Blade And Soul Discussion & Suggestions 6 Player Dungeons


Often when playing with pick-up-groups some will try to skip as many “trash” mobs as they can, problem is if there were some lower level/less equipped chars in the group, especially if they can’t keep up with the rushers (or experience long loading screens), they get left behind. Aside from that, with those fire walls that come up during boss type fights, if you were a bit behind the rushers, boom, dead, not fun.

While there are those lazy pricks that do purposely leech from the efforts of others in pick-up-groups, I’d be willing to bet a good number of the people being accused of leeching were those that got fed up with the problems resulting from rushers, and just gave up even trying to keep up in frustration when they see they’re in a team with rushers. This makes it, at least in part, something of a self created problem by said rushers, and not just the fault of the accused leechers.

The Effect of Easy Mode Group Play:
Earlier level content in games is never going to be that hard, as players are still learning how to play, so difficulty will ramp up over time. Although, if you throw a party at the dungeon, especially if one, or more well equipped higher level chars are in the party, dungeons before the blue grade higher level ones are a joke, with bosses getting killed so fast, you never see all of their attack cycle. Result of this being that come later dungeons, that need competent players, we end up with a lot of dead weight being dragged around since they haven’t had to work for it much thus far with how they play. The solo story quests are really easy, and they button mashed their way through party dungeons, so can’t play their class well. They’re also under equipped as in their mad rush to level cap, they’ve let their equipment suffer, especially since it becomes considerably more costly to upgrade once you hit Moonwater equipment upgrades, and even worse for Silverfrost ones, a situation that has been exasperated by the rapid release of new content in our version.

Get rid of the killer fire walls that come up in dungeons meant to keep people in, and out of the boss fight area. If you want to block an area off so people can’t leave, or enter (although I don’t agree with the not being able to enter part), fine, just make it a non-lethal means.
Add solo versions of 6 player dungeons. With their high HP, adds, and damage, doing a party dungeon solo can be very slow, frustrating, or just not doable. Although with dungeons balanced for a solo run (ex: Dreadtide Arena), players looking to do so could get a more manageable, interesting, and challenging experience while still upgrading their equipment than the slow/painful/unmanageable solo experience of a party dungeon, or the lightning fast, effortless experience of doing many of them with a party. Short of those that are looking for the brainless easy mode option, this will result in at least more better equipped, competent players. More solo grade content like dungeons seem to get added as the player base of a game declines, and group content becomes harder to get going, but adding it earlier could also help encourage people to stick around, or come to the game in the first place.
Let us enter a dungeon solo through the cross-server lobby if we want to without having to first find a party.

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