FFXIV Crashes, Freezes Computer, Occasionally After Successful Launch


Lately, whenever I try to play FFXIV, the game freezes/crashes/freezes then forces a reboot after a few minutes of gameplay. The game is unplayable. The reason I am posting is because I have tried everything conceivable. I’ve never run across anything like this.

First, here is my hardware/OS:
Windows 10 64bit
EVGA Titan X
Acer xb270hu monitor
Corsair Vengeance 2x8gb ddr4
MSI z170a mobo
Samsung 850Evo SSD
EVGA 850w SuperNOVA psu
Lots and lots of fans
Before I post info from my event logs, here is everything I have tried:
Clean booting/rebooting
Rolling back drivers to several different nvidia drivers (as well as clean installing)
Disabling GSync, and changing nearly every setting for the application in Nvidia Control Panel
Resetting FFXIV to default settings before launching
Running in DX9 and DX11
Reinstalling the game
Reinstalling Steam
Uninstalling/reinstalling all C++ distributables (trying to avoid a full Windows 10 reinstall)
Running malwarebytes
Removing my modest overclocks, from CPU and GPU
Monitoring temps externally, to ensure nothing was overheating (nothing ever overheated)
Googling, only to find similar errors unresolved from a year or so ago
Switching out PSUs (I was getting desperate)
Calling my PC obscene names
Giving up for a week, and trying again

Regarding the thread(s) about crashing a year or so ago, the common answer seemed to be that the issues was SE’s/Nvidia’s fault, and that any 900 series EVGA branded card would cause the issue until resolved through drivers/updates/whatever. If that was true, then why have I had no issue playing the game since last May? I did “upgrade” to Windows 10 about two months ago, but I never had any issues until about mid-July. Just felt that worth mentioning.

Any suggestions/thoughts you have are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Event Log info (Source: Application Error, Event ID 1000)
Faulting application name: ffxiv_dx11.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57911362
Faulting module name: nvwgf2umx.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x55c422fd
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000000000014b896
Faulting process id: 0x56c
Faulting application start time: 0x01d1e911616ebca8
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn\game\ffxiv_dx11.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\nvwgf2umx.dll
Report Id: d662ece1-1e93-4422-975d-5d654590a6a9
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

Chinese Final Fantasy XV Universe trailer shows off new footage on ffxivbook

During a press conference for the Chinese market, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Square Enix shared a special Final Fantasy XV presentation – including some brand-new footage.

Similar to the video Western audiences saw weeks ago, we’re once again introduced the contents of the Final Fantasy XV Universe which includes Final Fantasy XV proper, Kingsglaive and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. The short video contains new scenes for the former so be weary of spoilers if that’s your thing.

We’ve also included the full 20-minute presentation from the event, hosted by director Hajime Tabata. Check it out below.

Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt card game announced – ffxivbook.com

Today Square Enix officially revealed a new card game by the creators of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, called Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt.

As the company told Nova Crystallis earlier, the game will be very accessible, fast and fun to play. The product details tell us that you need to use the chocobos to steal your opponent’s crystals before they steal yours.

The card game is meant to be played by 3 to 5 players and play time varies between 10-20 minutes. The game consists of 43 cards and is divided into Hunt Cards (Chocobo and Fat Chocobo), Crystal Cards (Fire, Water, Wind and Earth) and Monster Cards (Bomb and Ahriman). All of them are pictured below.

So far we only know that you have to use your intuition and observation skills to win, but exact rules will be shared soon.

You can preorder Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt at the European Square Enix Store right now for 19,99€ (22$, 29AUD) while a release is scheduled for October 2016.

Store.EU.Square-Enix.com: Chocobo’s Crytal Hunt

Dragon Quest VII 3DS “Discover Battle” trailer released on ffxivbook

The latest trailer for Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past focuses on the game’s battle system.

As remake of the original PlayStation title, Dragon Quest VII boasts a complete retelling of the story and full 3D visuals. Travel back and forth in time and unlock over 30 vocations (think Jobs) for your party to master. You’ll also be able to use the 3DS’s StreetPass functionality to send traveler’s tablets to your friends, which you yourself can use to explore dungeons that contain rare monsters and equipment.

The game is set to launch in North America and Europe on September 16.

ffxivbook – Check out Square Enix’s Apple Watch RPG in new Cosmos Rings trailer

Square Enix has a new RPG for the Apple Watch — a new wearable that hybridizes wristwatches and smartphone technology. Titled “Cosmos Rings”, the game brings together Media.Vision staff that worked on the Chaos Rings series for smartphones.

Cosmos Rings a RPG that will make use of the gadget’s pedometer and features a simple, colorful design. The protagonist must navigate a world governed by time in order to save a Time Goddess, and will encounter the “emotions” of humanity along the way. You can check out what the game looks like in the video below:

Cosmos Rings will release worldwide this summer.

Cosmos Rings staff:
Producer: Shun Kanbe (SQUARE ENIX)
Producer: Takehiro Ando (SISILALA inc)
Scenario: Yukinori Kitajima (Synthese inc.)
Music: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
Key Visual Arts: Yusuke Naora (SQUARE ENIX)

ffxivbook | World of Final Fantasy screenshots show more classic characters & creatures, mini-games

Square Enix has posted new screenshots for World of Final Fantasy, showcasing mini-games and more classic characters and creatures such as Iron Giant and Fenrir.

Other screenshots show off the game’s various areas including The Low Seas, Rainbow Shore and the Dragon Scars along with several story scenes you’ll encounter along the way. Catch them in the gallery below.

World of Final Fantasy will release on October 25th in North America, October 27th in Japan, and October 28th in Europe for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

A rancor/oversoul system for monsters?


The land seeped in aether the souls of the slain linger still; converging on their kith and kin to share their rancor.


Once claimed an enemy will check your or your party/alliance number of kills of it’s species or allies and apply the Oversoul buff if you meet the threshold. In the case of groups it will be determined by the highest number any one player has within the group. Rancor degrades over time or is reset by hitting maximum rancor and triggering an oversoul limit. Maybe some other method like an alchemical potion?

Oversoul could:
Increase an enemy’s stats.
unlock new deadlier moves.
Increase exp gain.
Increase spirit bond gain.
Unlock new/more loot.
Unlock the area leash allowing oversoul mobs to pursue player characters for longer.

Rancor Aggro

Rancor enabled enemies could have a more in-depth aggro system with rancor checks and claims being made upon aggro instead of upon hit(to prevent over-soul buff missuse).

Oversoul Limit

Once rancor has been built to maximum; many things could happen:
Oversoul Limit Breaks: Tonberry casts Everyone’s Grudge- Powerful potentially party wiping moves with maybe some extra impactful debuffs like 15 minutes weakness should you die.
Claimed NM Spawns: Tonberry King won’t rest till your dead!
Fate Spawns: The Tonberries are so peeved they decided to vent their frustartion on a poor little backwater village.
Unlock an Obstacle in your path: Incensed the Tonberries open the gate to pursue you.
You receive an offering: You open the casket of loot and find a note; “please stop killing us Tonberries.=(”

To properly communicate all of this SE could have:
Log messages describing the increase of hatred towards you
Rancor list in the menu listing all the species rancor levels
Monster HP Bar color change
Oversoul Animation/Skin
Enemy’s increasing in size upon aggro.

I had this idea while thinking about how to implement some more depth into the open world like NMs etc without reducing accessibility of the zones. But really SE could use a system like this in just about any kind of content. Now that i think about it FFXI had a similar more simplified system everyone knew as Fomor/Tonberry hate.

My take on improvements on PotD Part 1/?

I’m adding and explaining more about the ideas I was thinking of

on this thread: http://prntscr.com/bwzdkr (dunnoe if urls are allowed but we keep it yolo in here)

Changing Floor Atmosphere – example http://imgur.com/a/yGwjg
^ Interchanging dungeon layouts
If the teleporter is in a “ruins” room, next floor starts out in the ruins! eg. Floor 3 is cave, teleporter is on ruins, switches to Floor 4 (check my album out)

FOR SOLO: Make it so they can use Potshards to leave and save the dungeon at a specific floor, they lose 1 potshard each time they use this, but they’re saved at say.. Floor 48 (where they left off) this way, they lost their end reward (… or 2 if they leave twice) and gain the ability to exit early if they get stuck

Increase time comparative to how much people are in the queue
1 Person – 30mins +
2 people – 20mins +
3 people – 10mins +
4 people – 0mins +

DON’T let people start at a specific floor, that’s the whole point of this dungeon, to climb up.

increase aetherpool guaranteed PER boss
Clear Floor 1 – 10 IF under 10/10, +1/1
Clear Floor 11 – 20 IF under 15/15 +1/1
Clear Floor 21 – 30 IF under 20/20 +1/1
Clear Floor 31 – 40 IF under 25/25 +1/1
Clear Floor 41 – 50 Under 30 +1/1
they can’t go over these soft caps (9/11, beats 1 – 10, the 11 doesn’t go up, but the 9 does to make 10/11)
you’re guaranteed minimum 5 per full run through, keep silver coffers too, if you want people to continuously farm this for weapons (alot of people are quitting when they get ONE weapon to 30/30 because of the grind)

Special Condition Floors!
– Kill ALL enemies before the timer ends, Guaranteed aetherpool +1/1
– Everything on this floor turns into a spriggan, destroy the cause (destroy the crystal in random room) (PCs/Mobs) – RNG Silver Coffer spawns, can still be an explosive
– Everyone turns into random monsters, have to just finish the floor like that (bad rng on this can potentially wipe, so people need to pay attention)
– Entering each room on a floor gives you a random debuff (Confusion, blind, hysteria, etc)
– Unlimited Sprint Floor?? (would be hilarious imo)

Special Mobs – Mini- boss like status, killing these will spawn a random coffer of Silver or Gold, so reward is a guaranteed pomander, or an aether, OR an explosion
(sort of like hunt monsters during leves)

NPC encounters – Random floors can have an npc that needs saving, saving them gives the player 1/1+
– Maybe you save them and they’re actually a mob that tricked you, silver coffer or gold coffer if you defeat them

SOLO PLAYING: Make it LESS difficult, I understand it’s supposed to be a “challenge”
but everyone I’ve seen clear it solo thus far, wall rides, so they avoid enemies
that doesn’t make it challenging, that just means it’s too hard to clear normally by yourself.
make it challenging enough so people can live through an accidental 4v1 pull (lure for example) people also skip mobs from 41 – 50 once they hit 60, because it’s a waste of time, so how about make the 31 – 50 mobs more generous with the random coffer drops

Floor 1 – 10 = Normal rate
Floor 11 – 20 = Normal rate x 1.10%
Floor 21 – 30 = Normal rate x 1.15%
Floor 31 – 40 = Normal Rate x 1.23%
Floor 41 – 50 = Normal Rate x 1.30%

ADD Floor Intermission vendors
after clearing 1 – 10 and I’m in that little room with everyone else, make a vendor that sells unique potions for slightly expensive prices (like cure all party members from silence) or a set item that you use in one room that when you open a coffer, andit was going to explode, it just defuses it so there’s no damage taken
each floor add better and more useful items comparative to the floor level

MAKE THEM EXPENSIVE, 20k a potion for unique potions
1 – 10 Floor clear vendor – Basic potions, cure silence for party
11 – 20 Floor clear vendor – +Intermediate potions
21 – 30 Floor clear vendor – +Cure pacify on teammates, defuses bomb
31 – 40 Floor clear vendor – SOLO PLAYERS ONLY – ONLY ONE USE PER DUNGEON – Revives you on your floor at the cairn of return with full health + advanced potions
41 – 50 Floor clear vendor – at the boss clear portal – dye for your lightsabers

Increase exp rates drastically for this dungeon, if you want people to keep playing these, you need to give them an incentive, the exp is really poorly scaled at the moment, having to run through the whole thing (1 – 50) to level up about once at level 55 isn’t that great, and if you want people to make people farm this more you really need a better incentive, also.

ALSO, people typically stop farming the dungeons once they hit 30/30 and get ONE weapon, which means, they need to start over, and the RNG is terrible so people quit after that, in total people have to run this over 3 – ??? times to get 1 weapon, and it’s very very very time consuming, which means less people are going to use this overtime, and the feature is going to die down in popularity, just something to think of

The only payment methods available for the game according to the official FFXIV website

Firstly, you can actually bypass the 1000 character limit by posting a few sentences, then going back and editing the post and adding the rest – it’s to try and stop spam posts and flamming, like I just did.

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been having such problems trying to update your subscription and stuff, but I think I can see the problem. From what I was aware SE doesn’t support Steam Wallet as a payment method for paying for your subscription, only if you buy the game itself on Steam.

And in much the same way, Paypal isn’t actually available as a direct payment method for your subscription either, the only way you can use Paypal is to pay for SE’s own virtual currency called ‘Crysta’ which you can then use to pay for your subscription. From what I understand Crysta isn’t available as a payment method in all countries so it’s possible sadly it’s not available for players in your country.

The only payment methods available for the game according to the official FFXIV website (found here) are a credit card or debit card, or a prepaid time card which you can either buy online or from certain retailers, or by using the aforementioned Crysta option.

As for forum access, the reason it wouldn’t let you access it immediately is forum access is an active FFXIV account is required to access it, and it requires you to assign a character to it and choose a class – this actually determines your posting access on the forum, the higher your in game level, the more posts you can make per day. And it should go without saying that if you cancel your account or subscription, you also loose access to the forum as well. Sadly there is no way around it.

Finally on the topic of your preferred login name having already been taken, sadly that is a fact of the internet now – no matter the site or service you’re virtually guaranteed that someone has long chosen and claimed a name you desire, which means you have to think of creative alternatives instead (I was the same, my preferred name was already taken too). Unfortunately there is no way around it, it’s just how the internet is nowadays. And the reason the system asks for your birthday and location is to ensure you’re legally old enough to use the service (under the Terms of Service you have to be at least 13 years of age), and that your location matches the region for your copy of the game (to stop players importing foreign versions of the game into other countries).

Anyway, this red tape seems insurmountable, but don’t get discouraged!

So unless patch notes were wrong we don’t get pre season or rating decay?

Is SE just going to let the feast die like they did with wolves den?

Because with this decisions it’s clearly going to end that way.

If they had been paying attention to the solo queue rankings they would have noticed a huge lack of activity for the past 2 months on all datacenters for the solo queue ranking.

That’s because people get high rating and enter top 100 and stop playing to secure a spot and that kills any of kind of competition or chances of new players that couldn’t play at the start of the season.

This is fixed in many other games by forcing you to play X amount of games a week or you lose your rating. Lets say 10 or 15 matches a week would be a nice number.

Also lack of preaseason means we can’t really experiment and try different jobs. If you don’t want to have more pre seasons for feedback or training why don’t you add a 4v4 training mode? 8v8 is clearly dead and it doesn’t work as a real training for 4v4 ranked because it’s really different both in map and how you deal with 8 or 4 players.

Also why did melee lose a pvp skill that has been from them for 2 years now? And if you are going to nerf melee lb you might as well get rid of all of them. Ranged lb isn’t even that bad and it can be devastating when it hits a full party or multiple players in both Frontlines and The Feast. If you wanted to add more variety to who would pick the adrenaline box this will clearly wont happen and now it will just be all boxes for ranged players.

That’s a ninja and monk buff tho. Nothing new for DRG. And well lets be honest Monk din’t need a buff. Nor did Ninjas burst.

DRG already had this from impulse rush. It just got removed. Now DRG’s have to waste another OFF Global cd just for it.