well how can they hack your account?

They found a new way to deal with Botters now, they don’t always ban them, one of my friend got caught botting so they lowered every skills he botted back to what they were before botting. He had 99 fletching / fishing and cooking and now he’s 5 fletch, 5 cooking and 39 fishing just so he couldn’t keep fishing lobster.

when i was low level i DID buy rs gold and i got around 7m for 20$. the next month i also got 2m for 5$ and it kept happening, i am now making money fairly and its more rewarding feeling then buying it.

the reason why jagex actualy cracked down on RWTwas because Jagex was losing money from LawSuits because the the accounts that they used to get the money’s memberships were payed for by stolen credit cards so all these people were sueing jagex to get their money back and Jagex lost money so they fixed it.

odds are they have tons of accounts that they play on, and then they juss give u tons of tricks until you have maintained the amount your purchased…higher money orders could be a trip to GWD

well how can they hack your account? if u got email, credit card, and recovery questions its impossible tbh. although i would still never do this because they would find a way to fuck up ur account. and btw the money is made by jap’s who take 12-hour shifts of killing green dragons.

There are so many moral lessons and real life comparisons

Wow, just wow! That was quite the enjoyable read, and I’m so amazed at the intricacies of this language for dragons. So many faux pas could be made even attempting to try to communicate with a dragon in dragon speak! It’s so intriguing and yet so baffling! Kudos all around! I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this honestly, but you seem to be happy with that thought I’m sure of lol.

This is absolutely fascinating. Makes me wish Square-Enix would consider publishing a full-fledged lore compendium for FFXIV, in English and other languages for international audiences. There’s already quite a fair bit available to allow for independent tabletop RPG campaigns, old-school style.


But in an article like this, I can’t help but succumb to the hazards of my profession, and point out that English is an S-V-O language, not S-O-V. Even the example you used above (“The wombat [subject] ate [verb] the Lalafell [object]”) is in SVO, not SOV. You may have been thinking about Japanese instead.

To be able to write these (or approximations) using Word you can use the Equation Editor. In 2013 go to Insert -> Equation -> Matrices -> and select empty 3×1 matrix (typing the actual letter in the middle box). You can then approximate your notation with a large number of different symbols instead of writing them by hand, placing them in the top or bottom box. It might not be as easy when an accent covers multiple characters though.

You never cease to amaze me, Ferne. I just love reading (or hearing, when you’re doing panels) about all the little details and the intricate thought process that goes into all the things that makes my favourite game so wonderful.

We’re lucky the FFXIV team has you on board. Not only are you working hard to prepare quality content for the game, but you’re also taking a lot of your time to share your experience with us and give us a glimpse of how things happen behind the scenes.

Nice to see that you captured that concept of people using other languages (albeit most times incorrectly) and incorporating it to their own everyday life. Don’t we all do that. English words that sometimes doesn’t make sense but sounds cool as hell in japanese anime songs, tattoos with Japanese or Chinese words, or even random french in restaurant menus that doesn’t always make sense. Guess being “different” makes people look cool, but since everyone wants to be different in the same way they end up being similar again.. like how you pictured the Allagans.

There are so many moral lessons and real life comparisons made in the storyline that makes you feel the lore team is very wise.. I always imagined the life of someone who lived through it all and know which are lies from truths, much like Hraesvelgr. Politics and religion doesn’t mean crap to him, he lived through it and how truth is twisted and history rewritten by momentary victors, and how there’s no real “right” or “wrong” in life, only different actions and values in different time and circumstance.

I love the idea that the First Brood have lived so long, they’ve pared language down to its bare essentials and communication involves a great deal more than words. It makes a lot of sense. It’s very different from the direction Tolkien went in for Entish – he made that interminably slow, verbose and very frustrating for anyone else to listen to – but it works.

I’m a little worried that I was so excited to see that you’d posted on the Lore forum; I think I may be getting too obsessed with lore stoof! Also you made me loathe the Allaghans even more than I already did, although I’m glad their intellectual hubris came back to bite them on the ass big-time.

FFXIV Combat Too Slow?

MinkyMikaMeow I completely get and agree with what ur saying. I main summoner and NOTHING annoys me more than putting tri disaster up and having my fester not work because I pressed the button a little too fast. Completely fcks up my rotation, wastes my aetherflow stack and makes me miss an attunement stack. I also play some blm and the Firestarter proc drives me crazy cuz I hate missing it. Can’t say what ur saying is wrong or crazy because I’ve experienced all 3 of ur examples.

I just want to say something just like everyone else in here. Isn’t slow combat is how Final Fantasy games have always been? I should rather say (strategic combat) Shouldn’t people expect that going into a final fantasy game? I love this combat style it fits what they stand for and what they have created.

The combat only ever feels slow when youre on low level- Woth the tons of oGCDs you need to weave in between, while proper cooldown uptime and dealing with a shitton of different mechanics the flow of battle is very high, and the chances to fuck up a rotation especially in savage content is very high, whitch like most other mistakes in those fights can lead to a wipe. Thing is most people don’t even try, so thats their fault.

Never got to max level, but im betting your right. But the low level experience is the most boring combat ive ever seen in an mmo. Because its a mix of, you do almost nothing because of the GCD, and when you do something its not even impactfull. I got to 40 something, then i just gave upp. It was a chore, and right out boring to try and level upp. After the novelty of the artstyle, and the somewhat interesting quest went away, there was nothing enjoyable there at all.

So from my own experience i would say the problem is that the combat system is crippeling everything but the endgame epxerience. And if you want to attract new players that is a terrible thing.

Every criticism applied to ffxiv’s combat system and gcd is based on the fact that it doesn’t offer anything more than WoW to challenge the players. You have to jump through hoops and make decisions with most games. This game just makes it take longer.

FFXIV combat is about maximizing placement while perfectly executing your rotation AND reacting quickly to mechanics. The downtimes caused by the GCD is actually the shortest window of time you’re aiming to use for replacing when avoiding an attack. And it gets harder and harder as bosses give you less and less time to breath and you have to pop your off-cd buffs carefully to maximize your efficiency. Tham is right when he says boss fights are like ballets, it’s really big team coordination, pinpoint placing and timing while executing your “choregraphy” (rotation) perfectly.

I like to think that if by Garuda, when you have a first solid skill rotation and bosses start to get interesting, you still complain about GCD and the combat being sloppy, you’ve missed the point totally.

It’s not that we are not doing anything to gear up

End game, BC runs, we will get there, but what’s the rush? What will you do then when you have gotten everything? It’s not that we are not doing anything to gear up, but we are gearing up. Some of us have become addicted to crafting! And even fishing!

We cannot guarantee that you will always get help from our people, but if we can take some time off to help you progress, we will. Whether it is questions, whether it is to get a party to run some dungeons, we will try our best to serve your needs. (I myself want to run the Brayflox dungeon for the sets)

Our FC chats can get a little crazy at times. If worst comes to worst, just give a /t to us to get our attention. That’ll stand out from party chats, FC chats, LS chats, Shouts, you know, it can get a little exhausting)


I am currently interested in moving to a new server, like Tonberry, I’d like to basically find people I could play with, do coil raids etc, since my server is dead and almost every single geared person left, and the ones that are still around, either have already their static group, or just try to pug members to do stuff together, but its really hard again due the playerbase.

Thanks for all the interest in our guild. The good news is that I now have more officers to help me with this recruitment. The names has been updated, and hopefully anyone of them will be online to help Rest assured we will also try to find you all if you leave a post here.

Sure! just submit your application in game or add me: Sille Kupo as up in game! We will try to contact you shortly, as most of us are at work, we can only reply you in the evening SGT.

Imma returning player. Rogue pulled me backed in, though I haven’t played since 2.1. Looking forward to starting new with you guys. Umm… Tried the searching thing, nothing came up out of all the names listed.

Hello. I’m interested in joining up! I live in Japan but I’m from the US, so English is no problem. I play mostly on my days off from work, so Sunday and Monday, and a little bit on Saturday nights sometimes.

FFXIV Palace of the Dead Floors 1-50 Overview & Guide

Although I agree with this its still frustrating as in 4 runs on 41-50 we have wiped for various different reasons. Not asking them to change it just saying. I had an easy time getting my DRG weapon where as the warrior is proving to be more difficult.

The worst thing is that a new ,,trend” is already forming where people purposely wipe on floor 49 if they havent gotten an upgrade… while i can see that ypu dont want to do floors 1-41 again simply for another chance of getting an upgrade this is insanely frustratrating and infuriatin, epecially in a matched party when u are farming the shards.

today this happend 3 times to me where people pulled the entire floor and wiped the group because of this, and i think that this is, especially in a matched party, absolutely inacceptable, from now on i will report these players in the player support, im not accepting some cunts wasting my time because they didnt get their fucking upgrade….

This was fun. I hope there’s more later down the line. I’m challenging myself to see how far I can get solo Pld. From what I’ve experienced solo, its not really the mobs that are a problem, but the traps mess me up really hard. Got me playing like Dark Soul a bit. Everything is cautious, even the chests.

I just had a group started with 2 warriors a monk and a blm 41-50. I(warrior) start out with the monk behind me as the blm found his way to coffer with a mimic almost instant death the other warrior though tried his best fell to it as well. Mind you this is our 1st floor. We pushed to the revive Carin where after the second enemy in the room and two left the monk decides to try another route solo as the blm leaves the duty. I finish killing the third as the monk dies and then kill the fourth. Still not enough so i find I Minotaur patrolling and kill that. Finally I can revive them as the monk wanted me to suicide. The moment I revive them we get a great healer . Saving the run but pressed for time we made it to Edna. Unfortunately the other warrior and I are were the only ones to not got hit by cold feet and after the second cast of it enough glyphs were lit. Very long story short…a waste of my time yet an enjoyable one nonetheless.

Some parts will seem overwhelming


Our FC consists of our four person family group only, two of whom play quite a lot, and two that play a bit less. We can field a Light Party for the group content, with a tank, a healer and two dps. We don’t plan on raiding, and our “end game” will be whatever group content is required by the storyline, and crafting and collecting.


Is it likely that we’d get enough usage out of an airship to invest in the Workshop and parts?

With only four (and only two who play a lot) is all of it going to be so expensive that we’ll feel overwhelmed by the costs or the farming for materials? Will progress be really slow?

Will the four of us be able to clear enough content in the Diadem to make it worth going? We aren’t interested in finding four or more other people to go with and obviously we’re not looking to do Hard mode.

The biggest problem you;ll encounter with the workshop is that all 4 of you need to be present to push any phases to continue working on pieces, its a coommon problem even a lot of larger fcs run into from time to time, and in your case worse if not everybody is on at the same time, you can always use ishgards airships, but it is kind of worth it to have airships if not for anything but the materials it brings back. The aetherial wheel, on the other hand might be much more of a godsend for a small fc that doesnt pump out millions of fc creddits a week, as you can get free FC actions every few days to conserve the FC credit spending. All in all, theyre pretty fun and nice to have just keep that in mind.

I founded a FC and built 4 end-game airships (eventually going to do a second FC with 4 more airships) with just 2 players. Some parts will seem overwhelming, but the investment pays off. My suggestion is to farm and avoid the MB when you can.

As far as gathering, 4 people in is more than enough. I do it with 2 (sometimes solo with Titan-egi to get the currants if I can get a friend to help me queue in when my FC mate is offline). I’m not sure if 4-manning the mobs in Diadem is viable yet, but I haven’t tried.

After the replies above–including yours–I think this is my main concern actually. For the two of us that play a lot, the gathering will be great. For the other two, there needs to be something more. I’m hoping that if we set the mode to “Easy” that we’ll be able to 4-man enough of the battle content to see success with the objectives.

Honestly, we have rarely seen other groups in the zone, since there is subjectively little of value there. We’ll occasionally see a few, but haven’t teamed up to kill anything tough. If your objective is to accomplish the assigned tasks and get some sky pirate spoils on the way, you should be fine with just 4.

We will typically go in, unlock flying, then send 2 people to look for buried chests and crystals while 2 others clear the DOL objective(s). Then pick a camp and kill your favorite target until time runs out (we like Tarantula Hawks and Crabs).

In regards to a replacement prize for the earrings


I couldn’t agree more. I’m not going to get top ten, never will – but to replace the top ten reward with something so pathetically small and unnoticeable is offensive and patronising to a community that is already struggling. Earrings are literally the most unnoticeable thing you could possibly get in the game… Hardly fitting for those who work tirelessly to reach the ranks and points needed from day one.

I can only hope that the achievement to get the minion is just as time-consuming as achieving top ten. 1000 feast wins. 2000 feast games. PvP has desperately needed something to attract people to it — a minion can, and is, doing that, but due to complaints is now getting removed.

In regards to a replacement prize for the earrings… Personally, I think it should 100% be the minion still. To the people complaining about how this minion is an insult to minion collectors… What abot retired minions? Yokai minions, for example, that are now unavailable… Why not complain about them? Why not complain about the as8 faust minion? Not everything in this game is meant to be so easily available.

I am a really devoted PvP player and have been pvping on this game since wolves den/fold came out. I have placed in top 100 twice now, and plan on continuing to do so. However if the rewards are just ‘earrings’ or other small, nearly unseen thing, and everything cool is handed out like candy to even non top-100 I will probably move on to a different place to pvp.

If SE had announced that only the first 10 players in each data center that collected enough Yo-Kai medals and cleared A8 savage got those minions I would have expressed disappointment about them as well. It’s not a matter or difficulty so much as that it was outright impossible for everyone interested to get the Feast minions regardless of effort.

This is stupid as all hell. I PvP when I feel like it, however I don’t compete on the top tier scene like I would normally do on PvE content. Therefore, I have no need to be able to get this minion that is set apart specifically for PvP-oriented players. Let them have their stuff. PvE-oriented players already have our own stuff (like Savage mounts, etc.). There’s nothing stopping either group of people from competing for the other exclusive rewards other than the fact that raiding isn’t a seasonal thing. Still, there’s no reason not to allow the PvP crowd their own exclusive stuff.

Should You Pick Up FFXIV? A Review Made In 2016

I’d recommend waiting to buy both ARR and HW, although really you should try it out first before spending much more money than you want, cause you might not like the game. The reason you should buy HW though, is that you can only play up to level 50, that’s like paying for half the game when you only buy ARR. For one thing, the story for you would end after your level 50 quests, you’ll need HW to get to any of the recent content which is a lot more easier to play as most players will be doing active content, rather than dead content.

Since they released the Palace of the dead, leveling wont be so bad now. Sure one could say skip all the cutcenes and story dialogue for faster progression. But why sub a mmo if you are going to skip content to rush progression? It wouldn’t be worth the buy period if you are going to do all that. My biggest advice to new players would be to enjoy the story as much as you can while getting used to crafting and don’t worry about endgame content b/c it could either make you impatient or demoralize you with alot of catching up to.

Create services to reverse the process in case of error


I’m not sure what use there would be for this, unless you really, really want to start from level 1/30 and do all the job quests again, without having to go through the MSQ again. Which could cause some consistency issues with the story.

Just don’t every use it again and put in your head-cannon you can’t. Imagine the outrage if someone “accidently” forgot a job and goes crying all over “why didn’t SE protect me against my stupidity” etc? In order to protect against this they would need to add additional safeguards, create services to reverse the process in case of error, etc, all work that can be spared if you just don’t switch to the jobs/classes anymore. A lot more simple for both parties.

Except for RP reasons, I really don’t see any use to such an option, and RP players are such an incredibly tiny minority in comparison to everyone else (who might accidently end up hitting the option), that this seems like a huge waste of resources.

If you didn’t want to play the class, why did you level it in the first place?
If you don’t play it right now because you don’t like it this patch/expansion, well, do you want to go from 1-70 again next expansion just because you suddenly like it again?

[FFXIV] 3.X Ninja Openers and Information

Thanks for the vid Momo! It’s helped me sharpen my game up quite a bit. Quick question, I’ve been practicing and trying to implement the Infina opener, I like it a lot and I refuse to raid without a War. In the video you’re still throwing up DE, I’m assuming that’s because there isn’t a warrior in the video, correct? Just checking because I hardly use DE ever anymore. ┬áBest of luck in 3.4. – Judge’ Gabranth’ from good ol Bryn lol!