Aspiring Knight/Diplomat seeking Ishgardian connections!

Graeham dreams of an Eorzea that is united rather than one that is consumed by infighting, despair and intrigue. Some would deem him overly idealistic – and they would, perhaps, be correct – though that will not deter him from seeking to strengthen relations between the various city states and aid those he encounters as best he can.


As the title suggests I’m looking for lore abiding, reliable and enthusiastic Ishgardian role-players who are able to provide mutually enjoyable and consistent role-play. Perhaps that will involve giving Graeham a tour of the city or probing him about the lands beyond the Holy See? Perhaps there will be tension and his presence as an outsider will be met with disgust and contempt?

Honestly, I’m open for a lot of things provided it makes sense and helps advance our character’s stories. With the expansion focusing heavily upon Ishgard and the lands surrounding it I’m hoping to have my character explore many of the wonderful new zones and forge some long lasting friendships or rivalries along the way.

For what it’s worth I live in England but my schedule is fairly flexible – though the approach of arranging to meet up and role-play when we both find ourselves online at the same time may be easier than trying to pin down a specific time to meet up.

Anyway, I’ll cease rambling for now. If anybody is interested in anything I’ve posted here then feel free to contact me here, in-game or send a PM my way! I’ll also answer any questions to the best of my ability.

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