Bring on Personal Wings! [Beyond FFXIV Heavensward Thread]

With Heavensward bringing new zones that you can use flying mounts, it would be great if players were to be given even more freedom of movement thro the addition of their own personal wings!

Just think of all the possibilities personal wings could bring: DoL sky gathering points, flying in new zones, glide from high places in old zones, maybe even entire dungeons that flying is part of the mechanics! If SE adds them as an additional slot (or some how use the Soul Crystal Slot), stats could be added to the Wings as well as glamors.

I was thinking it might be fitting as a final reward from Heavensward, like an Au Ra coming of age spell that grants a pair of wings(since in final fantasy dragons tend to have wings..) that just happens to work on other races.
Why won’t I be happy with just a flying mount? Can’t gather/fight/go into dungeons on a mount, I’m just thinking potential added content. Also wings shouldn’t be visible unless your flying or use /wing emote.

To get an idea of what it would look like take a look at Aion’s wings:

But beyond personal wings and Heavensward, what ideas would you like to see fleshed out or added to FFXIV?

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