Collectable Farming UI

Love the new collectable feature! However, the UI is completely clunky and seems designed to slow down the process and make it more difficult to farm the node if you are late arriving.

We already turn on “Collector’s Glove”, see the collecting interface, are reminded that you cannot collect without first improving the collectability rating. Why are we then forced to go through another step to convert the item to collectable rather than normal?

FFS if you’ve gone that far, you are collecting. That part of the UI is totally unnecessary and just a source of frustration. Not needed. Please get rid of it completely.

I agree the system could definitely use refining. like so many other systems they use, it’s just an add-on to an add-on, instead of making something intuitive and logical from scratch, they tack it on to existing systems that are a bit clunky to begin with. The only logic I could come up with is they wanted the collectibles to be useable as normal materials outside of the collection process.

However, that being said, it could definitely use some streamlining. as an example, our basic gather skill should work for in place of the collect button. I’m not sure why they pop up a second window asking us if we really want to collect the collectible…they can remove that completely. were already 3-4 steps into the process…if we weren’t aware that we were collecting the collectible, we need to go back to 3rd grade again. that secondary screen isn’t necessary. I’ve even missed a few chances to collect because i wasn’t sure if i really grabbed something or not…too much clutter on the screen.

The collectible window shouldn’t have any buttons really, except perhaps a cancel. if they did that, and got rid of the stupid addition ‘are you shure you want to collect this collectible that you just spent 500 GP setting up collection skills to collect?” things would flow allot smoother IMO.

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