Final Fantasy XIV Newly lvl 50

I just got to lvl 50 on my first tank (DRK) and I’m fairly comfortable in 4-player content. That being said, I haven’t done any 8-player content because I’m not too sure what is expected of me in those. I’ve vaguely heard of tank swaps, tank busters, MT, OT. I haven’t even attempted a Main Scenario roulette because of this, so I would like some help on how the role evolves at lvl 50. Thanks in advance for your help.

It’s nothing to worry about. Honestly, the thing that will throw you off the most is that there are a lot more party members and they’ll all be moving very fast. Sometimes new players get left behind because you don’t know the dungeon, so the other Tank will take charge and run off with the rest of the seasoned players. Try not to take it personally, though. It’s just a thing that develops because of tome farming. Try not to feel pressured by it.

As for your concerns, you won’t have to deal with most of that stuff until later. That said, level 50 content is where tanking really starts to pick up, and there are a few fights that might require some awareness. If you plan to stick with tanking then you’re gonna need to learn this stuff eventually; so, here’s a list to help you out:

Stands for “Main Tank.” Basically, this is the lead tank who will be doing most of the “tank-ish” things. Mob pulls don’t normally matter. As long as one tank of other has aggro then it’s no big deal who’s MT, but Bosses typically have two roles. The Main Tank is usually the tank who is actually tanking the boss, dealing with mitigation, positioning, specific mechanics, etc.


Stands for “Off Tank.” Honestly, 9 times out of 10 the Off Tank just does what the Dps does. Don’t stand in AoE’s and burn the boss; however, if any Adds (additional enemies) pop out during the fight, it’s usually the OT’s job to pick them up. This is not always necessary though. If the MT is over-geared they can sometimes handle it all alone, and sometimes the dps burn the adds before it even matters. In more complicated fights (such as Raids or Extreme Trials), the OT will have the responsibility of dealing with specific mechanics (such as soaking dmg with the MT for specific Tank Busters) or Tank Swapping. Those things are on a case by case basis, though. You won’t know what your job is until you experience the fights for yourself or watch a tutorial video.

Tank Swaps:

Is exactly what it sounds like. The Tanks swap positions. Usually this is done because of vulnerability stacks (not always, but most of the time). When fights are current (such as the current Midas Raid), vulnerability stacks caused by boss Tank Busters can make the dmg too high for one tank to handle alone, so a swap becomes necessary after a specific number (usually 3 stacks is the rule of thumb). This is not always the case (ie: in Midas 3 it is entirely possible for one tank to just power through it and wait for the vulnerability stacks to fall off), but it is sometimes necessary. The way this is done is by having the Off Tank swap to their Tank Stance (Grit, in your case) and Provoke the boss away from the MT. You then want to follow up that Provoke with an enmity strike of some kind (Power Slash/Unleashe/etc) to secure aggro. Provoke only puts you +1 over the top the current MT’s aggro, so you have to follow it up right away to make sure you hold the boss. You don’t want to accidentally lose enmity right after the provoke and get the other Tank killed. If you are the one who is swapping to the OT position, then be sure to stop your enmity rotation. You don’t want to make it too hard for the current OT to take aggro off of you.

The trickiest part of this is getting the timing right. You have to anticipate the swap (focus targeting the MT is a good way to know when. At 2 stacks, you should be prepping for the swap). This will mostly come with experience, though, as each fight is different and vulnerability is not always dished out the same way. Keep in mind as well that Tank Swaps are not always necessary, especially in outdated content.

Tank Busters:

The fun part of tanking. Most bosses have an attack or two that will hit VERY hard on the MT. We throw all of those moves under the moniker “Tank Buster.” They’re not overly difficult to deal with, though (except for the extreme end of progression raiding / Ex Trials). For the most part, you just have to identify what the name of the attack is and pop an adequate CD for it. For Drk, that will most likely be Shadow Wall or Shadow Skin, however additional CD’s my be necessary depending on how hard the TB hits. Again, you’ll learn from experience. In most end game fights you end up planning your CD’s to specific spots of the fight so that you can spread your mitigation out as efficiently as possible. In anything below end game, though, it doesn’t really matter. The TB’s at lvl 50 won’t hit hard enough to make the Tank sweat, so long as the healer is awake.

Some Tank Busters also have a “soak” mechanic. Soak mechanics are ones in which it is possible for the dmg to be split between multiple targets. Most often, this requires the OT to stack up on the MT and share the load, then move back to the group after the hit. Sometimes, however, it can also mean turning the boss towards the entire party (heh heh heh) and soaking the hit with everyone. Some of these mechs have tells, but most do not. You’ll have to learn as you go.

This is just the basics, and most of it won’t even matter to you until you get to level 60. The safest thing for you to do at your level is to run as the OT in any 8 man fight until you figure out the mechanics. Don’t be afraid to tell the group that you’re new. If the other tank is seasoned, they’ll step up and do the heavy lifting. If you’re not sure about specific mechs, don’t be afraid to ask. Most seasoned players move at break neck speeds, but they will take a minute to explain something if you have questions (not always though. There are some asshats out there). You can also look the fights up online. All of them have tutorial videos and the forums will help you out if you need it.

Hope this helps. Good luck in your new role as tank. Have fun and feel free to ask if you have specific questions.

Black Desert Online – Why the Karma System Is Awful on ffxivbook

Black Desert Online - Why the Karma System Is Awful on ffxivbook
Greeting Black Desert players,
In this article, we'll talking about the Karma system in Black Desert.

That’s the ultimate law of the nature!

And that roughly describes the Karma system mechanics in Black Desert Online.
Before I get to the actual topic, let me share with you a quick sad story, I’ve experienced while playing Black Desert.

One night, my friend and I decided to go farm EXP, after a little bit of search we learnt that the Calpheon Shrine is a good farming spot, so we went there to farm. Or at least that’s what would have happened if the guilds, who were occupying that farming spot in each and every channel, weren’t so eager to kill us, just cause we were taking a tiny portion of the map.

You’d think that with the Karma System and its punishments for PKing (Player Killing), people would be a little less eager to kill you on sight, just cause you want to farm in a popular spot, like any other player.
I guess not, let’s take a look at the negative Karma punishments according to Black Desert wiki.

As you can see the punishments may seem harsh at first, but in truth there are
concerning how the whole system actually works.

The FIRST MAJOR FLAW is simple.

While the negative Karma you can accumulate can be maxed out just by killing 2-3 players, you can easily balance that out and by farming mobs in a group for about 30-40 minutes, maybe even less.

Therefore, the grouped PKers’ who will kill people, because they want to hog all the area for themselves, technically, never get punished. Because, even if they kill 3-4 people, they get all their Karma back, by farming mobs, which they would have done either way, so no harm done for them, but that’s not the case for the unlucky, solo players who just want to level up their character and run into them.

You may think.
What’s the big deal? Surely, there has to be a spot where you can farm alone, right?

That leads us to the SECOND MAJOR FLAW,

How  a solo player’s farming session can get screwed from other solo players?

Personally, that never happened to me, but I’ve read in forums that many people complain about it. The problem is simple and I think that player’s experience describes it pretty well:

a group of 3 players tried to take over my spot. They couldn’t so they flagged up for PVP, attacked me and almost died. However, prior to dying they all unflagged themselves (at ~20%). Had they learned their lesson? Not really. They just approached me again, only this time, they just stood there trying to steal my mobs. So, I flagged myself for PVP and finished all of them. The result: I lost 210k Karma and was suddenly red flagged.

Black Desert Online - Why the Karma System Is Awful on ffxivbook

That’s one story, here’s another one to see how flawed the Karma system is,
(profanity filter has been applied to this one, for obvious reasons.)

When some guy. Wouldn't just leave and fought back. I brought him to 10% HP told him stop trying and gtfo. He kept on. I had to kill him. Another person saw this. And tried to kill me. I'm not gonna let myself die and lose EXP, so…. I killed him as well.
—–ing me over and making it so tomorrow when I play. I HAVE TO GRIND MOBS JUST TO ENTER A FREAKING TOWN? I don't understand this game’s Karma system. This post is about how stupid the current Karma system is.
Esa out

As you can see, the Karma System as it is now, technically punishes only the solo players, because it is easier to kill or disrupt a single player’s farming than to go up against a group of players.
Groups will just kill anyone on sight and then, replenish their lost Karma as they farm mobs for EXP and materials.
And secondly, virtually anyone can go harass another player when they farm, trying to leech from him and steal his mobs.

If they don’t leave when asked to, you have two options:
-Either let them be and continue your farming at a much slower rate; with the added risk of attracting more players of that type.
-Or kill everybody and gain a massive bounty on your head which you will have to farm away if you want to enter a town again.
Or worse, someone more powerful than you sees you red-flagged, kills you and you end up suffering all of the negative Karma punishments.
Either way you end up on the losing side!        

What are your thoughts on the matter?



Pokemon GO Unveiled New Screenshots and Battle Pokemon in Real World –

Pokémon GO unveiled new screenshots on its official website and explains the basic gameplay of the game further. Check out the trailer to know more.

Pokémon GO is an upcoming augmented reality game for mobile phones developed by Niantic, scheduled to be released in 2016 for iOS and Android devices. The game will allow players to capture, battle, train and trade virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world.  

The Narrowing Map of Pokemon GO 

Pokemon GO Unveiled New Screenshots and Battle Pokemon in Real World -

In the process of adventure, players will be able to explore the surrounding environment finding and capturing the wild Pokemon. The wild Pokemon have their own particular habitats, for example, you may meet the drainage Pokemon near lake or the ocean.

Capture Squirtle
Pokemon GO Unveiled New Screenshots and Battle Pokemon in Real World -
Pokemon GO Unveiled New Screenshots and Battle Pokemon in Real World -
When a player is near a Pokémon, their phone will vibrate. They must then catch it by using the touch screen to throw a Poké Ball at it.

Players can obtain more Poké Balls and "other special items" by visiting PokéStops, each of which is located at various landmarks. Examples of their locations that are given are "public art installations, historical markers, and monuments."

As players play, their Trainer Level will increase. This will allow them to "capture more powerful Pokémon" and unlock more items.

In Pokémon GO, evolution is handled a bit differently. Pokémon can only evolve if you capture the same one multiple times.

Players can obtain Pokémon Eggs, which will hatch after the player has walked an unspecified distance.

Various "achievement medals" can be earned for completing "challenges." These can then be shown off to friends.

Players will supposedly be "encouraged" to join one of the game's three teams so that they can take part in Gym battles. Gyms are found at various landmarks, just as PokéStops are. If they are affiliated with a team, players can assign one of their Pokémon to each Gym, after which they will automatically battle the other teams' Pokémon. The winning team will then take control of the Gym. It is noted that "because only one Pokémon per player can be placed at a given Gym, team members will need to work together to build a strong defense."

An "early user test" is scheduled for sometime "while the game is still in active development." This will be a Japan-exclusive test.

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ffxivbook | Saga of Lucimia: The 15 Min Dev Video Sheds Light on Stats, Mitgation and More

ffxivbook | Saga of Lucimia: The 15 Min Dev Video Sheds Light on Stats, Mitgation and More
In case you have no idea about Saga of Lucimia, it is a group-based, high-fantasy MMORPG powered by Unity engine. The game is still under development but if you'd like to learn more about the game, Executive Producer T.W. Anderson has a new behind-the-scene video for you, talking about "stats, mitigation, avoidance, weight, combat, swimming, exploration, caravans and a bit about taverns".

There are zero solo quests, 8-man groups, multi-group raids, and emergent gameplay in Saga of Lucimia.

ffxivbook | Saga of Lucimia: The 15 Min Dev Video Sheds Light on Stats, Mitgation and More
It is a team-based game where the best rewards, both in terms of storyline and gear, come from overcoming challenging content that is experienced with a team of your best friends and allies by your side. Saga of Lucimia focuses on an 8-man party system. Small group content will be 3-4 man in the overland zones. Well-geared and skilled players may be able to duo or trio content slightly below them in terms of difficulty, but only in the areas close by outposts and cities; dungeons will require full groups and raid parties to work through.
ffxivbook | Saga of Lucimia: The 15 Min Dev Video Sheds Light on Stats, Mitgation and More

Asiasoft Launches Pocket MapleStory SEA on ffxivbook

Over 30,000 players have their wishes fulfilled today, as Playpark launches Pocket MapleStorySEA on Google Play and the App Store, enabling them to play the iconic MMO on the go. Pre-registered players can look forward to getting their early bird reward, including a Bunny Plush Cape, premium currency and other items. Players can also form guilds to gain access to exclusive features. Check out the trailer below. Pocket MapleStorySEA is still unavailable in Canada and America App Store. Players need to download it in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand App Store.

Asiasoft Launches Pocket MapleStory SEA on ffxivbookAsiasoft Launches Pocket MapleStory SEA on ffxivbook

Pocket MapleStory SEA is the mobile adaptation of the PC game, MapleStory SEA. It features single-player adventure modes, party raids and new quests.  And it also features faster game advancement and real-time co-op modes optimized for mobile devices. Players can play their favorite MapleStory characters, collect vast amounts of epic and legendary equipment and customize your character with thousands of costumes, pets and mounts.

Asiasoft Launches Pocket MapleStory SEA on ffxivbook


ffxivbook – Sega’s Cross-Platform Title Total War Battles: KINGDOM Launches Globally

ffxivbook - Sega’s Cross-Platform Title Total War Battles: KINGDOM Launches Globally

Sega has just announced that Total War Battles: KINGDOM is now available as a free download on Steam for PC and Mac as well as the iOS and Android devices. 

As a persistent-world strategy game, players will transform a wilderness area from a blank canvas into a powerful Kingdom by building castles and towns. As the population grows and territory is expanded, players will need to manage the economy and create armies to conquer the world by taking your troops into battle against AI and other players in real-time battles.


Build Your Kingdom

ffxivbook - Sega’s Cross-Platform Title Total War Battles: KINGDOM Launches Globally

Progressively create your very own world. Explore, conquer, then shape your lands to transform the wilderness into a powerful and productive Realm. Raise new cities, cut down forests, draw roads, build bridges and change the course of rivers on your way to the Throne.

Fight in Large Scale Battles

ffxivbook - Sega’s Cross-Platform Title Total War Battles: KINGDOM Launches Globally

Create and train your very own army, then lead large scale battles where the cunning of your moves and the accuracy of your orders will do more than the sheer number of your men.

The Cross Platform Total War

Play on Phones, Tablet, and PC, whenever you want, wherever you want. No matter which platform you choose, actions in Total War Battles: KINGDOM will carry over onto any other device you play on, so you can continue to expand your Realm at home, work, or out and about.

More Screenshots on Page Two

New tank looking for some tips to be a better tank

Hi! So I decided to take up a tank job just so I can be a more well rounded player. I have multiple DPS jobs and all Healer roles at 60 but I never wanted to try Tanking just because it was so intimidating.

Well I decided to pick up gladiator and see how it goes! (Also , those short que times are quite attractive)

Firstly , I’ve been trying to see if there were any Paladin guides so I can better understand my rotation and the Do’s and Don’ts of tanking as a paladin.

I had a lot of trouble dealing with multiple trash on mobs , often times having one of the monsters lose hate on me and attack one of my other team mates. Also, managing my MP when I’m constantly using flash to get back hate when the DPS are going too ham.

The other day I ran Hatali (NM) with TWO THMs D: lemme tell ya, they gave me a run for my money as I kept fighting to keep hate. Any tips on how to handle tanking with DPS that are known for ripping hate so easily ?

Also , finally. Are macros super important for a tank ?? I play on PS4 and have no clue how to use macros so I’m wondering if it’s something I should try to learn how to use??

I’m not aware of any guides that are being maintained at the moment, but PLD is pretty straightforward. I’m going to go ahead and assume you’ve only ever played a caster class while I do my ‘splainin, so I apologize if you know any of this already!

Melee jobs have combos, if you weren’t aware of that. If you look at the tooltips, you’ll see “Combo Action”, which shows you which abilities ought to follow one another. Generally, until you’re more comfortable tanking and keeping enmity, your Rage of Halone (RoH) combo is going to be your best friend, because it generates a tonne of enmity.

As you level, you’ll want to try to always keep at least one cooldown in use as often as possible. In terms of effectiveness at mitigating damage, the priority goes: Hallowed Ground (HG) > Sentinel > Bulwark + Awareness (always use together once you have them) > Rampart > Foresight > Fight or Flight + Bloodbath (there is no compelling reason to not use these together) > Foresight. Generally, in earlier dungeons, you should be okay to save your bigger cooldowns for instances where the boss will do more damage, but you’ll want to be sure to use them more on trash than on bosses (as I’m sure you’re aware as a healer, tanks usually take more damage from trash than they do from bosses).

Also, even if you don’t have Shield Oath yet, Sword Oath is still helpful, because any damage you deal will boost your enmity, and SwO adds ~50 potency per cooldown, which can help close the gap a bit.

One of the best things I can recommend for this is to Flash frequently. Until you get Shield Oath at level 40, you’ll want to start every pull with 2-3 Flashes, and then work another one in between each RoH combo. In general, that should be enough in most cases, but if you’re going in NQ white gear, you might need to work a little more. What I like to do at those levels is cycle each piece of the RoH combo onto a different enemy. So I’ll hit one enemy with Fast Blade (FB) and Savage Blade (SB), tab to the next target for Rage of Halone, Flash, then tab to the next target for FB-SB, and so on. It can take some getting used to, but tabbing targets like that to spread your enmity is one of the best tricks you can learn (especially in your level 60 roulette as a freshly-capped tank, it will help you hold hate off that iLvl 240 SMN that you got).

Keep in mind, too, that Provoke is not like WoW’s taunt; it only puts you just on top of the enmity list, so you need to follow it up with something like Flash or Shied Lob to re-establish your enmity lead. I’ve found that usually if a mob gets away, I can just use Shield Lob, so I can save Provoke for the rare instance when that doesn’t work.

The other thing you can do is mark your targets, but that only works for single target DPS, and not for jobs that have at least halfway decent AoE.

Blade And Soul Issues and Why I’m Quitting

Yep, this is a rant but I’m basically just going to list off all the issues of this game and why it made it so depressing for me to even log in.
1. The bots. There’s bots in PvP, PvE, and gold selling bots. The Destroyer bots in PvP run scripts that make them nearly unbeatable. The gold selling bots are just extremely annoying and you don’t have enough spots to block them all so they don’t spam the chat, spam you with friend requests, and all that good stuff. Plus in PvE I’ve actually seen Destroyer bots teleporting across the map.

2. End game is extremely lacking and unrewarding, most of it being an immensely unbalanced grind. Dailies don’t reward enough, amount of materials needed for upgrades are too high, and the base cost for upgrades in gold are far too high as well.

3. The game constantly lags, whether it’s from latency or from FPS. I never had stable FPS running this game even on the lowest of settings with a Nvidia GTX GeForce 850M graphics card which has 2 GB of VRAM.

4. The grind, which was already somewhat mentioned. You have to pile such an absurd amount of hours into this game just to accomplish little to nothing that it’s absurd. There’s no balance, especially when you look at how quickly they’re putting out new content. The only way you could possibly be fully geared by the next content patch is by dumping 10 or more hours into the game a day or a ton of money.

5. The community for the most part is pretty unsavory, although not everyone I talked to was like that.

6. The balancing of classes is pretty bad at level 45, although I know the game wasn’t intended to be capped at 45 in the first place. It just makes PvP that much more difficult.

7. Having an item (Soulstone) that you can really only get from doing PvP, which is bad for three reasons. The game should either be geared toward PvP or PvE, you shouldn’t have to PvP in order to get an item for PvE progression. The balancing of classes at PvP is not the greatest, it’s pretty bad actually which makes getting soulstones that much more frustrating and complicated. You get virtually nothing but Destroyer bots in 1v1 and Summoner bots in 3v3. Destroyer bots are pretty much a direct counter to Assassin at level 45 and Summoner bots ruin 3v3 by turning it into 2v3 which isn’t exactly fun if they’re on your team. It isn’t even fun when they aren’t on your team because it makes the match incredibly easy and boring.

8. THE BOTS. The bots have been an issue for months, ever since the game released on launch day there was at least gold selling bots and now there’s the PvE and PvP Destroyer bots that I mentioned earlier. The fact that it’s been an issue for months and nothing has been done about it is sad.

9. End game as a whole is just extremely unrewarding. The RNG is imbalanced. The material and currency cost for upgrades is too high, and the rewards from doing dailies is too low. Yeah you can make about 10 gold or a little more if you do all the dailies that give the most money except….that takes several hours even if you happen to have over 440 AP and are geared to the teeth.

In all honestly I had high hopes for this game when I heard about the CBTs and even when I first heard it was coming to NA but there’s just too many flaws for it to be enjoyable for me. The story is well done and leveling was actually pretty fun and had a great pace to it, unlike the grind that leveling by itself can be in some games where you just want to press your face into the keyboard to press buttons after a while because it gets so repetitive and boring. But yeah, on another note I do wish the people deciding to stick with the game enjoy it and maybe this little rant I had of pointing out all the issues with the game will help some people decide if the game is really worth their time or not.

The scaling of parry was screwed up completely and for Paladin

If you don’t have accuracy; you can’t even hit the monster which is simply artificial gating. There is literally nothing to think about and no skill attached to this stat. You need an X amount of accuracy or your skills just don’t work.

Secondary stats need to be cool, helpful, and actually meaningful. All this does is pretty much artificially gate players. Its not really an important stat to be honest.

Parry is the same, the statistics for it are so low right now it doesn’t really matter. You can have 5000 parry and it would still feel like a pointless stat.

How about we remove these joke secondaries and replace them with more meaningful ones?

“-% Threat”
“+% Threat”
“Thorns” = reflect damage + damage reduction.
“+% TP Reduction”
“+% Mana Reduction”
“+% Reuse Speed”
“+% Casting Speed.”

Skill Speed, and Spell Speed are kind of worthless too. After all the Skill/Spell speed on my gear it barely raises it to anything. Its NOT even 5%. Why even have the stats if they don’t feel significant?

1) Accuracy is a measure of how well you place your weapon when striking something, if you are accurate enough you hit. So…Accuracy should affect Parry.

2) Parry sucks because there is no way to alter the strength of the parry, the scaling of parry was screwed up completely and for PLD, Parry happens after blocking is evaluated, reducing parry’s impact tremendously for PLD. I’d rather see each chance of blocking and parrying being evaluated separately, and only if a blow is both blocked and parried would blocking take precedence over parry.

Throwing in 7 new secondaries all but one of which are % based is just adding needless complexity.

SkillSpeed and SpellSpeed being separate stats is a bit nonsensical to me, I will agree since they both measure speed and you never have both stacked, so DoW always stack SkillSpeed and DoM always stack Spell Speed. Would be better to simply have Speed which works for both, and doesn’t need two types of materia.

Rather than adding new stats, I think it would be better to re-evaluate the existing ones and the impacts that they have, each of the primary and secondary stats should have a good reason to exist, and a good reason to be used by one or another class/job. Presently there are too many stats that have very little impact on play and Parry is one of the worst offenders.

I’d suggest giving Accuracy a 0.1 (plucking a number from thin air) Parry weighting, so a high accuracy will have a beneficial impact on the parry rate.
I’d suggest allowing the attack power (or determination) of a player to vary the strength of the parry.
I’d suggest merging both SkillSpeed and SpellSpeed into a single Speed stat, and replace all Skill Speed/Spell Speed with tier equivalent ‘Speed’ materia.

I’d like to see determination have an impact on things like cure strength, block strength, parry strength (but not attack power or damage) and even our resistance to status effects and elements. Critical Hit is as it should be, it should also be possible to critical a parry.

Two secondary stats I would like to see added would be stats that apply directly to your physical or magic defense. Materia for this would not be able to me melded to armor, but only to accessories. The impact of this should be mild, so perhaps 0.25 DEF per stat point. This would let players increase their defense more dynamically, and independent of armor worn. It would also allow PLD & DRG to increase their magic defense, if they wanted, for example.

Note: Please note that much like the OP, these suggestions are all ‘off-the-cuff’ and are not meant to be fully realized proposals for specific changes….

Jobs rank to use in solo rank match


1- War (by far is the best job to play in solo match: high dps, good self healing, high hp. You alone can basic win a match.)
2- Mnk (to good against sch and smn)
3- Nin and Drg
4- Pld (Really hard to kill so if you grab the coins high chance to win and stuns)
5- Mch (is not ahead because ppl will focus on you most of the time)
6- Smn (very useful against Ast in noc if ppl don’t purify, but bad against monk)
7- Ast (you can’t kill but the insta shield help ppl stay alive for more time)
8- Whm (Sleep is really good but the chance of someone hit is to high, good pvp skill)
9- Bard (can interrupt casters)
10- Blm (same as Whm, but they will focus on you)
11- Sch and Drk (well sch with monk if he know how to play bye bye, Drk both other tanks is way more better)

The reason I put in this way is because you are not playing with a premade or with voice comms. So is a rng group and you have a chance to play with who never pvp before. If you have any suggestions you can say.

I can’t speak much for WAR’s that have been on my team because I didn’t pay much attention to them, but as far as for the other team they have seemed pretty negligible (though maybe it’s because I play melee dps and am left alone most times). Plds who use their utility moves to a good extent have made much more of an impact on both teams in games I’ve played.

As for SCH, they do need some kind of rework. You don’t even have to be a good MNK to shut them down if they’re not too experienced, I just throw 1IP into my combos and it doesn’t seem to matter much what else I do, that is enough.

I agree with the rest though. MCH makes a great ranged since they can at least pump out a strong burst while running away with Rapid Fire. I’ve seen a few blms do solid, but the game as a whole doesn’t seem to play up to their strengths really.

The pvp war fell cleave can hit more than 4K plus some of their skill can crit with +1k. Most of the healers have less than 10k because they didn’t use vit acc. I use than but is more hard to live stay alive from a double fell cleave from a war that kwon how to pvp than a lb.

Well the easy healer class to play against a smn is whm, medica plus reagen make smn dots easy to play against. In the start they have my ds up so is not bad. Plus Sacred Prism is the best healer pvp skill. The way how sprint work, play as a sch is hard in long fight. I’m not saying that sch is bad, but your group is with random classes and with random players they can be good or bad. So sch is really bad in the most of cases. That’s why i put in last place, when the fight is long is very hard to keep ppl alive.