A realization – positive feedback to the FFXIV team

I just made this post in another thread, and it made me realize just how much I truly love this game.

I originally used to be on the side of “I’ll never get this done. or It’s too hard please nerf it” thanks to DF and all the rage-quits after a single wipe…but when I finally got drug along with some ls mates to a learning party, I discovered just how fun and entertaining raids can be. At first, I felt out of my element, because DF allowed me to be anti-social but, with a friendly and patient learning group, raiding became fun for me. It gave me the desire to want to better myself and my character, and when we finally memorized it to the point that it became manageable and beat T9 the sense of accomplishment was amazing!! I actually felt ecstatic. A euphoria I havent felt since my wedding. I was so happy that I was able to share in the experience and it made me realize that my ls mates had become close friends, and perhaps one day we could all meet and hang out in real life.

This post was obviously made in regards to the current raids, but at the time I didn’t realize just how much of an effect these raids had on me, until I re-read my above post. Even though we beat Turn 9 quite some time ago, recalling the struggles and ultimately our success upon completion, I was able to reignite a small slice of that euphoria all over again. I feel proud to have beaten T9. Not even making it through my first semester of college has given that sense of accomplishment or pride! It was an amazing feeling and I wanted the developers to know just how much I appreciate that!
As I said in my post above, I have not felt that kind of euphoria since my wedding day. Since beating Turn 9, we have gone on to down T10, T11, and even T12! Overcoming each turn gave me the same rewarding sense of accomplishment. During the fights I found myself both challenged and immensely engaged. This is something many games I have played in the past few years have failed to do. These fights have made me acknowledge the camaraderie of my coil static, and even made me feel part of a team in a way I can not express. People who were once just strangers to me in my ls, are now great friends!

Thank you Square Enix, I had no idea what I was missing before this. To feel welcomed and successful and to truly appreciate the value of of our efforts and perseverance is something I didn’t realize I had been wishing for. I can not wait for tonight when my friends and I attempt our first Turn 13 and for the Alexander raid in the coming months~!

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