Black Desert Online – Why the Karma System Is Awful on ffxivbook

Black Desert Online - Why the Karma System Is Awful on ffxivbook
Greeting Black Desert players,
In this article, we'll talking about the Karma system in Black Desert.

That’s the ultimate law of the nature!

And that roughly describes the Karma system mechanics in Black Desert Online.
Before I get to the actual topic, let me share with you a quick sad story, I’ve experienced while playing Black Desert.

One night, my friend and I decided to go farm EXP, after a little bit of search we learnt that the Calpheon Shrine is a good farming spot, so we went there to farm. Or at least that’s what would have happened if the guilds, who were occupying that farming spot in each and every channel, weren’t so eager to kill us, just cause we were taking a tiny portion of the map.

You’d think that with the Karma System and its punishments for PKing (Player Killing), people would be a little less eager to kill you on sight, just cause you want to farm in a popular spot, like any other player.
I guess not, let’s take a look at the negative Karma punishments according to Black Desert wiki.

As you can see the punishments may seem harsh at first, but in truth there are
concerning how the whole system actually works.

The FIRST MAJOR FLAW is simple.

While the negative Karma you can accumulate can be maxed out just by killing 2-3 players, you can easily balance that out and by farming mobs in a group for about 30-40 minutes, maybe even less.

Therefore, the grouped PKers’ who will kill people, because they want to hog all the area for themselves, technically, never get punished. Because, even if they kill 3-4 people, they get all their Karma back, by farming mobs, which they would have done either way, so no harm done for them, but that’s not the case for the unlucky, solo players who just want to level up their character and run into them.

You may think.
What’s the big deal? Surely, there has to be a spot where you can farm alone, right?

That leads us to the SECOND MAJOR FLAW,

How  a solo player’s farming session can get screwed from other solo players?

Personally, that never happened to me, but I’ve read in forums that many people complain about it. The problem is simple and I think that player’s experience describes it pretty well:

a group of 3 players tried to take over my spot. They couldn’t so they flagged up for PVP, attacked me and almost died. However, prior to dying they all unflagged themselves (at ~20%). Had they learned their lesson? Not really. They just approached me again, only this time, they just stood there trying to steal my mobs. So, I flagged myself for PVP and finished all of them. The result: I lost 210k Karma and was suddenly red flagged.

Black Desert Online - Why the Karma System Is Awful on ffxivbook

That’s one story, here’s another one to see how flawed the Karma system is,
(profanity filter has been applied to this one, for obvious reasons.)

When some guy. Wouldn't just leave and fought back. I brought him to 10% HP told him stop trying and gtfo. He kept on. I had to kill him. Another person saw this. And tried to kill me. I'm not gonna let myself die and lose EXP, so…. I killed him as well.
—–ing me over and making it so tomorrow when I play. I HAVE TO GRIND MOBS JUST TO ENTER A FREAKING TOWN? I don't understand this game’s Karma system. This post is about how stupid the current Karma system is.
Esa out

As you can see, the Karma System as it is now, technically punishes only the solo players, because it is easier to kill or disrupt a single player’s farming than to go up against a group of players.
Groups will just kill anyone on sight and then, replenish their lost Karma as they farm mobs for EXP and materials.
And secondly, virtually anyone can go harass another player when they farm, trying to leech from him and steal his mobs.

If they don’t leave when asked to, you have two options:
-Either let them be and continue your farming at a much slower rate; with the added risk of attracting more players of that type.
-Or kill everybody and gain a massive bounty on your head which you will have to farm away if you want to enter a town again.
Or worse, someone more powerful than you sees you red-flagged, kills you and you end up suffering all of the negative Karma punishments.
Either way you end up on the losing side!        

What are your thoughts on the matter?



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