NBA 2K18 Updated Available Now for PS4 and will come for the other platforms

NBA 2K18 released on September 15, and the game’s fifth patch is nearing release. Some may say that’s a negative; others will see it as an example of 2K’s commitment to improving its product.In reality, it’s probably a little bit of both. In any case, the update is 5.382 GB on PS4 and should be a similar size for XB1. We’re awaiting more details on the PC and Switch versions. It’s available now for PS4 and forthcoming for the other platforms.

– Native 4K resolution at 60fps support added for the launch of the new Xbox One X console.
– Player action photos have been updated to include the players in their new uniforms.
– Custom created shoes are now a much higher resolution when viewed on players in-game.
– Authenticity improvements to Clippers, Spurs, and Magic 2017-18 uniforms.
– Authenticity improvements have been made to the ’07-’08 New Orleans Hornets uniforms.
– Fixed an issue on XB1 where GameDVR was not working for some users.
– Improvements to the audio ¡®pops’ reported by Switch users.
– Fixed an issue on the Switch where armpit hair was showing as white/grey on players that have it.
– Addressed an issue in Play Now Online where the incorrect trophy was unlocking when advancing tiers.
With the release of the Xbox One X, enabling the 4K support was imperative. Most of the other details in this section are relatively minor.

– Fixed an issue where players were being removed from online MyTEAM games for committing too many fouls when they had only committed a small handful.
– Users can now apply any brand of shoes to historic players.
– Setting up your lineups is now easier as player positions are now shown in the Edit Lineup interface.
– The Total Points tally at the end of a MyTEAM game will now always display the correct amount.
– Shoe boosts and added badges will no longer be incorrectly applied while in Pack and Playoffs.
MyTeam saw the fewest amount of changes, but the first one is key. Being booted from a game for no reason is the quickest way to insense an online gamer.

– Fixed an issue that caused premiere players to wait until the end of free agency before signing a near-minimum level contract.
– Tuned the quality of draft classes at the default level to bring down some of the higher end prospects being generated. Ongoing work is taking place to improve this further and better balance the classes as a whole.
– A number of improvements to the editing of contracts, including that users can now properly edit contracts of players who have signed a contract extension while still on their previous contract.
– Fixed an issue where a valid Advanced Rotation would fail to load within the Rotation Timeline menu.
– The System Proficiency and Player Training menus will now list players in their proper lineup ordering.
– Fixed an issue where the portrait of the currently selected staff member would fail to draw after advancing days during the Staff Signing period of the offseason.
Tuning the quality of draft classes is a big deal for MyLeaguers who use the system-generated classes. It’s a tough task to have the system generate balance classes with storylines that aren’t all the same across the board.

– Fixed an issue where the Coach’s Clipboard would show the incorrect matchup for an opponent.
– Fixed an issue that allowed players to break out of a dunk and re-jump into another dunk after performing a drop step move.
– Adjusted shooting foul frequency, especially for well positioned and high rated blockers.
– Fixed several layups that would tend to hit the bottom of the backboard when performed by all players
– Fixed an issue with the shot clock on the broadcast scoreboard where there would still be a very small amount of time after it reached 0.
– All of the player icons should now be visible when reviewing the 3-2 Zone defensive set during a timeout.
The adjustment to the shooting foul frequency was a must, but we still haven’t seen any major changes to ball security and the amount of missed, uncontested or lightly contested layups from users.

– The user’s suggested lineup will no longer revert to reaching a 90 overall and setting it on the My Minutes menu.
– Fixed an issue where the VC balance shown at the end of NBA games wasn’t displaying the correct value (though you were actually credited with the correct amount of your account).
– Fixed a hang that would occur when attempting to leave the MyCOURT closet with a custom-created shirt equipped.
– Addressed an issue where the user was unable to equip the skateboard onto their MyPLAYER.
– Addressed an issue where the user was unable to equip custom-created shoes onto their MyPLAYER.
– The MyPLAYER’s headband will now properly colorize along with his teammates.
– Fixed a case where the user would be unable to enter a Team Practice when they had previously decided to switch to a different shoe company after shooting their shoe commercial.
– Fixed a rare hang where the game would fail to advance at the conclusion of the 3PT contest during All-Star Weekend.
– The MyPLAYER’s headphones should no longer unequip unexpectedly when performing various actions in the Neighborhood.
– The MyPLAYER’s accessories will no longer be seen unequipped during postgame interviews following played NBA games.
– Fixed an issue where an incorrect Defensive FG% of 0.0% would occasionally be shown during halftime, causing your head coach to give inaccurate advice.
– Addressed a case where the game could hang after the opposing team wins the Conference Championship in MyCAREER.
– Fixed a number of issues surrounding the starting and ending of MyCOURT games involving other human users.
These are mostly more auxiliary changes to MyCareer. Obviously, the ones that address system stability are major fixes.

The Neighborhood
– Corrected an issue where Bryan stopped texting the user regarding the picking up of earned endorsement checks.
– Users of the Switch version of the game can now join other friends in the Neighborhood by using the Friends app on your in-game telephone.
– Improvements to the T-Shirt Voting interface as well as the T-Shirt Purchasing interface.
– Fixed a bug where some users weren’t able to complete the Gatorade endorsement after winning 5 games on the Playground.
– Fixed an issue where thumbnails would fail to appear if the user moves between the T-Shirt Store and T-Shirt Voting pages too quickly.
– Fixed an issue where the 2K Cam would fail to flip in Playground games when previously playing a King of the Court game.
– Stability and performance improvements to the Dew NBA 3X event.
– Addressed an issue where the timer wouldn’t always countdown as expected during the Dew NBA 3X event.
– Lineup improvements during Ruffles 4-Pointer Challenge games to ensure that similar positions guard each other where possible.
– Fix a case where some users were unable to join a friend’s Playground due to their name being flagged as inappropriate.
Slowly, but surely, the Neighborhood is becoming what it was meant to be. It’s functioning much better now and should be able to deliver the kind of experience 2K raved about when the game launched.

– A number of improvements to the Pro-Am Walk-On/Team experience.
– The correct VC earnings and the balance will now be shown at the end of Pro-Am games.
– Teams can now wear alternate jerseys in Pro-Am Team when they reach the Elite status.
– Users who foul out in Pro-Am games are now able to spectate the remainder of the game.
– Fixed an issue where users who had their commentary language set to Spanish were experiencing problems playing in Pro-Am games.
– The end of game stats overlay will now appear with the correct stats for users who foul out of a Pro-Am Team game.
– The 2K Card will now show the correct Pro-Am Walk-On stats.
Pro-Am was going through some under-the-radar issues with walk-ons and other areas. It’s great to see social media accounts like 2K Pro-Am Insider working with 2K to help communicate these problems and ushering in the fixes.

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ffxivbook – How Final Fantasy XIV's New Raid Brings Final Fantasy Tactics To a New World

Last week’s “The Legend Returns” patch for Final Fantasy XIV gives players a taste of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII in a special 24-person raid event called “The Royal City Of Rabanastre.” If you’re a fan of the Ivalice setting but not an MMO player, here’s what you’re missing.

The adventure, penned by Final Fantasy Tactics and XII writer Yasumi Matsuno, basically shoehorns Tactics’ “Zodiac Brave Story” into Final Fantasy XIV, with some characters and creatures from Final Fantasy XII thrown in for good measure.

In Final Fantasy XIV ’s world of Hydaelyn, the land of Ivalice is a legend (hence “The Legend Returns” patch title). It’s a story passed down through the generations, involving the rise of a king and a mysterious figure, possibly another hero, helping him from the shadows. It’s the story of Final Fantasy Tactics.

The Prima Vista is all sorts of pretty.

From the event’s official description:

Recently, residents of Kugane woke to find hovering above their city an airship unlike any ever seen. Yet while of Garlean design, the vessel distinctly lacked the bleak outfitting common in the Empire’s warmachina. No, this was the Prima Vista, private stage for the Majestic Imperial Theater Company─a troupe having won acclaim across Garlemald for their timeless work, The Zodiac Brave Story. Which begets the question…why are they here? The answer to that question and more lies in the selfsame legend of which they sing. The legend of Ivalice.

The Prima Vista is the name of the airship flown by the Tantalus Theater Group in Final Fantasy IX, but there are no odd little tailed rogues running about. Instead, as players discover upon embarking on the quest leading up to the raid even, this airship serves as the home for a pair of siblings searching for their adventurous father, lost while exploring the dangerous city of Rabanastre for proof that Ivalice is more than just a story.

The Zodiac Brave Story

The player character is contacted first by Alma bas Lexentale, a character that looks suspiciously like Alma Beoulve, sister of the protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics. What was his name again?

That’s right, it’s Ramza! Or at least Ramza bas Lexentale. This Ramza’s main concern is finding his missing father, Jenomis cen Lexentale, and perhaps uncovering the true Zodiac Brave Story in the process.

Ramza is also a bit of a dick.

Whoever this Ramza and Alma are, they need the Warrior of Light’s aid to rescue their father, lost and possibly under the influence of Ivalice’s signature evil crystal, Auracite.

The Zodiac Age

While the main characters are from Final Fantasy Tactics, the setting for this first leg of the Ivalice saga is the capital of the Kingdom of Dalmasca from Final Fantasy XII. Rabanastre has seen better days, but it still looks pretty spectacular as the player and their compatriots approach from the sky.

And while the sinister figures who appear towards the end of the cutscene above aren’t fully revealed until after the raid proper, it’s pretty obvious they are Bangaa, the lizard-like race that first appeared in Final Fantasy XII.

The Raid

Once the lengthy opening cutscenes are over, it’s time to raid Rabanastre. This 24-player raid is a series of four difficult boss battles with some interesting trash mobs to clean up along the way.


It all kicks off with a fight with Mateus the Corrupt, who some may remember as the ice-aligned Esper from Final Fantasy XII.

Image via Nova Crystallis’ run of the raid on Youtube.

Next up is Hashmal, Bringer of Order. Another Final Fantasy XII Esper, Hashmal represents the element of earth.

Image via Nova Crystallis’ run of the raid on Youtube.

Bucking the Esper trend, the raid’s third boss is Rofocale, who’s a bit of an odd duck in the Ivalice setting. Also known as Rophochehe, this enemy references one of the Zodiac-based Lucavi demons that did not appear in Final Fantasy Tactics, though its name was listed in the background of the game’s save screen. It’s a cool little callback to an unused idea.

Image via Nova Crystallis’ run of the raid on Youtube.

The fourth and final boss fight of The Royal City of Rabanastre is a real treat for Final Fantasy Tactics fans. Argath Thadalfus is one of the most unlikable characters in Final Fantasy, a whiny, entitled snob of a nobleman who looks upon those below his station with raw contempt. It’s really nice to get another chance to beat him down.


Check out the full battle below, courtesy of Hinkles on YouTube. Stay til the very end to hear a familiar victory theme.

Note that Argath is excited about fighting against “descendants of House Beoulve.” He’s not quite right.

The Aftermath

The raid is over and Ramza and Alma’s father is recovered, but not before a familiar scaly face makes an appearance. Ruthless Bangaa bounty hunter and arch-enemy of Final Fantasy XII’s Bathier, Ba’Gamnan and his brothers capture Jenomis before he can be rescued, offering to trade him for a piece of Auracite.

Basically “Blame yourself, or god.”

The trade is made and the Bangaa escape into the sky on an airship. The Warrior of Light and Ramza gather up Jenomis and return to the Prima Vista, where the ties to Final Fantasy Tactics are finally revealed.

Though evidence of Ramza and Alma Beoulve’s involvement in the story of Delita Hyral’s rise from peasant to king of Ivalice was stricken from the historical record, Jenomis found proof. In order to ensure he never lost sight of the truth, he named his children after the forgotten heroes.

As for how Jenomis came across this informati0n, get ready for the kicker. The story of Final Fantasy Tactics is framed as the research of scholar Arazlam Durai. He is the descendant of Orran Durai, who chronicled the true story of the War of the Lions in the “Durai Papers.” but was branded a heretic and burned at the stake before they could be published. Well, guess what?

Ramza and Alma’s father is Arazlam Durai, author of the “Zodiac Brave Story”.

As the adventure ends, Ramza and his father vow to continue their quest to bring the true story of Ivalice to the people of Final Fantasy XIV’s Hydaelyn.

But Is It Canon?

Not really, no. Final Fantasy XIV loves to take concepts, characters and places from other Final Fantasy titles and present them in the context of its massively multiplayer setting. It’s the legends of Ivalice as projected into FFXIV, and nothing more.

The Final Fantasy XIV Emote That's Pretty Much For Cybersex –

There was a lot of winking and nudging when the MMO Final Fantasy XIV introduced three new poses for dozing a year ago. And behind the closed doors of virtual houses and apartments, much more went on after that.

If you’re a connoisseur of online role-playing games, you know that icky feeling when you stumble upon a crowd of scantily-dressed, silent avatars standing a little too close to each other somewhere public. In /whispers and /tells, probably, they’re having cybersex. Online erotic role-playing, often abbreviated to ERP, has existed as long as online games have, and well before that in chatrooms. Avatar bodies gave voice to the less vocal parts of it, but simply standing together and talking isn’t totally evocative for more visually-minded gamers. With increasingly vivid emotes for avatars to express themselves, cybersex in turn has become increasingly vivid.


A FFXIV player by the handle of Asami Hanasaki met me on a bench in the virtual city of Ul’Dah to tell me how she gets it on in the game. If I walked over to the nearby Quicksand Tavern, she said, I’d see a few scantily-clad cat girls leaning against a banister. (When I swung by, I did find this, and words like “daddy” hung above their heads). At the tavern, players type nasty things to each other in private messages. Hanasaki said that what goes on at the Quicksand is just half of the FFXIV ERP experience. To bring an extra something to the encounter, players will take each other home to their in-game residences to act things out.

Interviewing Hanasaki

“/Doze is probably the most common,” Hanasaki told me when I asked which emotes are used for sex more often. It’s an emote for sleeping that, curiously, is mostly limited to private quarters on private furniture. To use it, an avatar types /doze into their chat box while they are near a piece of furniture, like a bed, on which the character will then lie down. There was no /doze emote available until FFXIV’s relaunch in 2013, but shortly after, when publisher Square Enix introduced private housing and furniture like beds, developers tweaked /doze so players could sleep on the furniture. Until last July, /doze looked like a character literally dozing off, sighing a little and groggily leaning over until they woke themselves up. Now, it’s a little more horizontal.

/Doze in FFXIV

For sex, a player “usually has someone sitting on top of the other, whether it be on the other character’s face, or near their naughty area,” Hanasaki said. “Sometimes they’ll use the stretch emote to push their ass against the other person.” When /doze was released, Square Enix didn’t exactly play dumb about what its fans would do with the new emote. In 2013, a Square Enix community manager said that its use was limited to more private settings to “prevent the taking of not especially appropriate screenshots.” And yet, with /doze, players can change their poses from laying on their side to their stomach to on their back, maybe with a knee or two up.

/Doze in FFXIV

“People were ERPing long before /doze existed,” Das, another player who ERPs in FFXIV told me. Das says that /doze wasn’t a watershed moment for him and that most of the emotes he uses are relatively conservative (“If you’re gonna be there for 3 hours, you’re not going to want to keep typing in the same 2-second long emote”). “Before /doze, people would just /sit on the edge of beds instead,” he said. That way, another avatar could simply stand above them to evoke oral sex. With similarly old emotes like /pray, which has a character get down in their knees, FFXIV players have simulated oral sex for years. The same goes for /hug, although, since it’s already a motion toward intimacy, it tends to come off pretty innocent.


Things are only getting crazier as time goes on. Another ERPer who goes by Bryte Darklyt told me that /doze didn’t actually affect her in-game sex as much as the /playdead emote, which was introduced earlier this year. The /pushup emote, which was added into FFXIV just one month ago, has also been a big game-changer in the ERP scene, something I confirmed after stumbling upon a couple mid-cunnilingus on the public steps of Ul’Dah this morning:

Emotes in online role-playing games are like symbols in a still unstudied language. They change meaning depending on context and whichever other emotes proximate avatars are using. Sex in MMOs is what’s advanced the language of emotes beyond what developers may have intended, but a lot of it goes on in private—that’s what makes it intimate.

After our interview, I thanked Hanasaki for her time. “No problem!” she effused. “And that Miqo’te that just ran passed us was an ERPer,” she added. “ERP” was in their search info. Also, Hanasaki said,“They were in their underwear.”

Inside The Brothels Of Final Fantasy XIV on ffxivbook

The madam Queen Tepe met me near a bustling harbor in Final Fantasy XIV. “Will you be coming to the mansion?” she asked me. “I’d appreciate an escort,” I responded. Moments later, I’d meet five of them.

Tepe runs a seaside brothel on the FFXIV server Hyperion. These 18+ love dens exist on the raunchy role-play server Balmung and the populous server Leviathan as well. In them, players offer erotic role-play in exchange for lofty fees. In private rooms, cat girls sprawl out on beds with elves, humans, blue-skinned giants and other fantastical races playing out fantasies ranging from lighter bondage fare to all things tentacles. Anything is possible in text chat, and what can’t be conveyed in words is conveyed through emotes like /hug and /doze.


Tepe and I rode to her brothel, Tepe’s Treasures, on the back of a feathered, white bird. Dressed in sunglasses and a red and black patched military-style jacket, Tepe looks more the part of a general than a madam. On our way, she told me that the idea to run a literal cathouse in-game started as a joke, a sort of what-if scenario that she laughingly made manifest three years ago. Tepe’s old guild accommodated the best it could, charging a meager 15,000 gil for intimate play. The front quickly attracted a serious following. As time passed, Tepe realized she had to take it seriously, too. Diligently, Tepe began researching erotic role-play (ERP), fetishes and brothel-running protocols.

“I never half-ass anything,” she said.

Queen Tepe

Tepe led me into the mansion and as the doors opened, five courtesans perched on a table slowly revealed themselves, each wearing uniforms matching Tepe’s. “How may we help you?” one said. The brothel was in service. In that two-hour window, Tepe explained, “people can come in with scarcely a waiting period” to visit whichever of Tepe’s 40 courtesans were online. Clients staying for thirty minutes would pay half the 100,000 gil fee upfront. Downstairs, dozens of private rooms designed by those same courtesans, in the style of a wooded hot tub enclave or a luxury hotel room, were available for intimate affairs.


Dorothy Haze, a courtesan who dutifully followed us on our tour of the mansion, had only two weeks working for Tepe under her belt, but said she’d made 4.4 million gil in clients—granted, that’s only about $12 if purchased from a gil-farming site, but a large in-game sum by many players’ standards. Players who aren’t available to actively ERP will undress their avatars and program them to dance on stage for a couple of hours while they’re away from their computers, receiving as much as 10,000 gil an hour for it. The money these courtesans make, many told me, goes right back into decorating their rooms or is transformed into gifts, like weapons or clothes, for their online friends. Tepe is upfront about what she does with her cut of the take. “I spend it all on my girls.”

Queen Tepe and Dorothy

I asked two FFXIV courtesans on another server to show me how a for-money ERP session would typically begin. Here’s what they wrote.

Inside The Brothels Of Final Fantasy XIV on ffxivbook

He would slowly turn his gaze toward Vel, a soft smile forming across his lips. His arm nearest her would slowly rise up to run his palm along the center of her back as he eased in closer to place a small kiss upon her cheek.

Mr. M

Inside The Brothels Of Final Fantasy XIV on ffxivbook

Her ears fold back gently as she tries to hid the blush forming on her cheeks, tail swishing slowly behind her as she leans her head to him, a small smirk growing on her glossed lips.

Ms. k

Despite appearances, FFXIV courtesans don’t turn tricks on wordplay alone. Never had I met an avatar as expressive as Tepe. Her mastery of the game’s emote system was clear. There were no noticeable pauses between her avatar’s brash, confident writing and motions of “struts like a songbird,” “beams with delight,” or “does the Ranger Red pose.” Moment-to-moment, her avatar felt more like a live-action anime character, as opposed to anything that had ever gone on a quest or leveled up.

Rooster Lollipops

I was awed by the lengths to which these online courtesans had gone to create this illusion. My only lingering question was: Who does this?

When I asked around, the courtesan Johbi’ya Jhosre said he got into for-money ERP through his IRL partner of ten years. Jhorse’s partner, he told me, plays “a female courtesan that is married to the female miqo’te over there,” she said, gesturing to a player portraying one of the game’s cat-like race of avatars. “We’ve always maintained that in-game is not IRL,” he said.

Jhosre says that ERP gives him a chance to shed inhibitions he has and make a few friends along the way. Ms. K told me that she’s actually trained as an IRL dominatrix and has picked up a few extra bucks flogging and spanking people after her day job. Since she already has an outlet for her sexuality, she says, her sex work in FFXIV provides an outlet for her writing.

Tepe’s Treasures

On the Leviathan server, a blond madam in a red coat with tails by the name of Mistress led me on a tour of her brothel’s library, showroom and private chambers. The mansion had a burgundy hue, embellished with gold and furs. In most rooms, sparkling cakes and treats were laid out. She referred to her courtesans as “the entertainment.” Up front, johns approach Mistress’s call girls and boys with specific requests and fetishes. The madam accommodates, matching customers to courtesans who might share their interests.


The brothel is the flip side of the Leviathan server’s mafia, a group of players who role-play gangsters. Behind the basement stage, where a dancing cat girl in a black bikini churned through her routine, was the mafia’s “sweatshop.” There, players crafted “bootleg” items that, because it’s a game, actually work. When I was introduced to the brothel’s godfather, he sat alone in an oxblood-colored room, contemplating a fire. I asked whether I could talk to him about the sex industry in FFXIV. All he said was, “We just provide entertainment.”

Mr. M and Ms. K

The courtesans don’t disclose their real-life genders, even when asked. “If you’re a guy playing a female character, that’s your character. It shouldn’t matter to the client what your actual gender is,” Mistress explained. “That’s our main rule.” Mistress, who said she is a stay-at-home mom with a 14-month old, said she had “no reservations” about starting the brothel and spends her days kicking back with a glass of wine and enjoying her empire.


Sex workers on FFXIV tend to be open about what’s off the table for them. It isn’t much: often, dismemberment, mutilation, necrophilia and what’s referred to as “age-play,” or sex between avatars of wildly different ages. Would-be customers playing as the FFXIV race Lalafell, who resemble toddlers, are rarely serviced. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen. Ms. K said that, once, when somebody asked for an age-play session, “I looked at the screen, I smirked and I played straight through it.”

At the end my tour of Tepe’s Treasures on Hyperion, Tepe confided that she had never had an interest in ERP before she’d started the brothel.


“I used to think this was just ‘Smut for losers who can’t get a real girl,’ like most people,” she said. Now, she said, she gets it. It’s not about getting off, at least not entirely. It’s an expert mode challenge not entirely unlike finishing a high-level raid, though in this case, it’s solving a writing puzzle that the game empowers even if it doesn’t explicitly endorse.

“Half the times a client comes in here, I have no sexual interest in their fetishes,” she said. “I do it anyways, I learn their fetishes, figure out what makes them tick, and try to write it so well that nobody would know it wasn’t my fetish.”

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