I’ve played a character off and on with each major release of FFXIV

Completely botched character progression after account restoration

Here’s the gist of my story:

– I’ve played a character off and on with each major release of FFXIV. When A Realm Reborn was released, I created a new character.
– I got that character up to a 50 WHM with a significant number of MSQ completed.
– I had a non-trivial amount of gil and teleport points, as is expected from playing the game up to a certain point.
– I got bored with the game and suspended my character/account.

Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago:

– I purchased Heavensward with the intent of continuing my character and picking the game back up.
– When I restored my SAME character (Ureu Mono on Hyperion) successfully, I logged back in.

Here’s what I had:

– My character was a 50 WHM, and I had all my items.
– I had about 4k gil, which was completely wrong.
– I had a few of my mounts.
– My retainers still existed and they seemed to have had all their items.

Here’s where things got messed up:

– I had SEVEN MSQ quests completed. That’s it.
– I had ONE Conjurer class quest completed. I had ZERO WHM job quests completed.
– I had a handful of teleport points available to me.
– I could NOT use the airship, duty finder, or ANY of the other things that are unlocked as you play through the game.

I basically was a level 50 WHM character with practically zero story progression. Which is impossible. I could use my mounts…but I had not even unlocked that capability in the storyline yet. I had all my 50 WHM and CNJ spells…yet I had only a single CNJ story quest finished. Which is impossible.

Here’s the CNJ quest I had completed:

Way of the Conjurer Lv. 1

The game requires the ENTIRE CNJ quest line to be completed before the WHM job can be obtained, correct? Well, mine wasn’t.

The very unhelpful support agent I spoke with on the phone kept insisting that I never completed these quests in the first place. He said it was quite possible to get 50 WHM without doing any CNJ OR main story quests at all. He clearly doesn’t actually know anything about the game.

So that’s it. Both GMs and customer support agents are unwilling to do anything despite several individual attempts to contact them. No, I don’t want to replay all the same crap again. I bought the game and paid my monthly fees with the intent that my character’s progress would be maintained when I continued again.

Every single person I spoke to both in game and friends in real life admitted that my character was messed up, doing stuff like watching a 50 WHM walk up to the first-available Aetheryte in the game to attune it. Or not being allowed to ride an airship since I hadn’t “gotten to that point in the story”, according to my character’s messed up quest line. I had two retainers, yet the game wouldn’t let me create any, because, again, “I’m not supposed to have retainers yet.”

SE, I just want you to know how disappointed I am that your support didn’t actually listen to my problem or investigate my character’s account AT ALL. Even the newest employee could INSTANTLY realize that my character is messed up just by taking a few looks at my quest journal. But they didn’t.

I was excited about Deep Dungeon and stuff. But I just feel so helpless since it’s hard to contact them. Phone support said contact a GM. “We can’t actually fix anything related to the game itself. Just SE accounts.” GM ticket guy gave me a generic reply. “GM has determined that this is not an issue we can fix. Please contact SE Support at…” Back and forth.

The guy on the phone basically said I was lying. As I was replaying some of the main quests again just so I could get to other major cities, I remember seeing ALL that stuff before, back in 2.0. But he wouldn’t believe me.

Problem are the presumptions made about the Au Ra and Dark Knights

I believe the biggest contributions to your problem are the presumptions made about the Au Ra and Dark Knights.

Au Ra weren’t invented until years after the Five Races and Eorzea as a whole, and they went through several stages – from bunnies to wolves to dragons to demons and eventually pulling [what the dev. team believed was the] best attributes of each. And then they had them come from a continent we’ve never seen, starting with an NPC who felt that Au Ra were so rare in Eorzea that she shouldn’t even feel comfortable showing her face for fear of yet another novelty to explain. It’s not like Dunesfolk Lalafell, which are implied to have adapted to Thanalan, or Duskwight Elezen, which are implied to have adapted to deepwood caves. Once an Au Ra (or their ancestors) left Othard, they could go anywhere for any reason.

Images released for Heavensward public relations (“PR Stills”) feature Dark Knights as Au Ra not because the two are meant to go together in any way, but because they wanted to show off as many 3.0 assets as possible at the same time. New expansion – new race – new jobs. If 4.0 suddenly brings Red Mage and Bunny Boys, you can bet your cottontail what race the RDM in the reveal video and art will be. But that doesn’t imply any connection or “meant-to-be-ness”.

Jobs and classes change over time. For example, Allag (Third Astral Era) had arts that were remarkably similar (if not identical) to conjury, but Conjurers as we know them today developed only 500 years back from using what simple charms survived the persecution of mages after the War of the Magi to commune with the Elementals of the Twelveswood. Dark Knights are an Ishgardian job that arose from the fact that the clergy are seen as righteous while, in truth, the highborn of the faith are often corrupt and prey upon the commonfolk. Some knights turn against this binary, seeking “true” justice by defending the “right” people by any means necessary. They harness Darkness, fight dirty, and forsake honor and glory in exchange for being true to themselves and getting the job done: defend the meek, punish the wicked.

At the time Dark Knights arose in Ishgard, Au Ra weren’t even really around. Some of the few that did show up were killed for being a tad too dragon-like.

The Au Ra have such a small presence about which there is so little information that no one thing works better than anything else. All that changes is how that particular Au Ra fit into that particular place after they’d already gotten there. Honestly, if it’s taken this much of your time, I would just take a random number generator, such as this one, and set it to roll between 1 and 999. [1-333] Limsa Lominsa [334 – 666] Ul’dah [667 – 999] Gridania. Whatever it lands on, take that as meant to be and forge your own path. Worst case scenario, you defy the RNG if you finally realize what you want while the coin is in the air, so to speak.


And by all of that I mean Limsa Lominsa. You should choose Limsa Lominsa. I mean, Gridania isn’t very fond of outsiders, right? You’d have to prove yourself to stuck-up Elezen and live by the Elementals and avoid the woodsin all to move to Ishgard and harness Darkness. And Ul’dah banned the beast tribes entirely fifteen years ago. If Ishgardians give Au Ra the stink-eye for being a bit too dragon-ey, I bet those black scales and tails would remind more than a few desert-dwellers of the Amalj’aa. But Limsa? Limsa is where you can do you, and if anyone takes issue with it you kick them right in the jimmy and everyone says it was the right decision. Plus you could start as a Marauder (aka Executioner) and work your way up to the guillotine greatswords of the Dark Knight, stopping by Ul’dah just long enough to get your cross-class actions.

Till Sea Swallows All! TILL SEA SWALLOWS ALL!
<is dragged out of the thread, still screaming>

FFXIV Thoughts on changes in HW

For answering this, I feel like I need to make a proper review – where I can set review guidelines/standards before reviewing it etc., and I may do that down the road. For now, here is my quick response.

Graphics: With HW came Direct X 11, and the graphics improvements were great. That said, there are some really weird textures with the DX11 client. This results in things look amazing when far away and really bad when up close. There is also a pretty small amount of ‘substance’ (i.e. blades of grass, 3D rocks etc). I’d say the improvements were good, but not great.

Story: The initial story from 50-60 was amazeballs. However, since reaching 60, the story has been pretty meh. 3.3 had some really awesome cutscenes, but nothing from 3.1-3.3 storywise was that interesting. It was a pretty big letdown after 2.4-3.0. So, the majority of it (3.0) was awesome and then it tailed off.

QoL stuff: Patches recently have been coming with lots of QoL improvements, especially 3.3. While they aren’t all improvements that I specifically want, they’re welcome additions to many I am sure. It’s great that these QoL patches are constant, rather than loaded only with the expansions.

Features: Heavensward failed to shake things up. There was no revamp of systems, nor were there significant systems added. These are things one often sees in an expansion, which helps the game feel fresh and interesting. Possible additions/changes could be things to talents and traits, or could be a revamp of how FATEs work. The sky is really the limit on this one, and it is sad to see the result so close to the floor.

Patch and Dungeon Formula: Adding on to the above, the incredibly predictable patch format (and even release date) is not something that I enjoy. It removes a sense of mystery and hype, and makes a lot of the content feel stale very quickly.

Alexander: IMO Alexander has been a pretty big failure. I dislike the move to creating normal and savage, while leaving out a middle-ground. I find the reward structure is very unsatisfying and the lack of interesting achievements just makes that worse. The story has been fairly meh and a tad cliche, the mechanics (mostly) are pretty lame and the fights are not fun. That said, I do really enjoy A5S, but find A6S to be the least fun in raiding I have ever experienced.

Crafting: a portion of the game I do not partake in, so I don’t have any opinions on the matter.

Dungeon design: I am not sure if it is that things are not being shaken up, or if the devs have become more lazy, or are designing dungeons to a different audience than myself, but something is really wrong with HW dungeons. I really dislike Dusk Vigil, The Aery, Sohm Al, Arboretum, Pharos hard, Hullbreaker hard. I feel meh about most of the others, and was only really impressed with Antitower and that other new expert one I always forget the name of.

Trials: These are pretty split for me. I loved Bismark, hated Ravana, loved Thordan, hated Sephirot. I find Nidhogg to be in the middle. I dislike that these are so choreographed (particularly seph and ravana).

Zones: Most of the new zones are gorgeous, and it is really sad to see that for the most part we don’t go to them. Since reaching 60, I find that I travel in the maps very rarely, and I find that a bad thing. That said, Hinterlands, Forelands and Sea of Clouds are amazingly beautiful, so good job on this one!

Flying: This was pretty cool at first, but doesn’t really serve much purpose. I think that maps being connected at focal points really takes away part of what I really like about flying in WoW. I also think there need to be more !fly areas.

Diadem: Huge failure, of which I could see moments after entering it. I am not sure why they thought this was a good design, or how it made it past their quality control team.

Aquapolis: Fun, but it just takes something that you do in the gorgeous maps and puts you in a dull instance, so I don’t really see a huge point to it.

24-person raids: This one is simple. Void Ark sucks, Weeping City is great.

Job Changes: While I appreciate the added change to skill cap, I found this was done in a way that ultimately ruined jobs more than made them fun. I also disliked the homogenization of jobs. I get that they want to keep things balanced, but personally, I’d rather have flavour than balance (note that I emphasized personally). IMO, HW ruined BLM, BRD, tanking, DRG and made SMN, WHM, SCH much better. NIN is fairly similar to before with an added positional (one that I dislike, but is insignificant enough that I digress), and I never had MNK 50+ to comment.

I thought there were other sections I was going to touch on, but am drawing a blank. I may edit this later with them. For now, I shall conclude with, “I find that Heavensward has been a mixed bag, which ultimately has disappointed more than impressed. That said, it’s still a well made game that is providing me with many hours of entertainment.”

Returning player looking to get back into the savage raiding scene

As the titles states I’m a returning player that’s just trying to get back into the loop of endgame content.

I’ve played XIV heavily since 2.3 and am somewhat of a quality player since I learn quick and adapt well to new situations. Challenging endgame content has always been the most enjoyable part of XIV for me.

I’m very patient when it comes to raiding-mentality, preventing past mistakes and always trying to improve are two of the things I’m familiar with.

Most other threads expect top-notch gear and knowledge of the current raid instances, since I don’t really have either I’ll put up a couple past accomplishments instead.

ARR: Cleared all ex primals when they were relevant (from 2.3 onwards, i.e. Ramuh), The Binding Coil of Bahamut and the second Coil. Took a break from raiding for the Final Coil due to conflicting timezones – used to play Leviathan (NA). I’ve mained PLD and BLM at the time.

HW: Cleared A1S-A2S within the first two weeks of release, however, early A3S progression, the drought of content after the release of the expansion and real-life complications caused a massive burnout, causing me to quit raiding. Mained BRD for Gordias, which I’ve dropped with the release of 3.2 in favor of NIN. I’ve played casually to not at all but when picked up by a group of friends I quickly memorized the mechanics for Sephi Ex and cleared it within the first few pulls with fairly competetive dps. My tank of choice for casual content is WAR.

Right now I’m residing on Cerberus, wanting to tackle extreme trials and interested in the current Savage raiding scene, I wouldn’t mind transferring in order to do so. My NIN sits @ i225 with Sephi Daggers that are going to be replaced by the Lore Daggers this week, my WAR is undergeared (just below i215) but I’m slowly progressing through the relic quest and planning to gear up after my NIN is all decked out in terms of lore gear.

I have no experience with Midas besides normal mode and wouldn’t mind being pulled into a fresh static as much as an experienced one. I’ll adjust quickly either way.

I’m free practically everyday of the week after 6pm EST+1 and comfortable with core raiding times (3-4 hours)
Must’ve been a long read, so thanks for your time!

Hullbreaker Isle Hard Mode reset glitch

Tried to run Hullbreaker Isle Hard Mode and ran into an issue on the first boss. One of our DPS ran in before the rest of the group entered and started the sequence. However, after the DPS backed out before the arena was sealed, everything in the arena disappeared, and didn’t come back, rendering the instance uncompleteable.

Here’s a screenshot of what happened, including arena trigger and reset times:

Floor FFXIV AoE in various patterns

You probably misunderstand what I’m saying or don’t understand fight concepts different than what we have that actually would work with the game we currently have. What we currently have…is the same thing….Every duty. Mechanics may SEEM different…but normally…its exactly the same. Once we realize this…it becomes natural again as it should be.

My observations are like this…I’m a healer so I see this all too often.

Floor AoE in various patterns – AoE is dangerous don’t stand in it. We get a new duty, people act like its the first time they’ve seen this before.
Gathering mechanic. – New duty, everyone acts like its the first time they’ve seen it before.
Mob with the same moveset every time we encounter it – New duty, this same moveset seems to catch everyone by surprise.

This may seem totally unrelated, but it’s not. Because you see, these mechanics, once recognized as familiar, become easy footwork, sometimes able to be ignored, and then it becomes nothing but a fight full of rotation, rotation, rotation. These rotations aren’t all that hard to do. Keep your counters up, know your positionals, etc. But they are tiresome. Think of all the old content we have now. We simply just rotation until it’s all dead. That’s all we do. It’s the only thing we do…ever. I’m not saying to get rid of all of it. But what I am saying is that it would be great if SE would start to design fights outside of the normal formula to keep it interesting instead of pretty much the same braindead fights we currently have.

While they don’t move MUCH out of the regular fight designs we have…two of my most favorite fights in the entire game is Twintania, and Ultima.

– Tank is occupied while party is off handling other mobs. A healer either heals the entire party or goes off to heal the other tank (if there is one).
– Switches to a mechanic that comes into play much later into the fight dropping links. Managing Conflag and Fireball (been a while i don’t remember the names) which while is a simple preschool color sorting mechanic, requires players to pay attention.
– Switches to divebombs where players (even though the mechanic is played other than the way it was intended by dipping into the pit) are required to work in unison to dodge the attack. (like titan’s double weight of the land)
-The snakes…more than just trash mobs. Their deaths had to be handled carefully.
-Taking out mobs with immobilized players while paying attention to a mechanic that killed you for standing in one place.

-Tanks swap while healers are put to work, party is distracted by many different aoe and primal mechanics, party having to work together to destroy the bombs by walking into it as a group (although now we are too overgeared for it to be as important.)

These fights and other raid fights are designed in such a way that they change constantly instead of repeated mechanics over and over (Every garuda fight ever plus most boss fights). Are you afraid of having a fight where you’d have to do something other than your rotations? Afraid of losing your stacks and your comfort zone that allows you to keep doing your rotations over and over? Ever changing mechanics, especially ones that take players out of their regular comfort zones (such as tanks being unable to have enmity on a target or dps unable to always have their stacks/dots up) keep the fight more interesting, adds a level of fun, and if the fights can be designed so that the mechanics are no longer ignorable, overgearing would keep it from becoming too faceroll.

While it is fun managing rotations, i think it is extremely boring if you have a fight that you are able to keep your rotations up for long periods of time. It sounds like easy mode to me.

Regarding Housing and small suggestion for the Demolish system

Hello, this is not a complain thread over the houses shortage, or anything similar, just suggestions to “improve” the life of those wanting to buy a house, or get rid of their house in a legal/accepted way.

So we are all aware that reselling houses is against the rules and that if someone needs/wants to get rid of their house either because they are transferring servers, or because they do not want to bother with it anymore, or because real life forces them to take a extended break from the game. The only way to properly do this where the player isn’t at major loss, is to wait for the auto demolish time to kick in and give the player back 80% of its value.

This being the case, why not simply make it a rule, where demolished houses gives the player 80% of its value, this being because of auto demolish or because the player chose to get rid of it.

My second suggestion is regarding the items that are bound to the house, and disappear when you leave a FC (in case of FC or private rooms items) or if you demolish your house to buy a new one.

Why this bound system even exists? There are a lot of items, some being hard to get, some even cost real money and some other are events exclusives, they are bound to the plot and you lose them in any of the situations listed above. Wouldn’t it be more fair to the players if these items were not bound to the house, but it became Binding where they are untradeable, so they cannot be resold in the market, but the player can pick them up and store them for future use? it just feels wrong, mainly if you get kicked from a FC and your room rare/bound items disappear.

As for house illegal reselling, sadly I can’t think of many ways to fix this problem, I assume that if players didn’t buy overpriced houses from other players, eventually the sellers would stop buying plots and losing money over it. But, there is always people with too much ffxiv gil and they don’t care for the prices, so it really doesn’t feel like this issue will ever stop, to all honesty, I don’t think house reselling is a great way to make money, but that is just me, and the risk that comes with it, not worth it in my opinion. I rather gather, craft and sell stuff and make just as much money as someone who is trying to resell 1 house and profit from it.

Anyway this is just my 2 cents about it, have fun!

Why doesn’t the background resolution change as you change resolutions?

For long time it has become apparent to me that as I change my resolution for FFXIV from 1080p to 2k even 4k that the foreground is the only thing changing. The text and the overlay basically. Sure the background gets prettier but the scale never changes. Here are some photos to prove it.

According to this monitor: ASUS ROG PG278Q I should see 77% more screen every 2k resolution I go up. But I do not.

So it seems that the only things that scale are text and overlay. Am I wrong or is this how the game is right now? Are there games that work like this monitor I listed and actually show you more screen as you go up in resolution?

I am starting to think the Field of View is limited on purpose just in case that might give us an unfair advantage over ps3/ps4 players. If true it makes sense but seriously shows how a console can hold this game back now. God I hope this isn’t the case. Starting to really fear it might be the real issue though.

How about each person look at the screenshots I posted. one is the 4k and the other is the 2k and you can clearly see the same fov for both. Monitor aspect ratio was 16:9 but according to asus that should not matter. I should see more fov on the sides and I clearly do not. I do however see a clearly larger area when looking at my desktop of the same resolution. Just not the game. Assumption about consoles was fair. I play on ps3 ps4 and pc for the whole time this version off FFXIV has been out and I can see the holdings back now. I used to argue and defend consoles but I am not going to keep doing what I know is not right. I do in fact now believe the consoles are holding this game back if nothing more than the argument I am making right now about higher resolutions. They are not able to do it and letting pc see more field area would in fact be an unfair advantage to a console player. If any dev or mod would come right out and say right now that the game will get a greater fov on pc than on console because it can then that would be fair and in that case console would not be the hold back. I so far have not seen anyone actually say that is going to happen.

ffxivbook – Hitman’s Marrakesh episode available now, new launch trailer

The third episode in the latest Hitman series is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This time, Agent 47 is tasked with traveling to the busy market city of Marrakesh to target corrupt private banker Claus Strandberg and his accomplice Army General Reza Zaydan before the city of contrasts collapses into a riot.

“Marrakesh marries the concepts of the first two offerings of Hitman – Paris and Sapienza,” said Hannes Seifert, Studio Head at Io-Interactive. “We have the fortressed, at times claustrophobic, nature of the Showstopper event in Paris combined with the expansiveness and lived-in feeling of Sapienza all in one. I think Marrakesh is really going to give players a lot to explore and experiment with.”

Io-Interactive plans to continue their regular content updates for the game including three additional locations – Thailand, United States and the season’s finale to take place in Japan later this year.

Episode 3 is free for those who purchased the Full Experience Pack. Those who have the Intro Pack can buy the individual episode for $10 or the full Upgrade Pack for $50, which will guarantee the rest of the year’s content as they release.

ffxivbook | Just Cause 3: Mech Land Assault content pack launches June 3

The second content pack from Just Cause 3‘s Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass is set to launch on June 3 for pass holders with a larger release scheduled for a few days later on June 10.

Mech Land Assault – as it’s called – sends protagonist Rico Rodriguez to the new island of Lacrima, home to an abandoned eDen research base and a prison camp run by the mysterious Black Hand. Defended by huge powerful Mechs, Rico will need the new Bavarium Power Core rifle to disable their shields and hijack them. Once inside, Rico can use their powerful cannons and the GRIP Gravity Guns to hurl and smash the enemy into pieces.

The content pack features a variety of updates including the ability to pilot two types of powerful Mechs, earn upgrades in Mech arena challenges, new weapons and the ability to call in a Mech buddy for extra firepower.

The standalone version of Mech Land Assault is priced at $11.99/€11.99/£9.49 while the full expansion pass is available for $24.99/€24.99/£19.99. Square Enix plans on releasing the final content pack around the end of Summer 2016.