Buff: REDUCED gathering attempts

I would like to see a buff that reduces the number of gathering attempts at a node. The reason, is because when you are gathering favor materials from red scrips, increased gathering attempts are a hindrance rather than a bonus.

The goal with favor mats is to fully click through as many nodes as possible in 5 minutes, in order to spawn as many concealed nodes as possible, and every second counts when you are doing this. I can’t count the number of nodes where my favor buff has expired mid-node, so every second definitely counts, as any serious gatherer of favor mats would agree.

It is true that you can make a little bit of gil from the item being gathered as you deplete a node (birch log and hard silver sand are ok on my server), however, it usually does not justify the extra time needed to use an increased yield action, even on a node giving +2 attempts. Because of this, many gatherers like myself never use any GP while a favor buff is active.

What I would like to see is a STANCE that decreases the number of gathering attempts at all nodes by 1 or 2 attempts while the stance is active. I believe the stance should drain GP in order to give a need for cordials, and ensure that the stance cannot be active 100% of the time. The added benefit to this, is it would make additional GP materia and food valuable beyond just a certain tier like 600 or 650. Most people aim for the GP tier and then don’t bother with any additional GP because it is a waste when actions are a multiple of 50, however, with a stance that drains GP, an extra 20 or 35 GP actually could be a very significant benefit.

I do not want to see the reduced gathering attempts be an action–when every second counts, I do not want to spend time on an action. And besides, it would have to be at least -2, because if it was -1, you would just hit the node instead in the same time. It could possibly be woven in between like an off-GCD type of thing, but given the rhythm that gathering has, I don’t think this is feasible.

I would also like to see the stance lessen the severity of the speed decrease while using stealth, but that is probably asking too much.

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