Echo anyone?

Ok i’m sure others have noticed currently the echo is a major part of this game’s lore and story. It is a native talent held by few and explains neatly the phenomenon of why certain characters can be revived and others cannot. And it allows us to view past events we were not witness to as if we were there. But really SE has not fully used this unique gift to full advantage. I suggest they change that.

What I am suggesting is expansion of the echo feature, for instance created in the world several random spawning white circles on the ground. When a player walks or rides into the circle a random past event as simple as a dialogue or even a past and now removed CS from Eorzea past flashes up for viewing. Things like the story of how the primal Gilgamesh was summoned to wander, stories removed with 1.0, visions of how the world looked before the Calamity, rips and tears in the fabric of time. It can even be used to elaborate how the warriors of darkness came to be. I believe this kind of content would attract players back out into the world and because they are random occurring and viewable only once would keep players looking for them and collecting them. For the purpose of the feature introduce a journal which is filled in whenever a scene or dialogue is encountered we can’t view them again but we can read the true history of our world.

I believe this sort of feature would be less taxing on the development team as they could drop a dozen or so every maintenance, and because they are random spawning the content would always be fresh and rewarding. Achievements and trophies can be added later for loremaster achievements related to this. And SE could lighten the load on extraneous filler quests and extra reward items for completing filler quests. Hildi is fun and entertaining but I feel a lot of what is introduced through those type of quests should be more easily communicated without a long development process. I feel this would be an excellent use of the Echo, and would keep players interested, whats more it would expand SE’s pool of usable content for future development they could easily see what players are interested in and develop those stories further.

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