A PF doesn’t solve all the trouble with this ridiculous


This involves the 4-man thing too, but the “you must be a certain level to turn these mats in” bit is obnoxious too. Only two of my FC members are crafters(myself and the co-leader), so sometimes it’s impossible to turn something in because we haven’t leveled that class. We get mats from maps or dungeons or mobs, so if /everyone/ could just turn stuff in it would help to include everyone, even those who don’t have an interest in crafting. So both the party requirement and the level/class requirements are both really obnoxious(in my opinion).

They should just allow this and get rid of the workshop giving XP (which I’m pretty positive is the reason for the level requirement). I’m sure no one would actually care, the XP gained is pretty tiny and it opens up workshop participation to everyone in the company.

That’s usually what gets done, but then we have to wait for people to feel like helping out. I even had a few instances where people asked how much we’d pay them to come stand around. It’s just not fun. Also, this doesn’t help in many instances, because outsiders can’t turn things in at all and sometimes they have the class needed to turn in an item(like when mythril rivets have to be turned in by a BSM and no one in your fc is a bsm, but the outsider is). The whole system is a bit faulty really.

In our FC our Craft Master let out a shout in the FC-Chat and there are always enough replies, except there are not enough people online of couorse, happens sometime. For smaller FCs use PF, but there is a minimum of 4 people to etablish a FC, so it’s most a problem of coordination. If you don’t get enough people who help in your FC, they don’t deserve level III guild buffs or airship content or everything, wihich is related to the workshop. And if it’s a too high requirement to have a level 1 crafter and just pause the daily grinding for 5 minutes to complete some prepaired crafts, then it’s beyond help.

Okay great, your FC doesn’t have a problem. People in small FCs and/or in FCs where there’s only, literally, 1 or 2 crafters aren’t any less deserving of certain aspects of the game than you just because you have all you need. The fact of the matter is, this punishes smaller companies and players who don’t want/need to level crafting because they simply don’t enjoy it. A PF doesn’t solve all the trouble with this ridiculous, pointless “feature”, as some people expect payment, and they can’t turn in things for you if you happen to not meet a level requirement for one of the turn ins. It’s unnecessarily gated and exclusionary, and forced interaction only breeds resentment. Allowing people to participate without being forced to would be nice. It’s like pulling teeth as is.

Oh, so -you’re- the one. I heard a rumor about a FC that has never had a single person leave, but I never knew which it was. Well, congratulations on that achievement, it really is something to be proud of. However, for most FCs, people do tend to leave over time. Even my small FC which has been rather selective with invites has had two people leave in the two years we’ve been around, out of about twelve different people. So just because it started with four, doesn’t mean it still has four.

Then as you pointed out, there is still that whole coordination thing. Unfortunately, our FC only has ten players total: five who are completely inactive, one who rarely logs on because they’re busy running their business, one who works 6AM-4PM weekdays, and three who have completely random and unpredictable schedules(myself being one of them). So even trying to get four of the five of us who still play on and in the workshop at the same time is a difficult task.

Don’t get in a snit just because your FC is set up to fail. I run a small FC too with ~3-4 active players too, and I have had no problems filling a 4M workshop party. Not because I manage to get all my FC mates online but because I also have friends and social linkshells I can ask to fill in. It’s not a big deal to find 3 other people, it’s just a hassle. I just wish the other 3 had a legitimate reason to be there, like a multiplayer crafting minigame or something.

And if you don’t have the crafters available to turn in the mats, might I suggest levelling the crafters yourself? As weak as the workshop crafting process is, it’s still crafting per se and isn’t a bad goal to have crafters levelled for when more advanced schematics are released. That moghouse exterior and tatanora parts aren’t going anywhere after all.

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