Final Fantasy XIV Meister Quality Odin figure ready for pre-order on ffxivbook

You can now pre-order the Odin figure, based on the Final Fantasy XIV primal model in “Meister quality” at the official European Square Enix Store website.

The highly detailed figure was recently unveiled by Yoshi-P during the Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 31.  It is quite large, being  29cm (74in) tall, 10cm (25in) deep and about 17cm (43in) wide.

The enclosed item code for Final Fantasy XIV will allow you to obtain the in game item “Ballroom Etiquette: Zantetsuken” from which you can learn a unique emote.

The figure is said to be available in limited quantity, costs 134,99€ (about 150 US$/200 AU$) and will be available in December 2016. Final Fantasy XIV Meister Quality Figure – Odin

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