All standard Final Fantasy XIV monk things up like fist of fire

I can’t get anyone on my server to help me cuz apparently I don’t know any monks. I am parsing between 500-520 on a practice dummy without party buff. (These parses lasted 5 minutes (before TP starvation got too much and I had to stop) hitting the practice dummy and I did 4 attempts, getting the same results each time. During those 5 minutes I had my parse on screen watching the fluctuations in DPS, not just the DPS displayed at the very end of the parse)

Yes I know my positionals and hit them all every single time.
Yes I am hitting my GCDs immediately without delay.
Yes I am using my DoTs. I stated that already but it must have been ignored.

All standard monk things up like fist of fire.

PB opener: SP, IR, SP, B4B, Demo, DK, Twin, Steel Peak, Howling Fist, ToD

Rotation afterwards: Boot, True, SP, DK, Twin, Demo, Boot, True, SP, DK, Twin, SP, Boot, True, SP, DK, Twin, Demo.

I am using all of my abilities immediately with no delays. I am using B4B whenever it’s up and IR whenever it’s up. Sometimes I wait to use Demo and refresh ToD if B4B will be off CD in a second or 2.

If you have any questions please ask. I seriously have no one to help me and I can’t figure out anything I could be doing wrong because my friend parsed 550 on a practice dummy with less superior gear than me… almost all i110 with some i130 and i115 weapon. (My Relic is i115 btw). I ask him what he did “I don’t know lol…” great friends really. So maybe you guys can help me TwT

These are my stats:

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