A FFXIV Paladin’s opinion on Parry

Sorry Warriors, leaving you guys out 😛

Over the last >1 year of tanking in ARR, I’ve seen lots of discussion about parry. Most of what I’ve seen here is that parry is useless. I know some of you believe that, and with the way secondary stats work it’s pretty valid. However, I feel like this has completely discouraged the use of parry for anyone. Id just like to share some of my opinions as a career Paladin on parry.

I’d like to start by saying I’m not a raider. Not to say I haven’t done any coil or primals, but I don’t have a static and when I do raid it’s with FC mates. I’m totally capable, but that content just doesn’t interest me. The majority of the content I play are light party dungeons, roulettes and the like.

As a Paladin, the most suggested route for relic/gear is Det/Crit or Det/Acc/Crit. Det is obvious, since it boosts your Flash and overall damage output, and I don’t need to explain Acc. Crit has always been an issue with me as a PLD. Why is it considered so useful for us? Crits are pretty and all, but I find them mostly purposeless unless I’ve got Bloodbath up. The aggro difference it makes is also negligible imo, if you are thanking God for that Halone crit for keeping that mob off the BLM you should have been Flashing anyway. I know you’re all gonna say damage is damage and things that die fast do less damage. True, but if you have to pick up a person or 2 in DF your crits may not be the deciding factor.

I’m not going to fap about parry, don’t worry. Parry isn’t amazing, like crit it’s just a chance to perform, making it highly unreliable. However imo, in a dungeon environment the passive mitigation is more valuable to me than crit. I currently parry 27% when it activates. In a group of even 3 mobs that mitigation starts to add up, especially since I’m only able to crit one mob at a time unless I’m using CoS. I’m not relying on parry in any way to keep me from dying, since that’s not going to happen, but it gives my healers a bit of a cushion to dps or manderville or w/e. Yes, parry does take away your block chance of it activates, but if you’re really worried about blocking, that’s what Bulwark is for, and you should be using it in big groups anyway.

Im not trying to prove parry is better than crit or vice versa. I’m just trying to let people know that parry isn’t any more useless than any of the other secondary stats. Some of my friends spent millions on their Relics with Crit/Det, just because they read parry was garbage. I stacked Det/Parry and saved myself a headache, and have no problems with aggro, just like them. To anyone building a relic or considering new gear, don’t count parry out. Your play style may be more suited for it than Crit/Acc, and there’s no need to be destitute if the benefit is minimal at best.

tl;dr: If you are a dungeon tank with minimal raiding, parry may not be the worst choice for PLD. If you want to do a lil more damage then go crit, but parry shouldn’t be seen as “useless” just because it doesn’t speed up a run or make an immediately obvious difference.

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