A DRG’s thoughts on the Impulse Rush and Weapon throw nerfs

Impulse Rush and Enliven:

I can kind of understand the crit rate % nerf to dragoon’s Impulse Rush. However I strongly disapprove of SE taking away its positional nullifying trait to share it with NIN and MNK through Enliven without giving DRG anything in return. Here’s what it implies to each job:

Dragoon: Basically, they split the old Impulse Rush in two abilities and nerfed its crit rate %. When DRGs will want to burst, they’ll have to pop both Impulse Rush and Enliven instead of just Impulse Rush. Not the end of the world right? The real problem lies with how much NIN and MNK gain from now also being able to wave positionals.

Monk: The new Enliven is simply a straight buff to the very positional dependent monks who were already and arguably the easiest melee dps to carry with.

Ninja: Not only is the Enliven change a straight buff for them too, Enliven will greatly synergize with their abilities, giving them the biggest boon of all. Being able to wave off their positional requirements means they will never miss Trick Attack and they’ll be able to Duality-Aeolian Edge safely while vulnerability is still up for a huge combo. Pray they don’t DWAD right afterwards.

Weapon Throw:
One might think DRG has the best mobility out of the three jobs and they’d be right, provided you’re not constantly fighting and have a moment’s respite between fights. In a Feast context, where you’re constantly fighting and need your abilities on demand as much as possible, the Weapon Throw removal will affect dragoons the most.

Monks have Shoulder Tackle on a 30s cooldown and can use Fists of Wind to passively gap close. Ninjas have Overwhelm on a 40s cooldown, Shukuchi on a 60s cooldown, Hyoton (bind) and can turn off Kiss to gain their passive movement speed increase.

Dragoons have Spineshatter Dive on a 1min cooldown, Dragonfire Dive on a 2min cooldown and Elusive Jump every 3min. One minute is a long time to wait if you use SD to gap close and get pushed back, stunned, slowed, slept right after using it. If SD is down, we can fall back on DD, but that means we’ll almost always hold off on its bursty 250 potency just in case we need it to gap close. Elusive Jump being on a 3min CD is nothing short of a joke as it is more often than not already on cooldown because we used it to break from a Bind or Heavy.

Before 3.35, my personal score rating for each melee dps’s effectiveness in Feast’s solo queue looked like this:

MNK: 50pts
DRG: 46pts
NIN: 43pts

After 3.35, it now looks like this:

MNK: 52pts (straight buff)
NIN: 49pts (straight buff and synergy)
DRG: 44pts (straight nerf)

I’m a SCH main in PVE, but I swear by DRG in pvp. It just feels right to me to weave 2 OGCDs per GCD. With all these weird PVP ability changes from SE, I think I might just drop the job and pick something else. I didn’t think SE could disappoint me as much as right now…..

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