A DPS job can often do way less damage than a tank/healer does

Progression is great and all, but I don’t want to do something that I dislike multiple times a week for gear that only lasts a few months give or take, it’s simply not worth the investment. I am really waiting for this game to give me that endgame excitement XI did. Dynamis: loved it, Salvage: was a hoot, Sky: let’s go, Assault: I’m there, etc etc even after doing it regularly for literally years. I actually still run coil with people when they need clears just for kicks even if its a faceroll now. I enjoy it. But Alex?

Coils felt rewarding to do. It gave character growth to the NPCs involved and your own character. What did you get from Alex? I felt more attached and sympathetic towards the primal itself than the characters involved. Coils story felt like a part of the world where Alex felt more like some side thing you won’t hear mentioned from NPCs outside the quest line. It left no impact to me, no feelings, no changes, no feeling of satisfaction that my character did a great thing. It was like another quest completed. But coils? Even if it was no longer current content, I went to prod my friends who joined after HW to do it cause it was that amazing and I gladly helped some clear it.

It’s true that a high percentage of players is not raiding but not necessarily due to the lack of skill. Personally, i find raiding to be extremely stressful from my small experience. Also, the gear is indeed the best in terms of stats but why should i bother with raiding when i can get second best just by waiting a few weeks with tomes? Last week i got my shire weapon and finished shire armor. In 3.5 i will get each piece to i270 and even though it will take some time, im more than fine with that not to mention that my gear will be comparable to the raid gear in terms of basic stats which is all i want in the first place.


I beg to differ on the “lack of skill”. DPS discrepancy is huge on each job. The same job can do as high as 3k dps, and as low as 300 dps. A DPS job can often do way less damage than a tank/healer does which is a bizarre occurrence. And it has become a “stigma” for basically any player with low DPS output, which normally is way off from the standard the general players should do. In a raid environment, you are required to at least know 60-80% of your basic DPS rotation to clear, the more the better and most players seemingly fail at this department very often.

Stress is sadly unavoidable in a harsher environment. This is mainly due to how the environment is designed around tighter checks, the requirement is tuned much higher which contributes to having to perform better and better to improve the rate of success. Mostly performance issue is what leads to stress. The argument on stress can be bad and/or good depending on how you see the situation.

Coil was more successful because it was more worthwhile. There was a major story behind it that tied in really well to 1.23 and the calamity. That alone was the motivation for a lot of players to push through. personally it was the ONLY reason I completed coil in ARR. certainly didn’t care about the gear cos it was all junk..

Since then though it’s not been worthwhile. Players won’t raid for rewards that aren’t worth it. The gear is ultimately junk there is no story. And as such there is no reason to even attempt raids. look at midas savage. 240 gear but still junk the second 3.4 landed and raider s went out and got 250 for creator savage….

savage 270 armor that’s not necessary for anything isn’t a motivation either when players will have 270 armor thrown at them in a couple of weeks augmenting there shire stuff with no real effort involved…

you can see it with primals… a lot of people won’t even bother with Sophia ex for 255 weapons because screw that, get 255 weapons from palace of the dead that are just as good…. and they ain’t wrong…

The ONLY way Yoshi is going to get substantially more players raiding / taking on harder content is to make it worthwhile to do so.

Look at MMO’s of days gone past. FFXI pre Abbysseaa for example something like HALF the playerbase cleared CoP which was widely regarded as the games toughest content. and at least half those that hadn’t cleared it were progressing through it to varying stages..

Despite being notoriously hard players still did it because it was worthwhile and the rewards were valuable.. people spent months on end trying to clear divine might back in the day and they kept on trying till they did it because them earing were “epic” they weren’t just some junk that you’d chuck away next week… the final chapter of cops boss fights were the same because those rings at the end were again “epic” rewards.

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