Warrior of Darkness: alter ego or something completely different?

I’d definitely like to keep leaving my mind wide open to this. We are seen as better than we are. There’s a tendency, whenever any one person puts another in harms way on behalf of a different point of view, for the Warrior of Light to see little problem mowing them down. You’d think a person here or there would have more to say about it than, “Yeah, he probably was a wanker. Move along.” The few who do usually turn out to be “bad”, themselves.

As for how this relates to the Warriors of Darkness, I suppose this calls for a tangentially related holistic rant. (Forgive me.)

Thematically speaking, (so far) all of our questionable actions and ethically gray decisions have been on deeper, more complex levels of the game’s storytelling (i.e. our interactions with people and politics and such). The highest, most fundamental parts of the story, however, uniformly paint us as The Righteous (so far). There is The Light, that on the side of Hydaelyn (and thus, as far as we’ve been led to believe, corporeal existence and mortals as a general concept), and there is The Darkness, that which wants to swallow it. Inside the world of The Light, there is a huge spectrum of good and evil, wise and misguided, honorable and dishonorable, and that’s where the gray usually manifests in relation to the Warrior of Light. Continue reading Warrior of Darkness: alter ego or something completely different?

An alternative idea to allowing parsing: The License Board


This is purely an idea and I am aware that it’s extraordinarily unlikely that this will ever reach the dev team’s ears but I have been contemplating about the matter for a while now and would just like to share how I would tackle the issue that I want to address, which reads as follows:

A lot of people, especially raiders, end up getting access gear from already having bought everything they could on their main class for esoterics or the newly introduced Alexander Savage Tokens. Leveling a class is pretty straight forward and doesn’t require much knowledge of the job to get it done, even if it may take a while as a result of not harvesting the job’s full potential. At the end of the day we sometimes meet people with really high level gear that play as if they’ve just reciently reached max level with the class and haven’t even tinkered with their new abilities much, to the dismay of a few duty finder groups. A lot of people want, as a result of this, public global parsing so that we can get an idea of ourselves (and others) performances better and can find out if we have to improve and where we can improve. As FFXIV likes to build references to older titles I want to present a different take on the matter: The License-System from Final Fantasy XII.

How would it work?

Final Fantasy XIV needs some sort of practice grounds for jobs as I believe they’re already a work in progress. What they could do, is add a sequence of trials (give it 10 for Levels 1-50, 5 advanced ones at Level 50, 5 from Level 50-60 and 5 advanced ones at Level 60 totalling 25 Trials). Continue reading An alternative idea to allowing parsing: The License Board

Buff: REDUCED gathering attempts

I would like to see a buff that reduces the number of gathering attempts at a node. The reason, is because when you are gathering favor materials from red scrips, increased gathering attempts are a hindrance rather than a bonus.

The goal with favor mats is to fully click through as many nodes as possible in 5 minutes, in order to spawn as many concealed nodes as possible, and every second counts when you are doing this. I can’t count the number of nodes where my favor buff has expired mid-node, so every second definitely counts, as any serious gatherer of favor mats would agree.

It is true that you can make a little bit of gil from the item being gathered as you deplete a node (birch log and hard silver sand are ok on my server), however, it usually does not justify the extra time needed to use an increased yield action, even on a node giving +2 attempts. Because of this, many gatherers like myself never use any GP while a favor buff is active. Continue reading Buff: REDUCED gathering attempts

A tank shouldn’t be charging ahead and the healer’s not with them

Now, there’s two things. First, if a tank is going to do “big” pulls, they need to make sure it’s ok with the group. Check with the healer etc. If the tank cannot properly gauge how well a group may function for pulls after 1-2… well they’re not… that good. I typically err on the side of caution and grab just a group or more. If the healer wants to do more I’ll go ahead and grab more depending on what the next groups are like etc.

Second, tanks need to make sure their groups are with them. Especially healers. If the healer is lagging for whatever reason behind (check their mp, ask if they’re busy, perhaps they need to get a replacement if the group needs to stop after every pull because of x y or z), a tank shouldn’t be charging ahead and the healer’s not with them. You’re dead without a healer.
Now about heals, I obviously don’t know exactly how you healed but did you get to put the other cooldowns to use even though Benediction was not up? Divine Seal, Presence, Regen, Swiftcast heals? The tank was dumb to leave without Protect and then to plop themselves into the spot to get vulnerability…? Come on. Typically a big pull will have the tank pop a minor cooldown or two (depending on how much they’re running) while the healer sprints, when the tank stops they pop a bigger cooldown (some PLD will pop Hallowed so you can start healing big time without worrying they’re dead before you cast). There’s no point to a holy stun if the tank is gonna die before a heal can help. If a healer tries to pop a heal at the tank, a stray mob may come at the healer’s face as the tank won’t always be able to flash every single mob before the stop.

Is this a common thing for tanks to do?

Doing large pulls that is, and missing aoe aggro on some mobs.

The other day while I was healing, a tank was running and missed several mobs with flash. While running, their HP was getting low, so obviously I had to toss a heal on them.

When I did, the mobs doubled back for me and got in enough hits to interrupt my casts a few times, and they dropped us both to low health.

When the tank suddenly got aggro on them after several seconds, the added strength of the mobs that were attacking me finished him off while I was trying to heal myself because one more round of attacks would have killed me, but the tank was further away from dying from the mobs attacking him. He also got vulnerability up on himself from the vines (AK HM). Continue reading Is this a common thing for tanks to do?

Only Ice Crystals and Earth Crystals can be easily farmable in HW content?

Seriously? You can get the Ice and Earth Crystals easily from gathering points as they’re always there, but you can’t gather the other crystals just as easily in the HW content like the other two?


I mean you CAN get the other crystals from the old pre-HW content at their Level 50 nodes, but only half of the nodes have them instead of all the time like the Ice and Earth Crystals have.

Why is that? Why neglect the other crystals from being easily farmable in the HW content? I could see the Sea of Cloud place an excellent spot for Wind and Water Crystal to farm and then there’s that Dravanian Forelands place where the Dragon’s burial ground are that’s perfect for some Fire Crystal to grab and even the Helix could have farming spot.

True there’s the how Collective Abilities to desync items into the Crystals and Cluster, but I’m currently Level 54 on my Miner and would like to get some Crystals along the way to it.

Any one else thing they should add the rest of the crystals to gathering nodes in HW content as well aside from only the Ice and Earth Crystal ones? Continue reading Only Ice Crystals and Earth Crystals can be easily farmable in HW content?

A Lesson in Dragonspeak

Greetings all!

Since before 3.0, many of you have been asking for more information on the dragon language used in FINAL FANTASY XIV. I’ve been putting together something for the past few months, but found that I was getting nowhere close to completing it. The problem was that the more I added, the more I realized I’d forgotten to add. Well, I finally decided that if I kept on doing this, the post would never make its way to the forums, and that wasn’t acceptable, so I sat down at my keyboard and…here we are.

I warn you, the following post is long, somewhat disjointed, and rambling. It covers a lot, but not everything, and may leave you with more questions when (if) you finish. HAVE FUN!

The Birth of a Language

The dragon language was created by me about six years ago, back before the original XIV launch, when Ishgard was still slated to be a part of 1.0. At that time, all the beast tribes were going to have unique tongues (which would be voiced), the Echo simply “translating” those for you in the dialogue window. I threw together some ideas and pitched them to the lore master at that time (Kenichi Iwao, also the world creator on XI) who thought they were interesting enough and asked me to flesh them out. Unfortunately, by the time I had completed my work, it was apparent that Ishgard wasn’t going to make it in 1.0, and my efforts were tossed into a folder that sat on my desktop for almost four and a half years. Fast-forward to patch 2.X. When we were told that the dragons were going to make an appearance to pave the way for the game’s Ishgard-themed expansion, I went straight to the new (and current) lore master’s desk to ask him if it was okay to use the dragon language I had conceived back in the dark ages. He was surprisingly open to the idea…and the rest is history. Continue reading A Lesson in Dragonspeak

What Dissipation should have been

After receiving some positive feedback in another thread about Scholar skills I’ve decided to make my own thread.

Dissipation, as it stands, is so situational it’s almost next to useless. I won’t rag on it too much as it has legitimately saved the day in Alexander Savage for me, but that was due to the Aetherflow and the fact that the very last phase of A2S requires little healing when just the Gobwidows are left.

At any rate, I think Dissipation would be better if the reward was higher. Either a boost to the overall percentage gained to healing (I heard that the 20% isn’t even worth it as the fairy healing for 30 seconds greatly outweighs it.) or making it boost spells and abilities. To be honest, if I had to rework Dissipation I’d do it like this… Continue reading What Dissipation should have been

Some speculations about Ysale (possible spoilers if you haven’t completed HW)

Hi folks

Ysayle is one of my favourite Heavensward characters; I found her deeply sympathetic and appealing and so I’ve been amusing myself trying to investigate some of her story. A lot of what follows is more psychological speculation than lore (there are a couple of lore questions too!) so i hope you’re not offended by finding this on the lore forums.

Ysayle is an Elezen woman who lived in Falcon’s Nest before the Calamity. She had begun having visions before this, visions born out of the Echo, visions that came without warning and terrified her. Presumably she did not understand them in the slightest. We do not know how old she was when the Calamity happened but probably still in her teens since Midgardsormr refers to her as ‘the child who glimpsed the truth’. At that time Falcon’s Nest was quickly buried under snow and ice, and Ysale fled with others – possibly with her family? – to Ishgard. But while she and her companions were trying to find a way through ‘the wall’, an avalanche struck, and all the others were lost. Instead of continuing to Ishgard, she chose to turn alone for Dravania for some reason, perhaps because of the visions she had been experiencing. She expected the dragons to find her; perhaps she expected them to kill her. Since she believed she had lost everything, perhaps she wanted them to. But it was the great dragon Hraesvelgr who found her, and the Echo allowed her to hear his voice and see ‘the truth through his eyes’. When she discovered this ‘truth’ – the truth about the Dragonsong War – she found new purpose. She believed it was her destiny to show the people of Ishgard what had really happened and end the war between dragon and man (At the End of Our Hope, FFXIV Heavensward) Continue reading Some speculations about Ysale (possible spoilers if you haven’t completed HW)