It’s a total rip-off to charge extra for additional storage space

I paid for the game. I paid for the expansion. I pay a monthly fee just to play the game. All that is fine. What is not fine is paying anything more than that for functionality in the game. You want to charge extra for purely cosmetic items? Fine, that’s the world we live in now (game companies are greedy). However, I should NOT be made to pay an additional monthly fee for additional bank space, a core functionality of any MMO.

This is so wrong, it’s really not even funny. There are other MMOs that charge for bank space, and you know what? They charge you a one-time fee for the “service”. And you know what else? they’re all free-to-play! And even then, a great many of them offer in-game ways to earn the currency/services you’d otherwise purchase with real money. What, you’re not making enough off your sales and 4 million subscriptions? Because by my calculations, that’s well over 40 million per month, which makes this a half-a-billion-per-year game in subs alone.

I agree that it’s a total rip-off to charge extra for additional storage space especially with their system strongly encouraging players to level several classes on one character and having to deal with a shitload of gear because of that. But nothing stops you from “winning” the game with less storage space, you are in no way inferior to players who DO have extra space, so…yeah, no p2w here.


No, it’s pay-to-win. If I have to choose what I’m saving and what I’m throwing away while someone who is paying extra doesn’t have to make that choice? Then later you realize, oh crap, I should have saved that, while the extra-paying person goes on to “win”. Nevermind that retainers do more than just hold your stuff. Leveling crafting is much easier with a bunch of retainers gathering materials, rather than 2.

Pay to win is anything that you can spend real money on that gives you some sort of advantage. More inventory space IS an advantage. Yes, it is also a convenience, but that does not change it from being pay to win. And that ignores the other advantages that more retainers bring – more Ventures, for more stuff gathered, either targeted stuff or from some random list; and the ability to sell more stuff on the marketboard, resulting in a potentially greater inflow of gil.

I agree with you. It’s BS. But your main argument shouldn’t be the inventory space. You don’t need 50 stacks of animal leather nor 20 full stacks of dodo loins. Your main argument should be the increased amount of ventures/hr and market board space. That is what gives an unfair advantage because they rake in more than the average player… actually getting a return for their money.

Inventory space just needs proper management. Especially with all the food items that SE is throwing at you with end game quests.If you don’t need it get rid of it. Sell it, NPC it, Use it, whatever. If you are a hoarder then that’s a personal issue. Now armory space should be increased… so many times… so many… “Insufficient Armory Chest space”.

Inventory space can be fixed therefore it’s not “pay 2 win”. It’s a luxury. Additional ventures/hr and market board space, however, can’t be gotten through in-game means. It HAS to be paid for. Therefore THAT is pay2win.

No one seems to understand that more retainers doesn’t just mean more space,
its more space to sell your loot on the market, an extra 20 per retainer, that literally means you’re able to make millions more in gil in the same amount of time than someone with just two. And it means more ventures, which are easy to acquire if you cap allied seals (thats a 1000 ventures), I made my retainer get the new leather items and sold them instantly for 100k, Thats 100k from a single venture. Now imagine that times 8.

That’s the keyword. for you. Some people would rather craft/gather than do coil/alexander. Some people would rather rake in as much money as they can. There’s no wrong way to play as long as they are enjoying themselves. Buying more retainers isn’t going to help you clear end game raids any easier so yes, people are talking about making more gil. Because that’s what retainers do. Gather ingredients and sell items. Basically make gil.

FFXIV OST – Alexander Prime’s Theme

Took me a while but here it is, alexander itself. I had to do some heavy editing to remove all the interruptions from the time freeze move so that you can hear the whole theme (the orchestrion version had terrible audio quality). It’s going to be an adventure trying to figure out the lyrics…

This whole cycle was a lot more light-hearted, action-packed anime fights than the somber tale of Coil.. Nothing’s going to top Coil’s story, for sure, but Alexander was an excuse to fight robots and have gobbiespeak lyrics, so it’s OK in my book.

According to FF Wikia, ‘It may also be a reference to the famous Macedonian king, Alexander the Great’, which is good enough for me. Additionally, in FF6 Alex’s Magicite is found in the throne room of Doma Castle (which I think was actually called the King’s Room), which could be further proof of the name origin.

Actually they don’t have a Japanese version. Soken, the music director for ffxiv (and other square enix games), designs the background theme and has koji fox, co-lead world and lore developer for ffxiv as well as translator, do the lyrics in english.

I remember one of the developers noting in an interview that the Japanese audience seem to enjoy the English song lyrics. the English lyrics also allow the music to appeal to a wider audience.

Another fun fact is that Soken is usually required to follow motifs and patterns for most music like the story and dungeon music design, but he has mostly free reign on design for most of the primal music which he likes to experiment with (hence a lot of the varying types of primal music from shiva’s theme to sephirot to sophia etc.)

“English is lazy. This is the English version of the song.” Tommy says, completely oblivious to the fact that all of the songs in Final Fantasy XIV are in English and not in Japanese. It’s much like Dark Souls, and how the game is dubbed in English. Despite the fact that Dark Souls is Japanese, the Japanese version is dubbed in English to make it feel more authentic to the medieval setting.

Well now we have 2 Primes in this game. Bahamaut Prime being the destroyer of Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 and now Alexander Prime who’s a living fortress seraph with him having 6 wings it seems and the power of time. I love this game more and more as these Primal Fights and the Prime fights here.

I tried logging in with a character on a different data server

I was disconnected suddenly from my character on Excaliber at about 7pm cst. I was told by other people in my free company that I was auto-logged offed and tried to reconnect. I am unable to connect to the server and am given the same 10105 error trying to log in every time.

I tried logging in with a character on a different data server (Balmung) and had no issue logging in. I was in duty finder at the time, but not in an instance. I was trying to access a summoning bell clientside, but according to free company people, I disconnected before doing that.


Something brought up on one of the other threads – people were saying it seems to only be their “Main” character they cant log in but alts log in fine. This struck me as odd also – though in my case 1 of my “ALTS” is the same level and “I Level” as the character I consider my “MAIN”. I am wondering if its positional – like character in FIRST character slot is the problem – anyone have a character they cant log into that isn’t in the first slot?

I figure since they haven’t replied in either thread on this subject that they have no clue what’s going and and are still looking into the problem and/or excuse as to why these threads haven’t been responded to. Either way aall I know is that I just had to re-register because my “recurring sub” mysteriously didn’t recur with cash in the back. So either way daylight is burning and I’m getting more and more perturbed since that maintenance on primal that didn’t seem to do anything at all.

I’m on Faerie and tried logging in after logging out at around 2am and nearly 12hours later I come back after sleeping. Finding myself in a queue to log in and then i get the 90002 error as well. They don’t even know all their servers effected apparently. Faerie only has queues when there’s a mass DC…we’re too small to have a queue all the time.

I don’t even make it passed log in. I get a 500+ queue then when it goes to actually load me into the game I get the 10105 error on Sargatanas. I can get on my character on Primal data center on Behemoth though so I guess I will hover over here for a while.

Just had this happen to me on Jenova server. I was in Duty Finder for Void Ark and then I was kicked out and can’t get back in. I logged on to Primal server on my Malboro character and there was no problem.

Queue times are now horrid across many data centers for both

Queue times are now horrid across many data centers for both, and there is a general lack of interest for the modes outside of the PvP community. To rectify this, Square has tried to liven PvP up with their Culling Time events, which for the most part, have been unsuccessful. They’ve live streamed themselves trying to play PvP on both the Feast and Shatter, only to sit in queue for 45 minutes and embarrass themselves as they fail to even play the game. How can it not be obvious that something is very clearly wrong when the community reps are boredly sitting in a queue during their own live stream and unable to play the game?

You need to change the direction of several things for both large and small scale PvP if you hope to revive it. This is a PvE game, and for some reason you think by introducing tiny rewards to PvP people will play it. It doesn’t make any sense.


Add more rewards. What do people currently get from Shatter? A re-dyed version of the ADS mount that plenty people already have? Oh, and maybe a title. With Seize, you introduced new PvP-rank exclusive gear, new titles and achievements, and a sick new gear outfit that wasn’t impossible to obtain. In a game that is sharply PvE focused, a single mount that takes roughly ~300 games to obtain is not enough incentive for people to PvP, especially if they hate the mode.

Which brings me to…Liven up the old modes. Let’s be honest. People fucking hate Shatter, and for good reason. It’s a Frontline “PvP” mode that almost seems to punish you more for PvPing and less for PvEing. You didn’t learn from your mistakes with Slaughter. People don’t want to chase drones/crystals down for points, they want to fight each other. You have three (I’d argue two) perfectly good modes that people arguably liked far more than Shatter, and for some reason, you keep them in the dust rather than adding anything new to them. Create a roulette, shove all the modes in there, and have people play them at random. This way people can enjoy the old modes as well as the new ones.

Keep the top-tier rewards for the top-tier players, but offer something for people mid-core and up, so this way new PvPers actually feel like they’re getting something if they PvP. Otherwise they just get a miserable waiting experience and no rewards at the end of a season. It’s silly.

Give more stuff to healers to incentivize them to queue. Only a masochist would queue as a healer for Feast (I’m one of them!) You get absolutely fuck all for doing it, and it’s (arguably) the worst experience out of all them. Feast is often lacking healers which massacres the queues. Other possible ideas.

This one is hilariously far-fetched, but it would certainly do much to liven the queues, although this comes with numerous downsides. Make PvP rank and Wolf Marks more useful. PvP rank serves little purpose besides more AP (which IS helpful), and Wolf Marks is by far one of the most useless currencies in the game. After you get your PvP gear, your only options left are…music scrolls? Other worthless items? What normal person would want to PvP if the reward after a certain amount of time is just a pat on the back?

I feel trinity design does not make for a very compelling PvP experience, personally. I couldn’t enjoy it in WoW and I can’t enjoy it much here, especially in the arena type modes – chasing healers around pillars got old after doing it once. Guild Wars 2 PvP (both structured and WvsW) was much more enjoyable to me and as linked above, LoL managed to keep me around for a very long time, that’s not to mention other MOBAs, shooters, fighting and strategy games I played.

True but PvE content gets outdated and replaced as gear increases, PvP is different it’s quite static in that regard you will never “overgear” or “progress past” in the PvP environment. Primals are fun fights too so there really isn’t much to put people off wanting to do them.

FFXIV – A bunch of dumb nerds get murdered

Well if you want this tip Ill tell you that there are some housing areas in the game that can be purchase aether for personal use or for a guild (free company) and we alredy know that he’s in Couerl and that his guild names is Win10 you just need to check those 3 areas.

Lol what buddy. MMO mouse ? Really ? Like I need all these buttons ? Don’t make me laugh. All my buttons are binded to 1-7, Ctrl 1-7, aerwxc and Ctrl aer, literally no problem to hit the keys, really. If you need a gaming mouse for this you’re just a casul and need to git gud.

You really edit and produce your videos well, I really enjoy the FF videos, even though I have NO GODDAMN IDEA OF WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING, it produces some good laughs.

Feelsbadwhen your group filled back in the day just before my static at the time disbanded. Thank you for providing us with some comedy videos for the ff community though, there’s not enough around that show the reality of things.

lol pathetic idiots. you really think that if he became known thanks to DS, he like should dont ever playing something other and upload to his personal channel? try for yourself making content about one fucking game day after day after day, suka blyat.

Every scrub in weeping city

Sounds like more a player problem than content problem. Some people have different ideas about what is the most efficient way to clear content, and they kick people who don’t follow their gameplan even if the person isn’t offline, afk, cheating or harassing. If you report for misuse of vote kick function, there’s a generic message you get back which says players are allowed to kick due to differences in play styles. That’s the message I’ve received before on an EU world anyway.

There’s some real in this game, but you might not see it until the content brings it out in people. Deep dungeon brings out the in a lot of people because everybody wants to do the runs fast and can do things that hurt the team in the process, make things chaotic and annoy the team, or be control freaks because they think its their right to tell people in a game what to do. I don’t much care for deep dungeon myself because of how many idiots I’ve seen in it.

Every scrub in weeping city, gotcha. probably kicked for running mouth, running off without party yelling at party to speed up, or making a general nuisance to the party. enough to where people will legitimately kick one from the final floor because thats even better than kicking them from the first floor to start again? Ive dcd alot in potd and only rarely have i even been kicked before i can log back on, weird that you keep getting kicked for no reason (at least claiming to run off from the rest of the party which is suicide.


If one person is not cooperating with the rest of the group, the group may find it more beneficial for everyone to kick this person. Seeing as the content requires a group (in other words, cooperation), someone who does not cooperate or adjust to match the play style of the party could become a hindrance. If a healer is only healing, and not DPSing, and is not vote kicked, then the group must not find that person to be such a hinderance. But if they are kicked, then it is because they are not cooperating as a group.

Keep in mind, kicking someone requires a majority vote of the members. With this in mind, a single person cannot kick someone from the group for not matching their playstyle. The group kicks someone from the group for not matching the group’s playstyle. In other words, not cooperating or working together to accomplish a goal.

It’s hard to say what was going on, but what stands out to me in your responses is that you said you were going off on your own a lot and also ignoring the gold chests. From my experience, most people prefer to stay together as a group. In my runs of the dungeon, there have been a couple times when splitting up the group has resulted in deaths and near wipes. Usually this is caused by traps like the landmines, silence/pacification or luring traps overwhelming half the party while the other half is a couple rooms away. Some people don’t mind splitting up to explore, but there are others who don’t like it and will see it as not cooperating with the group.

I think the responses I’ve been getting on this thread is self evidence of ignorance. Whether or not I was being a complete troll or being beneficial to the group; one of the other 3 people should have said in chat, “Hey please stick with us”. Not a single word was said from anyone. I already mentioned that I conformed to their play style. They skipped many gold chests so I assumed they would skip the last one. It’s against the spirit of the game to kick people unwarranted which I feel I have been multiple times; only for playing Bard to the best of my ability to the benefit of the group. If you choose to point the finger at me then so be it. I won’t be in POTD anymore anyways because of the same ignoramuses on display in the latter posts.

Of course there is always the chance that you may run into a few jerks that will kick for no good reason, but it shouldn’t be common. If it’s happening repeatedly (as often as you say it is), I have a hard time believing that you have no fault in the matter.

I don’t think the other responses here show ignorance as you claim. I don’t think this problem is common within Deep Dungeon and it seems to be something you specifically are experiencing. You create a thread to complain about it and then you don’t like the response if it isn the one you wanted. If others aren’t experiencing the behavior that you are reporting, then they are going to ask what reasons there may be for this to be happening, including whether or not the issue is you within the group (s).

FFXIV 3.3 0907 5 Million Gil Per Hour (Insane Gil Guide)

In this episode I show you how to make 5 Million Gil Per Hour in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn after Patch 3.3 Revenge of the Horde in the Heavensward expansion. With level 70+ Leatherworker Desynth and some Gil to invest I mass desynthesis Bridesmaid Sandals which give 1 Fieldcraft Demimateria III. On my server they sell for 60k each at the moment and are highly in demand. This depends on your server economy. I average about 5 Million Gil Profit per Hour doing this right now! Get on it before the prices go down!

First of all, great work with this video =) I’ve been having some money issues recently, hopefully this can help. However, since I don’t have Leatherworker Desynth, I’m stuck with desynthing the Bridesmaid’s Tights instead in order to try this method. Secondly, I don’t suppose you know some good ways to level up Carpenter Desynth? Last I remember it was around the 77.80 mark or something and it’s been an absolute pain to grow since.

well you can buy crafting gear and materia. if you aren’t about that aesthetic life, then that’s basically what you spend your money on. gear. excluding glamour. that’s part of aesthetics.

Its really important to know that when your ‘per hour’ depends on loads of items being sold, that hour can easily become, 2, 3, 4 depending on how often you need to repost the items. it can also be like a month before you get your full return for your ‘hour’ of work.

It’s only been just over a week and the prices have gone down by half =( On Balmung server they are only selling for 33-36k each so lets say you buy 6 and only get 1 Demimateria, You come out even. I know each server is different with it’s economy so it’s something people should look into before dumping a mil+ on those bridesmaids shoes. P.S… Awesome guides btw. I followed your Leatherworking guides in hopes that i’d get in on this action in time. took less than a day to go 1-50 and 88.73 Desynth.

Just saying, but the Spruce Lumber has a better use. If you can keep your retainers running for Aldgoat Horns, or you stock up on them in another way, you can then make Horn Glues that, together with the lengths of spruce lumber, can be made into Spruce Plywood (HQ, fastest by making a macro or 2 for the proces), that then can be traded in Mor Dhona for the spectacles, which can be desynthed into even more FD3s.

FFXIV Heavensward: Power Leveling Guide Levels 1-34

Just a small addition to make to the “Adamantoise Tears” section as it really can be solo’d at any level once Camp Tranquil is unlocked. Since you won’t be taking any damage during Tears your own level and gear will be irrelevant. When “Tears” falls of the NPC’s level list then switch to the 30+ job that you had to unlock the leves in the first place and do “Black Market Down” (I think that’s what it’s called), it should be the one that involves simply killing 3 poachers. Then switch back to your levelling quest and do “Tears” until you need to do “Black Market” again.

Ok, so I’ve got a few questions – What’s a good way to level your friend past 20 if they don’t have a level 30 to accept leves? Is it viable to farm 30-40 mobs if we got a second level 60 helping out? Could mob tagging be done all the way to 50 if a third player was brought in?

You can do the Adamantoise one on max at lvl 1solo fairly easily once you are used to the placement but lvling the first few lvls are fast anyway. I usually start doing it at lvl 5 and then stop when I can run dungeons (before I go insane from tedium).

As happy says tho sometimes it is dropped from the list . I think it there is one called black market (been a while since I have done it) that if done will usually make it pop again but you cannot do this one such low lvl so if you dont have a higher job then you will need help.

Also sometimes a fate spawns in the top where eggs can be and if that happens and you are very low lvl when doing this (like 15 and below) then you may find you cannot complete it solo until the fate stops.

there is a spot just south of Quarrymill that is pretty easy to power lvl about 15-30. a high level whm puts a regen on the player who then runs around a small area picking up all the enemies, the regen rips agro to the healer making it safer for the lower lvl then after everything is picked up the whm just holy’s them all down for a pretty big chain bonus pull, wait for respawns and repeat. if you are looking to try this, as the whm i like to just sit down around South Shroud x25.3 y22.1, put regen on the player to be power leveled and have them just run around pulling everything close enough to agro to me without resetting, holy and repeat.

ffxivbook | Kingsglaive’s Nyx Ulric is getting a Play Arts Kai figure next year

Nyx Ulric from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is the latest character getting the Play Arts Kai treatment. Today Square Enix has gone up with a pre-order page detailing the figure, available for $149.99.

Nyx will come bundled with a display stand, interchangeable hand parts and his signature daggers. Right now, Square Enix estimates to release the figure around the end of August 2017. As always, dates are subject to change but in the meantime you can take a look at the product shots gathered below.

Final Fantasy XV second week Japanese sales figures –

Second week sales figures for Final Fantasy XV are in, representing the reporting period running from December 5 through December 11 in Japan. According to Media Create, the PlayStation 4 version of the game managed a further 79,792 physical unit sales, bringing the total up to 770,263.

This means the game saw an 88% drop over the previous week, when Final Fantasy XV took in 690,471 copies sold on PS4 while Xbox One sold 3,791 copies. Unfortunately, second week sales for the Xbox One version are currently unavailable.

Famitsu’s numbers for the same week are slightly different. According to their estimates, the PS4 version sold 72,545 copies for a total of 789,194 units life to date. During its first week on sale, Famitsu tallied the game a bit higher than Media Create, selling 716,649 units. The Xbox One version came in slightly lower at 3,315 units.

During launch week, Final Fantasy XV sold through approximately 65% of its shipment in Japan including 63,000 Luna Edition PS4 hardware bundles. Media Create believes Square Enix’s future update and downloadable content plans for the game will continue to influence future sale trends and the second-hand market.

Via: NeoGAF.