Blade & Soul officially launches in North America and Europe

NcSoft has launched Blade and Soul, it’s Korean martial arts MMO, in the west. Both North America and Europe are able to play online now. “The launch of Blade & Soul is a significant moment and represents one of the most important online launches for players in 2016,” said John Burns, Senior Vice President at NCSOFT West. “Fans finally have the chance to experience the amazing gameplay, distinctive action and dynamic combat that sets this game apart from others on the market.”

In addition to the initial launch of the game and its content packs that we’ve covered, there will also be brand new content coming this year for the first time to all platforms. A number of new dungeons as well as new class – Warlock, are going to be included. Certain Warlock based items have been dropping in the game so far and players have noticed. Of course, we now know the responses of “it’s just a bug” was a nicely conceived plan.

The total post launch content does have an exact date yet, but it will be available later this year

Mushin’s Tower, Floors 1-8

Single player instanced dungeon

Each floor has own unique challenge & practice area

Bloodshade & Nightshade Harbor

Bloodshade is 4 & 6 player difficulty dungeon, Nightshade is 24 player dungeon

Battle Blackram Pirate Admiral Haemujin

Naryu Labyrinth

4 & 6 player difficulty dungeon, 3 levels, Defeat the Thunder and Wind Gods Fujin & Raijin

Silverfrost Mountain Expansion

Act 4, part 1 & 2, New continent

Level 50 increase

New Class: Warlock

The game is available for play immediately and can be downloaded from the official Blade and Soul site. A number of packs are available for purchase in order to help develop your character faster as well. Be sure to check it out as we loved what we played so far in our early access, and will have our review up shortly.

We’ll also have exclusive info for NcSoft’s new game upcoming next week so stay tuned.

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