As a general rule ranged will take defence buff


Thanks i never intentionally feed, but sometimes the dps drop like a fly, specially the begining of the game, where i cant heal fast enuf. also if i get focsued by 2, i usually run away and some want me to stay and fight, i know if i stayed i was gona die anyway. not sure if these tactics are an issue or if that made them disapointed. lot of times it works to retreat and come back for me, and sometimes i fail with it.

As a general rule ranged will take defence buff, so enemy team will start with melee and maybe will send a tank to stun/double Fell Cleave you. What you need to do is Fluid Aura tank and Repose him, then focus on pre-healing melee, because otherwise it will be too late if you start casting when his HP drops. The burst lasts only a few seconds, then they’ll do only moderate damage for a minute or two. It’s OK to Tetra someone if his HP drops below 40%, but save Bene for yourself, you’ll need it immediatelly after Attunement when they’ll focus you (and they eventually will, usually after melee death). PvP skills like Sacred Prism are great, but because they have a long cooldown, use them only before or during enemy bursts.

No matter what, you’ll lose a lot at start of your pvp career and will be insulted almost every match (till 3.5 at least when they’ll mute everyone), but as a compensation you can enjoy instant pops one after another while they’ll have to wait 20-30 mins for the next match. And if you’ll imrove you’ll rank up fast because these instant ques (nobody wants to heal in pvp because it’s too hard and ungrateful).

I found AST to be more difficult to heal. The shields are weak in PvP, Aspected Benefic is instant but only 120 potency shield and drains MP fast, they may keep themselves alive while sprinting but AOE or multitarget healing is AST’s weak side. AST has only stun on long cooldown and Blizzard 2, while WHM has stun, sleep and B2/Fluid Aura. WHM’s regens are stronger and there are 3 of them and they all stack. WHM also has more MP restore options with Assize. So it comes down to Lightspeed vs Sacred Prism, both of which are great.

SCHs rely on AF stacks to heal bursts, and it’s hard to manage a limited number of them for a new player. MP is also a problem as Adlos are very MP consuming, and Physick is often not enough, so SCHs often die mid match without MP.

Personally, I’ll be giving a person who regularly visits these forums the benefit of doubt to know that healing is rather unpopular in the Feast. And while it may or may not be intended, there’s a juicy irony between feast players telling someone (the OP) to stop healing, the advice to comply to that, the fact that healing is the least popular and the claim that the feast has enough healers already. It lines up very nicely to a sublimal message that feast players partially have themselves to blame for the fact healing isn’t popular when they tell people who are trying to get into it to stop healing – a message that would require the knowledge of healer popularity. And could such a message be intended by the same person that once wrote this?

Healers have instant pops and melee and ranged have long ques. Everyone is waiting for a second healer to que, the match will not start without him.┬áThere are more than enough healers in PvE, but nobody wants to heal in PvP because of constant toxic environment, and even the best healers are flamed and insulted for everything even if it’s not their fault.

Don’t generalize, I don’t queue my healer sometimes because I can carry harder on melee and ranged. Healing at a high level is super stressful and on our datacenter the skillgap isn’t that huge minus 1 or 2 healers. Better to just play melee, relax, and carry. Letting someone die and getting “flamed” for it rarely happens after you’ve healed enough. When it does happen, it generally comes from the b4b popping ninja. It seems as if you had bad experiences and just assume everyone has had the same experiences. Even when I picked up healer at 1300 and dropped alllll the way down to 700, I rarely got flamed.

I assume you used your pvp abilities and read what they did cause you said wrong hot bars. No one can report you for queing, it’s open to everyone. If you are doing ranked however, Challenge log or not, do remember it is a RANKED game mode and you will deal with all kinds of behavior from others. If you are going in, don’t have the mentality to play just for my own benefits, make it an attempt to win rather than not care about the outcome (not calling you out specifically or anything).

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