ffxivbook – Moogles detailed for Final Fantasy XV

The 24-hour countdown has ended and we have our first look at Final Fantasy XV‘s promised Moogle.

Moogles in Final Fantasy XV will appear as a “lucky item” rather than a traditional creature. Take Moogle dolls and goods as lucky charms to avoid all sorts of troubles. Maybe Moogle will help out Noctis and his friends when they’re in a tight spot.

Last year, Square Enix held a Twitter poll to determine whether or not they should include Moogles in Final Fantasy XV. After fans overwhelmingly voted yes, the development team promised to include them in a thoughtful way befitting of the game world.

To celebrate the reveal, Square Enix is kicking off a “Moogle Collection” Twitter campaign. Simply follow the official FFXV account to unlock cool rewards, including a video of the Moogles in action for the final prize.

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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