the window takes about 5 seconds in general to be populated and for the actual File Report button to appear. At times, nothing happens at all, forcing me to close it and try again. Continue reading Why is the Support Desk in this game so abysmal?

The “Tank Problem” Solution Suggestion

HI all. this is in response to the tank problem regarding the ever increasing focus on DPS for tanks and healers, which in and of itself is not bad. I and many others love doing damage even when providing other main roles. The problems are with having to choose gear based on strength. Slaying versus Fending. No other job has this choice. Being unable to roll on str items, (which is fine, but needs to be fixed so that you don’t care if you can’t need strength dps accessories.)

This is a fix for tanks who don’t feel like tanks should feel, when you’re trying to gear your right side like a dragoon. In response to the dozens and dozens of threads on the issue.

First time poster here but I read and research alot, so I’m quite aware of the current problems progression tanks face which trickles down into less intense facets of the game.

My solution is multiple simple changes (some of which have been suggested before), but must all be implemented or only half the issues are fixed. Continue reading The “Tank Problem” Solution Suggestion

I really would like alexander normal to be a little more challenging

I enjoy playing “mid-core” content in this game, meaning harder encounters but still encounters that do not require a static group and countless tries and fails. Old extreme primals would be a good example of this. In this current patch we do not really have that, as nobody is doing bismarck ex (I have tried to get a group going many times), alex normal is very easy, and alex savage is hard as fuck.

You get ilvl190 gear from normal alex, so i though initially that the encounters would be the same difficulty level as old extreme primals when they came out. But no, I was actually kinda disappointed as the only floor that has any challenge is a4, and that is also pretty much dependent on healers, being a healer myself after I did the fight like 2 times and learned when the tank buster comes it no longer feels like any challenge and is actually very easy. I belong to pretty casual fc that, on top of everything is also kinda taking a break right now, so I do not really have the opportunity (nor do i really have the commitment in me to tackle these) to try the most challenging content (a3s and a4s). Continue reading I really would like alexander normal to be a little more challenging