PvP is very social and premades should be allowed

These restrictions leave you with two choices. Join the loser GC that wins 1 out of 10 battles and get fast ques or join the winning GC and get maybe 1 que pop a night if lucky. The GC rectrictiosn are KILLING frontlines! I enjoy it so much but these restrictions just doesn’t make it balanced. It was a good concept but it is time to admit it was a mistake and time to lift the restrictions! This is what the players want!

To be honest, yes please. I only did my first frontlines match ever today and I actually really enjoyed it. The wait wasn’t too bad but I feel like I was just lucky. I would rather the restrictions not be there because even if i would get decent times normally, without the restrictions I would get even faster times generally.

Pretty sure this has been done before, and SE promptly ignored it; so, I’m not expecting anything to come of this. All the same, you can count my signature on the list. GC restrictions need to go. Either that, or SE needs to stop making PvP content and pretending they actually care about it or the players who play it.


To be fair SE has already said that lore isnt really the reason they wont abolish GC restrictions. They did say some nonsense about lore being the reason why frontlines came out with this GC restriction in place and why they would initially prefer to keep it in place but have since backed off that and said they were more concerned about win trading and the integrity of frontline matches should they remove them (one of the multitude of other threads regarding this links the quote). So people should stop bringing up lore now, something so frivolous and insignificant as lore isn’t reason enough for SE to cling to a system that the player base wants gone so badly.

Then comes the idea of premades – should they be allowed? Yes. PvP is very social and premades should be allowed. Arguably makes it harder for the other team, so whoever has the least amount of premades in their alliance gets more wolf marks on kills/win (testing results of a few samples would easily give the percentage needed to balance the 2) – I’m ballparking 20-30%.

I’m pretty sure they had more or less given up on the lore aspect of things when they effectively wrote it out with the “Before the Fall” patch (2.5). Regardless, win trading and match integrity is just as ridiculous of an excuse as lore is for keep this asinine system in place. SE is not fooling anyone here. The odds of people successfully win trading with 24-72 people in a single match are laughably low, especially in a first come first serve system where they could, potentially, be slotted against any number of randomly queued players/pre-mades. Pre-made teams are already allowed right now, and even having one pre-made stacks the deck and messes with both the match and queue times. Further, Front Lines isn’t even ranked, so win trading is only viable for mount farming anyway.

As far as I’m concerned, SE doesn’t have a valid reason for not removing GC restrictions. Even “match integrity” is a frivolous and insignificant excuse, and SE has yet to provide any concrete data for why match integrity would be compromised in the first place. They’re just blowing hot air to avoid doing actual work.

Premades can hog the queue in Frontlines, like let’s say Maelstrom on Primal data centers. Theory is that during times when it’s 24-person only matches (majority of the day that isn’t peak PVP time), the premade of 8 constantly gets into new matches because there are not 8 people queued up solo at that time. As a result, the 7 or less solo queue people are locked out until an eighth person queues up. Those 8 people then have to remain queued until the match slot opens up, so if even one person drops queue, the premade will still get in right away. Essentially this keeps happening and you never get 8 people queued during the small window when a new match is ready for participants. Once you hit peak hours with enough people queuing, this no longer is an issue.

So you know Balmung has an all GC pvp linkshell where we hang around and bitch. This is 100% of the case. The duty finder will not take ther random filled party over the premade party. They end up in a dead lobby while games pop nonstop all night with the 8 man premade. It is possible they never got 8 players its also possible they created a new lobby and the awesome system filled the new lobby and ignored the old lobby, like that would ever happen.

Signed, but reminding everyone that this won’t change anything. The dev team are already fully aware and have commented on it a few times. I’m actually very surprised that shatter has these restrictions, and nobody is surprised that it was bad. On this issue the dev team is going against feedback that they are already fully aware of (and evidently ignoring for whatever reason).

Merchandise pre-sale starts for FFXIV Fan Festival 2017 in Europe – ffxivbook.com

In the past, queueing up for new exclusive merchandise at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival could be as tough as an Extreme raid. I remember seeing large crowds waiting hours to snag a Delivery Moogle plush in London.

The queues for the Fan Festival store have been a huge problem and after making adjustments following events in Las Vegas and Tokyo, Square Enix has finally listened to fans. Today, the company opened an exclusive Fan Festival 2017 pre-purchase for new merchandise goods – some showing up for the first time ever.

An exclusive code was sent out to event ticket holders via e-mail, allowing them to select and pay for the items in advance before picking them up during the Fan Festival. The code can only be used for one transaction before it expires.

Here is a closer look at the goods premiering at the show:

  • Nanamo Mascot Figure – Allows limited posing due to articulated head and hands, about 8,5cm tall – 39€
  • Baby Behemoth Plush – About 34cm long, this little buy comes with a bonus code for the game, unlocking the baby behemoth as a dedicated housing item – 34€
  • Final Fantasy XIV Musicians of Eorzea Hoodie – Vintage white hoodie featuring an Eorzean-inspired re-imagination of a certain band of town musicians – 44€
  • Final Fantasy XIV Musicians of Eorzea T-Shirt – shirt version in vintage white – 22€
  • Final Fantasy XIV – Care for a quest, Kupo? – T-Shirt – natural colour, inspired by the Moogle quests – 22€

Other available items include new arrivals like the Meandering Mog Slippers, Hooded Spriggan Muffler, Job Pins and Plush Pouches (Bomb, Fat Chocobo, Moogle, Cactuar, Spriggan, Goobbue).

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2017 takes place in Frankfurt, Germany, from February 18 through February 19. Tickets have already sold out.

Merchfanfest.EU.Square-Enix.com:  Welcome to the Fan Festival Frankfurt 2017 merchandise pre-purchase website

Prepare to play as Ariana Grande; a message from the producers of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on ffxivbook

Square Enix has unveiled a chunk of information on its collaboration between Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and American actress and singer Ariana Grande including a message from the producers of the game, a promotional music video and some screenshots of the celebrity’s in-game character.

From February 2 onward, all players will be able to obtain the “Dangerous Ariana” character by successfully completing the “Dangerous Woman Tour” event stage on the ‘Easy Mode’ difficulty. Various pieces of equipment specifically for the Ariana Grande-inspired character are also available through the stage to obtain, equip and use in battle.

Message from the producers

Promotional music video


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available to download for iOS and Android devices on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

ffxivbook | Additional tickets for Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Europe now available

Due to massive demand, Square Enix has released a limited number of additional tickets for Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Europe. If you missed out on tickets earlier, now’s your chance to secure yours here.

This year’s European Fan Festival, taking place from February 18 through February 19, will feature a number of special guests including Masayoshi Soken, Susan Calloway and Nobuo Uematsu. Ticket holders will also get exclusive access to Final Fantasy XIV merchandise, with pre-purchase available here.

During the show we expect to hear the latest on the game’s upcoming expansion, Stormblood. Stormblood is set to see a number of new additions including the Red Mage job class, swimming, a new high-end raid and a lengthy main scenario quest. The expansion is tentatively planned for release on June 20.

ffxivbook | I Am Setsuna for Nintendo Switch gets an exclusive PvP mode

The Nintendo Switch release of I Am Setsuna will see an exclusive player versus player (PvP) mode added to it when it releases on March 3 in Japan. This mode will be available as a piece of free downloadable content.

The “Arena of Time” as it’s called will let you battle against other players and their parties after advancing the main quest to a certain part of the game. The Arena of Time will feature character customization options meant to really push the PvP aspect of I Am Setsuna.

I Am Setsuna is due out for Nintendo Switch on March 3 in Japan and a general March time period for North America and Europe. The game is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Via: Square Enix.

NPD: Final Fantasy XV sees best launch month in history of the franchise on ffxivbook

Final Fantasy XV saw a big boost in the U.S. for the month of December, NPD reported today. The game was the best selling title on PS4 for the month and the second best selling title for December overall.

According to NPD analyst Sam Naji, “Final Fantasy XV saw the best console launch month in the history of the franchise selling 19 percent more new physical units than Final Fantasy XIII in its launch month and 54% more in total dollar revenue including digital full game sales.”

The game also managed to eek out a tenth place in the NPD Group’s U.S. games industry sales of 2016 list.

Recently Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy XV had surpassed six million units shipped and digital sales worldwide. The company plans on offering a wide range of paid and free DLC starting with next week’s Moogle Chocobo Carnival attraction.

Via: GamesIndustry.biz.

FFXIV ARR: How To Quickly Spiritbond Gear & Get Materia

True, and I think materia has been lower on their totem pole until recently. I doubt they’ll ignore the crafting/market much longer. They have to basically band-aid the market with each ilvl release.

I’d really like to see crafted gear include other previous crafted gear as material. Must have a minimum of x stats via meld and you can craft it into ilvl x+10, with slots open to meld new materia on it. This would make crafted items much more viable for the average person.

You need to be able to raid to get the stuff to uncurse (or even craft) the gear, and then high level crafters to make it and meld etc. Wish they would have left some of the stats from 1.23 alone though. I miss having +attack/magic attack, store TP and critical hit damage. I like that materia isn’t so random in the values anymore but its power level is so dramatically lower now (especially with the stat caps).

For those who complain about how Mr. Happy delivers his videos, quit trolling. Mr. Happy is “instructing” not only on the How… but also the Why. He is qualifying his statements and showing you everything about Spiritbonding.

If he didn’t spell it all out, half of you would be posting in the comments about things like, “Oh yeah, well how did you come up with the answers that you did because I think your wrong”… By explaining it, he shows everyone that he isnt just ripping off the info from someone else. If you don’t like his videos, go “read” a website that has the same content.

Some people want the easy answer but couldn’t care less about learning something. Those are also the people that probably just button mash and don’t even bother trying to “learn” a rotation. Take the time to learn the Why and you can come up with the new answers if something in the game were to change the dynamic.

Ok let me break it down for you all. The best way to spirit bond items, any rather it be battle, crafting, or gathering, is yes affix all free materia slots, if your high rank in an fc activate that which binds us 2, and go to urth’s fount in south shroud they are quick spawning water sprites lvl 50. That means water crystal drops as well. What I do is what I said above with a spiritbond potion active and a full party. 2 with thier battle gear preferably a tank and a AOE DPS like bard or BLM., and the rest with all crafting/gathering gear. thats a minimum of 66 tier 3 materias per full gear bond and a chance for tier 4 if your using ilvl 45+ gear. Have the tank run around and gather all the sprites and the BLM AoE them. Should spiritbond everything every 30 mins. Get rich quick.

I did some research of my own. So the grade of the materia doesnt effect the rate of spiritbond with higher grade materia. Also one time when I had materia affixed to an item that was below the grade materia required it made the higher up. It was level 44 and it made a materia 3, maybe it only being one level lower or the materia affixed to it helped but ive also noticed that as u materia farm sometimes u get level 4 materia with the closer to 50 gear and I can’t help but that think that affixed materia increases the chance of a higher grade of materia.

A DPS job can often do way less damage than a tank/healer does

Progression is great and all, but I don’t want to do something that I dislike multiple times a week for gear that only lasts a few months give or take, it’s simply not worth the investment. I am really waiting for this game to give me that endgame excitement XI did. Dynamis: loved it, Salvage: was a hoot, Sky: let’s go, Assault: I’m there, etc etc even after doing it regularly for literally years. I actually still run coil with people when they need clears just for kicks even if its a faceroll now. I enjoy it. But Alex?

Coils felt rewarding to do. It gave character growth to the NPCs involved and your own character. What did you get from Alex? I felt more attached and sympathetic towards the primal itself than the characters involved. Coils story felt like a part of the world where Alex felt more like some side thing you won’t hear mentioned from NPCs outside the quest line. It left no impact to me, no feelings, no changes, no feeling of satisfaction that my character did a great thing. It was like another quest completed. But coils? Even if it was no longer current content, I went to prod my friends who joined after HW to do it cause it was that amazing and I gladly helped some clear it.

It’s true that a high percentage of players is not raiding but not necessarily due to the lack of skill. Personally, i find raiding to be extremely stressful from my small experience. Also, the gear is indeed the best in terms of stats but why should i bother with raiding when i can get second best just by waiting a few weeks with tomes? Last week i got my shire weapon and finished shire armor. In 3.5 i will get each piece to i270 and even though it will take some time, im more than fine with that not to mention that my gear will be comparable to the raid gear in terms of basic stats which is all i want in the first place.


I beg to differ on the “lack of skill”. DPS discrepancy is huge on each job. The same job can do as high as 3k dps, and as low as 300 dps. A DPS job can often do way less damage than a tank/healer does which is a bizarre occurrence. And it has become a “stigma” for basically any player with low DPS output, which normally is way off from the standard the general players should do. In a raid environment, you are required to at least know 60-80% of your basic DPS rotation to clear, the more the better and most players seemingly fail at this department very often.

Stress is sadly unavoidable in a harsher environment. This is mainly due to how the environment is designed around tighter checks, the requirement is tuned much higher which contributes to having to perform better and better to improve the rate of success. Mostly performance issue is what leads to stress. The argument on stress can be bad and/or good depending on how you see the situation.

Coil was more successful because it was more worthwhile. There was a major story behind it that tied in really well to 1.23 and the calamity. That alone was the motivation for a lot of players to push through. personally it was the ONLY reason I completed coil in ARR. certainly didn’t care about the gear cos it was all junk..

Since then though it’s not been worthwhile. Players won’t raid for rewards that aren’t worth it. The gear is ultimately junk there is no story. And as such there is no reason to even attempt raids. look at midas savage. 240 gear but still junk the second 3.4 landed and raider s went out and got 250 for creator savage….

savage 270 armor that’s not necessary for anything isn’t a motivation either when players will have 270 armor thrown at them in a couple of weeks augmenting there shire stuff with no real effort involved…

you can see it with primals… a lot of people won’t even bother with Sophia ex for 255 weapons because screw that, get 255 weapons from palace of the dead that are just as good…. and they ain’t wrong…

The ONLY way Yoshi is going to get substantially more players raiding / taking on harder content is to make it worthwhile to do so.

Look at MMO’s of days gone past. FFXI pre Abbysseaa for example something like HALF the playerbase cleared CoP which was widely regarded as the games toughest content. and at least half those that hadn’t cleared it were progressing through it to varying stages..

Despite being notoriously hard players still did it because it was worthwhile and the rewards were valuable.. people spent months on end trying to clear divine might back in the day and they kept on trying till they did it because them earing were “epic” they weren’t just some junk that you’d chuck away next week… the final chapter of cops boss fights were the same because those rings at the end were again “epic” rewards.

FFXIV Heavensward: The Aetherochemical Research Facility Dungeon Guide

On my run, we only killed ice and not the fire and it worked just fine. Also, we had the tank gather up all the orbs and the healer just healed through it. Was wondering what the better strategy was.

I think taking someone else’s orb does less damage than taking your own. I did this as a WHM and we had a very undergeared Bard who was getting nearly 1-shot by his own orb. Then he started picking up our DRG’s orb and suddenly I didn’t have to waste my Bene’s and Tetra’s on him.

I’m about to run this place for the first time, and I’d like to know what the Avatar’s missiles do to you. As somebody who never ran the Coils past turn 5, I’d like to go in with whatever information I can, and “Just do it, otherwise you won’t like the results” isn’t enough info for me. Is it an insta-kill? Massive damage? Major debuff? This early in the life of the expansion, yours is the only reliable guide, and this is information we need, so we can prepare for mistakes.

Other than that, I’ve been using your guides to get me through Heavensward content, and they’ve been a major boon! Thanks a lot for your hard work making the videos!

Just beat this tonight. And my responce to the final boss when it appeared was. ‘Well that’s not creepy as fuck.’ It kind of was. But a good fight. Mind you Bismark was still my favorite even if it took me 5 tries. But good mechanics there.

FFXIV: HW – 3.0 Advanced Dragoon Rotation Guide & Tips

That would work in an ideal situation when you can keep attacking the boss for all that time, but what about situations when you can’t? How should I adapt to changing fight circumstances? What are the priorities? You said to use cooldowns right as they are available, but which cooldowns were you talking about? Everything except life surge (which has to be combined with 4th or a full thrust) and geirskogul? Also, could you say more about skipping combos or redirect me to some guide? I tried asking uncle Google but he’s not been helpful.

I’m new to these types of games, and im a dragoon. The one thing im unsure about is how i should position my hands on my mouse/keyboard. Currently, i often end up with both hands on my keyboard with my left hand on wasd and on 1-5, with my right hand on 6-0. This however makes it impossible to use my mouse. Im not sure if i am supposed to be using my mouse during combat, but at the same time, i find it difficult to use my skills with one hand on the keyboard and one on the mouse. Firstly, i often fat-finger the wrong hotkeys on 6-0. Secondly, pressing those hotkeys requires me to lift my left hand off of wasd, making it impossible to move around.

You’re going to have to get used to using ALT/CTRL for keybinds if you do not have an MMO Mouse, as well as using q,e,t,c,v etc. That’s the only way to use all of the buttons required. You should never keybind more than 1-5. I can only reach 1-4 as I have smaller hands.. 6 and onwards are too hard for anyone to reach, unless you literally have giant hands.

i scrapped the usage of the alt/ctrl cause of a self perceived lack of coordination. the method i used was to keybind 4 of the hotbars into the shape of the keyboard and map it to the qwerty layout with 1 through = on top. in that setup i bound the skills into groups based on the part of the rotation i was at to allow for “free flowing” utilization. everything is available with a single key stroke. im probably the only one in my fc that does this, but i find it to be the most efficient setup for myself.

Thanks for this Dervy. Been away from the game for 7 months and just came back and used this video last night to re-train my dragoon. I really appreciate your explaining how to maximize your GK + B4B usage. It was easy to manage once I got the hang of it.

Whats the minimum attributes that I need to successfully pull off his rotation? My SS is 697 and on the opener i cannot seem to get the last tier 4 before the BoD drops. Now with 3.2 I’m not for sure if the SS requirement has changed from the previous 590.

I’m currently at ilvl 199 and I cant seem to go above 1.3k 3min parse, is it because I’m too slow or I’m just bad. I’m using your opener btw and my ping is roughly 280ms. Reason I ask is because people keep bothering me how it should be higher.