Monster Hunter Online Menu and UI English Translation

Even though there technically isn’t an English version of Monster Hunter Online available, one dedicated fan has translated the menus and created a guide for running the game from non-Chinese regions.

Monster Hunter Online Keys

Monster Hunter Online uses the CryEngine 3 and is being developed by Capcom and Tencent. It’s now possible for North American and European gamers to access the open beta, but they likely won’t be able to understand any of the story. Thanks to the help of Aslind Samure, English-speakers will now be able to at least understand the game’s menu and UI systems.

The Monster Hunter franchise is one of the most popular action role-playing games around that involves slaying gigantic creatures. Although most of that popularity stems from Japan, many of the games have seen a cult following from Western gamers. Unfortunately, even though there is a demand for an English version of Monster Hunter Online there don’t seem to be any plans for one in the near future. Furthermore, a statement confirming an English release was eventually retracted by the game’s engine developer Crytek.

Whether or not a developer decides to publish its game in a specific region doesn’t necessarily seem to depend on demand alone. Games like Black Desert and Blade & Soul have taken years to finally reach the West, but if Monster Hunter Online becomes successful there’s always a chance.

Dancer as a healing/dps job

I just had a bit of a brainstorm on how they could implement another healer that is just as effective and yet different from the current three. Astrologian was made to stradle the dichotomy of White Mage’s HoTs and Scholar’s Shields, but a lot of people, myself included, feel like that was a cop-out to making a new method of healing dynamics in the game. I think that Dancer could change all that.

Dancer was one of my favorite jobs in FFXI and I think now in XIV, we can make it more of a main healer. The first thing is, we would need to have an ability that we can place on a party member that grants them healing as we damage enemies. The main feature of Dancer (in XI) was the ability to convert the TP you gained from hitting things into energy your dances ran off to heal people. That can still work if we have an ability that marks another player, perhaps only party/alliance members, to receive automatic healing when the Dancer uses their combos. Continue reading Dancer as a healing/dps job

SCH spends most of its time as a DPS

All 3 healer classes are doing just fine in endgame, so your decision should be based on which playstyle you prefer.

WHM: strong heals, big aoe heals, several heal over time effects (regen), decent dmg, but generally a bit slow.

SCH: uses shields to mitigate dmg before it hits, weakest heals out of the 3 unless Atherflow stacks are available (3 per minute) which give access to strong instant heals. Thanks to the fairy, SCH spends most of its time as a DPS.

AST: uses shields or regen, depending on stance, but both are a little bit weaker then their respective aequivalents. Has a wide variety of support skills which the others lack and the quickest normal heals + 1 small instant heal, but kind of sucks at dealing dmg (especially pre-52) in comparison to the others.

Cross-Class Actions you need are dependent on which healer class you pick:
WHM: Virus (12) and Eye for an Eye (34) from Arcanist, Surecast (8) and Swiftcast (26) from Thaumaturge.

SCH: Aero (4), Cleric Stance (6), Protect (8) and Stoneskin (34) from Conjurer as well as Swiftcast from Thaumaturge.

AST: Cleric Stance, Protect and Stoneskin from Conjurer, Surecast and Swiftcast from Thaumaturge. Continue reading SCH spends most of its time as a DPS

Black Desert’s Berserker Class Gets Ridiculous With His New Cannon Fist

Pearl Abyss has released a trailer that shows off Berserker in Black Desert with his new awakening weapon in action. It’s a cannon fist. It’s ridiculous.

As you’ll see, relying on brute strength, the Berserker is a little slower than other classes, but when he hits everyone knows about it.

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With the cannon fist he’s able to deliver explosions on the end of his knuckles and can also use it as a jet thruster to hover in mid-air and drop on enemies with a stomp.

As with the awakening weapons of other classes, the cannon fist is available once the Berserker reaches level 56, and is only available in the Korean server at the moment.

So when does the first houses become avaliable? SUGGESTION: FFXIV House

degradation timer

I have been wondering ever since patch 3.1 that, with the first implementation of the house degradation feature, where in 45 days of inactivity which is determined by not visiting your house, when will the houses first degrade anyway?

I find it odd people are saying it to be on Christmas, as 45 days away from when the patch launched, 9th of November, is the 24th of December, Christmas Eve. So, what time would the houses actually drop? Will it be at midnight, from the transition from 24to 25th, will it be at when maintenance first started, when patch went live, will it really be on Christmas?

It’s so frustrating that Square Enix won’t give us a proper answer or time to when the houses first become available. Because looking at it now, it’s making me think I have to prepare myself to spend all day on Christmas Eve/Day in the hopes of securing a property by camping myself outside a house in the hopes of it becoming available to purchase.
This is where my idea of allowing a visible House Degradation Timer on the placard of the property, underneath who owns the property. It tells you how many days, hours and minutes that property has left before it degrades. Once the 1st houses drop, it will become an absolute pain to keep track of which houses become inactive/close to becoming available on the market.

So please, can any mods/developers come to this thread and clarify about what time the houses will become available and please implement a house degradation timer. Continue reading So when does the first houses become avaliable? SUGGESTION: FFXIV House

The Bottom Feeders: Moves You Never Use and Why (Ver. 3)

I posted a similar thread over on the Tank forums, and I was surprised to find it was bringing in responses from other Job’s. So, I figured I might as well post a duplicate thread in the Dps corner for you guys to take advantage of.

The idea for this forum is:
1. To post moves that you never, rarely, or just not as frequently use.

2. Why you don’t use them often

3. and what might be done to improve their usage (this could be anything from SE implemented changes, to Hotbar suggestions or situational usages that other people may not have thought of).
Some things to note in advance:

Just because you don’t use a move frequently does not mean that it is inherently “bad.” Doom Spike is not used very often in the Drg line up. It doesn’t have a combo bonus, and is situational for Trash pull’s on multiple mobs. That being said, it is a great AoE move when buffed appropriately and used sparingly between rotations for moves in a Drg’s skill set, and is actually in indespensible part of a Drg’s AoE rotation. It’s just not used as frequently, and is often ignored in boss fights (even ones with adds) because Drg’s excel at single target dps.

The idea is not only to list the “bad” moves that require SE’s intervention to “fix” (though you might, if there are moves that require it). Any moves that you do not use regularly are fair game. The idea here is to help one another. If someone lists a move they don’t use a lot, it could be because it sucks, or it could just be that they are under using it. At this point, more experienced players should step up and list ways in which they might get greater use out of that move. To that end, do not be afraid to ask questions about moves you might feel you’re not using to the best of their utility. Continue reading The Bottom Feeders: Moves You Never Use and Why (Ver. 3)

FFXIV Raid(Endgame) Materia

FFXIV raid Materia and Gear set bonuses:

Long have (some)players wished for gear in FFXIV to have more meaning; to not be simply vertical step-ups from the previous gear. Long have (some)players wished to have some unique stat or bonus to be a part of some armor; an efficiency bonus when playing Mage’s Ballad, counter damage when damage is received, a damage boost on finishing damage combos, etc.

Square-Enix has decided against such a route, and it’s understandable. Such gear could lead to certain pieces being required by party compositions, if SE makes a bonus unintentionally too strong they get hounded by the nerf/no-nerf crowds and it becomes a rock/hard-place situation.

However (some)players want more, they want meat, they want sustenance. You can only provide the same buffet for so long before people stop coming around. You need to rotate in condiments, weekly specials, treats to allure players to continually come back.

The Meat:
This suggestion revolves around solving the following ‘issues’:

1. All stats on gear are currently simply weighted exchanges of one another (crit/det/SS) no real special or unique stats.
2. No set bonuses for gear.
3. Very Limited customization or uniqueness of individual’s gearing
4. Vertical “gear treadmill” with limited horizontal variance, players get the i190 gear then move on to i200, then i210; sometimes variation with void ark(24 man loots) and Diadem but because of point #1 there’s no real significant variance.

Now 3.1 considerations:
5. Raid, Alex-Savage, gear is no longer BiS due to Diadem’s gear and RNGness. Understandably upsets raiders but also appeals to the larger casual base.

The main concept of this suggestion is to incorporate an Endgame-Tier materia system; a system based on providing “special” stats or bonuses to gear via unique materia not unlike pvp-gear and pvp-materia following the basic rules below:

1. This type of materia can only be melded to Tomestone gear, upgraded-Tomestone, or Raid gear (eg Alex salvage i210 gear). Not Diadem or crafted gear.
2. Only the gear on the left-side can be melded (<Head>,<Body>,<Hands>,<Waist>,<Legs>,<Feet>).
3. The above gear can only be melded with this specific system’s materia; regular materia such as Savage Aim IV cannot be melded to the gear.
4. The gear cannot be over melded and each piece only has 2 available meld slots.
5. Each piece has a 2 specific materia sets that goes with it and that does not overlap with the other pieces (See the Examples section below)
6. Each materia is categorized as Tier I or Tier II (Eg Flashfire I and Flashfire II for BLM).
7. The stat/bonus cap of each individual materia effect is capped at a Tier I + Tier II (If you meld 2 Flashfire II materias the stat/bonus is capped as if you had melded only Flashfire I + Flashfire II instead). But you can meld a Flashfire II and Hailstorm II you will get full effect of both.
8. The bonus effects of each set relate to each other in some fashion creating a choice A or choice B situation (See Examples Section below).
9. The materia cannot be sold or traded with other players.

(Disclaimer: These are simply examples to explain the system; they are not intended to be the actual suggestions for the materia effects as they have no extensive theorized testing to balance them nor do I have experience on how some jobs are played.) Continue reading FFXIV Raid(Endgame) Materia