Blade And Soul Issues and Why I’m Quitting

Yep, this is a rant but I’m basically just going to list off all the issues of this game and why it made it so depressing for me to even log in.
1. The bots. There’s bots in PvP, PvE, and gold selling bots. The Destroyer bots in PvP run scripts that make them nearly unbeatable. The gold selling bots are just extremely annoying and you don’t have enough spots to block them all so they don’t spam the chat, spam you with friend requests, and all that good stuff. Plus in PvE I’ve actually seen Destroyer bots teleporting across the map.

2. End game is extremely lacking and unrewarding, most of it being an immensely unbalanced grind. Dailies don’t reward enough, amount of materials needed for upgrades are too high, and the base cost for upgrades in gold are far too high as well.

3. The game constantly lags, whether it’s from latency or from FPS. I never had stable FPS running this game even on the lowest of settings with a Nvidia GTX GeForce 850M graphics card which has 2 GB of VRAM.

4. The grind, which was already somewhat mentioned. You have to pile such an absurd amount of hours into this game just to accomplish little to nothing that it’s absurd. There’s no balance, especially when you look at how quickly they’re putting out new content. The only way you could possibly be fully geared by the next content patch is by dumping 10 or more hours into the game a day or a ton of money.

5. The community for the most part is pretty unsavory, although not everyone I talked to was like that.

6. The balancing of classes is pretty bad at level 45, although I know the game wasn’t intended to be capped at 45 in the first place. It just makes PvP that much more difficult.

7. Having an item (Soulstone) that you can really only get from doing PvP, which is bad for three reasons. The game should either be geared toward PvP or PvE, you shouldn’t have to PvP in order to get an item for PvE progression. The balancing of classes at PvP is not the greatest, it’s pretty bad actually which makes getting soulstones that much more frustrating and complicated. You get virtually nothing but Destroyer bots in 1v1 and Summoner bots in 3v3. Destroyer bots are pretty much a direct counter to Assassin at level 45 and Summoner bots ruin 3v3 by turning it into 2v3 which isn’t exactly fun if they’re on your team. It isn’t even fun when they aren’t on your team because it makes the match incredibly easy and boring.

8. THE BOTS. The bots have been an issue for months, ever since the game released on launch day there was at least gold selling bots and now there’s the PvE and PvP Destroyer bots that I mentioned earlier. The fact that it’s been an issue for months and nothing has been done about it is sad.

9. End game as a whole is just extremely unrewarding. The RNG is imbalanced. The material and currency cost for upgrades is too high, and the rewards from doing dailies is too low. Yeah you can make about 10 gold or a little more if you do all the dailies that give the most money except….that takes several hours even if you happen to have over 440 AP and are geared to the teeth.

In all honestly I had high hopes for this game when I heard about the CBTs and even when I first heard it was coming to NA but there’s just too many flaws for it to be enjoyable for me. The story is well done and leveling was actually pretty fun and had a great pace to it, unlike the grind that leveling by itself can be in some games where you just want to press your face into the keyboard to press buttons after a while because it gets so repetitive and boring. But yeah, on another note I do wish the people deciding to stick with the game enjoy it and maybe this little rant I had of pointing out all the issues with the game will help some people decide if the game is really worth their time or not.

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