Change needed to the expert coin flip

With a patch cycle spanning close to 4 months a mere 2 dungeons is making me more and more unwilling to cap, especially if I have other things to do RL I am now unlikely to take the time to get it done. But the fact that there is only 2 outcomes to the “roulette” is not the only problem here, it is that I end up with getting the same dungeons almost all the time.

But there are fixes that can be made.

1: Add more dungeons each patch or rename the “roulette” to “coin flip” since that is what it is at the moment.

2: Each time you get the same dungeon, reduce the likelihood that you will get it again ex: day1 50-50, day2 25-75, day3 0-100. And when you get the other dungeon it resets.

I know that they did, I just happen to think it was a poor decision. 3 dungeons was already a bit on the low end, but at least it took me to the last couple of weeks of said patch cycle before being tired of them, but 2 dungeons is just far of the too few cliff. And while I find PoTD fun, it is a fun that requires some hours from 3 ppl you know in order to be that fun, on the other hand diadem was well… err… well it is a good idea that was fumbled. Now I do not mind them trying new things, I just wish it was not done at the expense of a much needed variation in our weekly <insert newest tombs name> cap since the capping of these are something I think most players feel they have to do. Hopefully the SE tops get their heads out of whatever place they got them stuck in and give the FFXIV team enough resources to try new things without sacrificing something else.

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