Final Fantasy Explorers-Force isn’t just a port of the original 3DS game on ffxivbook

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force is a new smartphone game based on the original 3DS title that pits you, an “Explorer”, against the series’ pantheon of summoned beasts. To do so you’ll need to take on one of many classic Final Fantasy jobs, and you can participate in missions with other players.

We learn today that this game will be a new take on the Explorers’ theme, not just a port of the 3DS title, and has a different art direction to boot. Instead of the super-deformed characters, the style now resembles something similar to Dissidia Final Fantasy. In this early look, it’s revealed you’ll be able to change your character’s appearance and equipment as you please, as well as participate in battles with up to five players. The ability to train in multiple Jobs will also be a main feature of the game – so far we can confirm: Thief, Knight(Paladin), Monk, Time Mage, Hunter(Ranger), White Mage, Dragoon, and Black Mage.

The “Trance” ability will also return, which will allow you to transform into a Final Fantasy character to borrow their power. Confirmed apperances are Cloud (FFVII,) Squall (FFVIII,) Tidus (FFX,) Vaan (FFXII,) and Lightning (FFXIII.) Returning summons include Ifrit, Titan, Diabolos, Fenrir, Ramuh, and Bahamut.

Square Enix is planning to release Final Fantasy Explorers-Force on iOS and Android platforms some time this year in Japan.

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Jobs & Summons

Returning Trances

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