Are the GM’s on strike?

Around 24 hours ago I reported a spambot in Limsa, you know the ones, trial account, spamming /say with “come to our website to buy gil”

A few hours later, the spambot was still there, so I figured I may have not sent the report into the GM’s, checked my log and yeah, nothing there, oh, I thought, so I went through the process again, put in another report.

Now, almost 24 hours later…. the spam bot is STILL THERE. There is no point in reporting to SE, they do nothing, nada, zilch, no wonder RMT are rampant in this game, they know they can get away with it and SE does nothing.

How about you spend some of that $52m a month you get from our subs and hire some GM’s? Only thing I can possibly say about GM’s response to RMT bots is useless.

Can you stop defending SE on this matter, it’s the weekend, they are busy, it’s unreasonable to expect service. Their response is unacceptable, this isn’t a F2P game, SE is pulling in roughly half a billion dollars per year in sub fees (4 million subscribers according to a newspaper). I’m pretty sure “RMT can’t log in because servers are full” is not really acceptable RMT countermeasures, if they can’t log onto a full server, they will just log on to a less full server, but that isn’t even the point

The point is that there has been zero response to an obvious RMT spam bot, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who will have reported this bot, and it would take a GM all of 30 seconds to read the report, pop in to where the Bot is, wait for them to put their spam and then instantly ban them, 30 seconds, it’s not really too much to ask for GM’s to respond to reports in a timley manner, sure, 1 hour, that’s okay, you’re busy. 2 hours? Getting a bit long there, but okay, maybe you’re on your lunch break. 8 hours? Okay, shift change, that’s okay. 16 hours. Another shift change. 24 hours, wow, the GM’s who were at work when I reported it are back again, and it still hasn’t been sorted.

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