Cut Scenes at 50 and New FFXIV Players

Okay, I get it. All you folks who have been playing this game for a while have seen the cut scenes in the level 50 dungeons and other group content, but new people have not. Some of us would like to watch the cut scenes as they happen during the instance.

Please don’t tell me to watch them later in the inn room. It’s not the same as you well know. This is a great story driven game, and I’m enjoying it immensely. My daughter is enjoying it as well, or was rather, until she had to go into the first and second of the required dungeons to progress the story at 50.
No one stopped and waited for her to view the CS, and when everyone just keeps on going, the cut scenes keep coming back to back. By the time she’s watched them all, the other party members are long gone and since she’s never done the dungeons she has no idea where to go. The map isn’t even helpful either, since the fog of war doesn’t let her see where the other party members are.

Up until these two instances, the community here in FF has been great. This is terribly frustrating however. She’s now stuck outside a boss fight since she stopped to watch the CS and the party started the boss without her (and another person or two as well).

Again, watching the cut scenes later in the inn room isn’t the same. You should be entitled to watch them once in the instance if you never have before. In the lower level instances, apparently other party members can’t move if you’re watching a CS. Why isn’t it the same for these later dungeons?

Please veteran players, keep in mind that a lot of new people are playing now. New players are a good thing right? Please try not to run us off with impatience before we even get through all the main content.

Note for the devs: These two instances seem to have a ridiculous number of cut scenes. Trimming the story down to just a couple per instance in the future would help tremendously.

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