Dear Dev FFXIV Team: Feedback from Chinese server

Hi Dev teams,

I’m one of the managers of SNDA’s Chinese FFXIV official forum.
Recently we’re recieving a good amount of negative feedbacks about the cancelling of levelsync in low level instances, and I felt as it might help if we can get official reply over there for CHN players, just as how you directly answer NA/EU/JPN players on lodestone forum.

Before I start, let me quickly explain why I’m doing this over here. I wish I had some other ways to request for your reply, however when I came up with the idea, the Chief forum manager (and of course also an employee of SNDA) told me to do this so…
Also, I’m better using Japanese so If necessary, I can report all these in by Japanese. Only reason I’m in English Forum is because I have my own playing community in Japanese server, and I don’t want to screw it up by revealing my nationality and letting other Japanese player know about it.
And I understand that Chinese SNDA employees might have already sent you the feedbacks for further development of the system, however as I said in above, I wish if we had those quick direct reply from dev team so.

Currently on Chinese Forum, players are mainly arguing about these problems:

1. You can’t get XP if the level difference exceeds 11.
An amount of new players (alongside old players that’re trying to level a new class e.g. Rogue) is arguing about their main EXP source being gone from the game. Players that have newly started the game argue that leveling up is hard having the dungeon EXP gone. Besides, it’s no fun playing the early part of the game because the main PvE content of FFXIV are various dungeons, however current dungeons are just queue 1 hour + 5 min of you standing at the start line and wait till lvl50 char just solo through everything. Absolutely no challenge, no fun, and also no gain besides few gils players get from low level dungeon monsters and few gears that might not even be yours. Other than that is just continuously 6 Guildleves per day and F.A.T.E. farm, which just works negatively on player’s attitude, and also breaks the purpose of having low level dungeon as the main XP source of low level players since patch 2.1.
Chinese official have announced that players may use Party Finder to make a similar-leveled PT (Which is what we currently prefer in official forum), however the problem is that most of the new players don’t even know the existence of PT Finder. And besides, it breaks the original purpose of having Duty Finder as easy matchmaker.

2. Awkward situation of 15, 15, 16, 31.
This is about the situation of having the party-comp on the title. It is not going to make the raiding particular fast (especially if that lvl31 is a healer or a tank) but it is still going to take away all the exp, and all the time players have spent on queueing. Besides, it will make the raiding harder because the chance of Tank losing aggro is lot higher, and some dungeon mobs&Bosses may still heavily damage DPS players that are 11 levels above the required level.

3. Monsters not reacting to High level players.
I believe this is rather just an overlook of dev team, and more so a moral problem of players. Situation is: Dungeon monsters won’t react to the players that are way above monster’s level. Problem is, some lvl50s will just ignore these mobs on the way and straight run to boss rooms, slay all the bosses and quit the raid after “beating” it, not even bothering the chests that dropped. The lo-level players (particularly new players that don’t rly know the game mechanism) are stuck at the entrance of dungeons, not gaining EXP nor getting any gils or dungeon drops because they cannot run/fight through the mobs by themselves.
Again, I understand this is more so a moral issue of high lvl players, but it is a problem that is taking place pretty frequently, so I think some mechanism change has to be done right there.

4. Can we have a selection so we can choose if we want to levelsync or not?
This is just another major feedback besides the players that are arguing to bring back the levelsync, suggesting to add a selection on duty finder so they don’t match with over-leveled characters, or to match up with players that agree to receive the level sync, just like the Language selection on the Duty finder.

Four points above are currently the most discussed/argued issues on Chinese forum.
I believe that good amounts of high-level players are enjoying this change, however those who enjoys won’t bother wasting their time coming to forum and talk about it, and… you know, we can’t just keep on telling complainers that “we are collecting feedbacks so please wait for further information”…
Again, I understand that dev team might have already received official feedback from SNDA, however I wish I can receive a quick direct message from dev team and share it with the players on Chinese form, just as you do on Lodestone Forum.
My main duty on Chinese forum is to translate various Japanese/English information into Chinese, so if you are willing to reply, you can just reply it in JPN/ENG and I’ll translate it by myself and post it on CHN forum.

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