DRG rant, is it really only just me? (Melee DPS balance)

EDIT: I no longer fully believe what I mentioned in this post, but I am leaving this up for context and for further discussion

Having mained melee since 2.0 (mostly on DRG, and NIN, but enough on MNK to know ins and outs), I’ve always found that SE and the community seems to love their baby MNK and really hate their unwanted child DRG (and NIN now, with the coming of NINs).

I personally feel that monks DID NOT need the 3% damage buff to greased lightning. (Yes, incoming downvotes from MNKs, you’ll see)

Warning: Super long read, TLDR at the bottom.

The track record so far makes me wonder if SE knows how to even balance the melee DPS, then came with what would be a “fix” but made me question why on some changes:
DRGs finally get the much needed QoL and DPS buff (they still do less DPS than MNKs, who have been reigning as Top DPS easier to master melee DPS the ENTIRE duration of ARR EDIT: I stand corrected, DRGs beat MNKs after the buff)
DRGs no longer have stupidly punishing positional requirements, making them actually easier to master than monks overall (the unflexibility is still a thing, but monks still had GL to contend with).
NIN got a TP cost nerf, which made goad virtually useless. The only reason goad was useful was because ninja was the least TP hungry melee DPS, so they could goad the other melee, making it so that the BRD wont have to TP song so soon, with the TP cost nerf, ninja skyrocketed to becoming the most TP hungry melee DPS, making it so that before they would even use Goad, the BRD will have to TP song.
NIN got a minor dps nerf.

And then, SE had to screw the MNK/DRG balance by giving monk superior ST DPS yet again.

MNKs now excel in ST, AoE DPS and defensive utility.

NINs excel in offensive utility, they cry alone at night about their DPS, and then DRGs are now the “disembowel bitch” for BRDs, at least they did much better DPS than back in 2.0, but requires much more effort.

MNKs always top DPS from start til end despite being easier to master and still have the best defensive utility. NINs have the best offensive utility all around, but suffer from lacking DPS. DRGs master nothing, they lost their “Top AoE DPS (useless niche)” to MNKs, and have inferior offensive utility to NINs.

When will SE stop babying MNKs?

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