Dancer as a healing/dps job

I just had a bit of a brainstorm on how they could implement another healer that is just as effective and yet different from the current three. Astrologian was made to stradle the dichotomy of White Mage’s HoTs and Scholar’s Shields, but a lot of people, myself included, feel like that was a cop-out to making a new method of healing dynamics in the game. I think that Dancer could change all that.

Dancer was one of my favorite jobs in FFXI and I think now in XIV, we can make it more of a main healer. The first thing is, we would need to have an ability that we can place on a party member that grants them healing as we damage enemies. The main feature of Dancer (in XI) was the ability to convert the TP you gained from hitting things into energy your dances ran off to heal people. That can still work if we have an ability that marks another player, perhaps only party/alliance members, to receive automatic healing when the Dancer uses their combos.

Another ability would be a stance shift that makes them do far less damage, but heal much better. Perhaps the first ability can only be used when in this stance, requiring that automatic healing to come only at the cost of DPS potency from the Dancer.

Lastly, there should be some abilities that outright heal, perhaps channeling MP instead of TP, or using TP but have abilities that consume MP for large TP restorations to the Dancer, so their TP fluctuates much like a Black Mage’s MP, almost never running out completely for long, but not bottomless either.

What do you guys think? Would a combat medic like this, who gains most of their healing power through stabbing the enemies be something SE can balance against the HoT/Shield paradigm?

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