Every scrub in weeping city

Sounds like more a player problem than content problem. Some people have different ideas about what is the most efficient way to clear content, and they kick people who don’t follow their gameplan even if the person isn’t offline, afk, cheating or harassing. If you report for misuse of vote kick function, there’s a generic message you get back which says players are allowed to kick due to differences in play styles. That’s the message I’ve received before on an EU world anyway.

There’s some real in this game, but you might not see it until the content brings it out in people. Deep dungeon brings out the in a lot of people because everybody wants to do the runs fast and can do things that hurt the team in the process, make things chaotic and annoy the team, or be control freaks because they think its their right to tell people in a game what to do. I don’t much care for deep dungeon myself because of how many idiots I’ve seen in it.

Every scrub in weeping city, gotcha. probably kicked for running mouth, running off without party yelling at party to speed up, or making a general nuisance to the party. enough to where people will legitimately kick one from the final floor because thats even better than kicking them from the first floor to start again? Ive dcd alot in potd and only rarely have i even been kicked before i can log back on, weird that you keep getting kicked for no reason (at least claiming to run off from the rest of the party which is suicide.


If one person is not cooperating with the rest of the group, the group may find it more beneficial for everyone to kick this person. Seeing as the content requires a group (in other words, cooperation), someone who does not cooperate or adjust to match the play style of the party could become a hindrance. If a healer is only healing, and not DPSing, and is not vote kicked, then the group must not find that person to be such a hinderance. But if they are kicked, then it is because they are not cooperating as a group.

Keep in mind, kicking someone requires a majority vote of the members. With this in mind, a single person cannot kick someone from the group for not matching their playstyle. The group kicks someone from the group for not matching the group’s playstyle. In other words, not cooperating or working together to accomplish a goal.

It’s hard to say what was going on, but what stands out to me in your responses is that you said you were going off on your own a lot and also ignoring the gold chests. From my experience, most people prefer to stay together as a group. In my runs of the dungeon, there have been a couple times when splitting up the group has resulted in deaths and near wipes. Usually this is caused by traps like the landmines, silence/pacification or luring traps overwhelming half the party while the other half is a couple rooms away. Some people don’t mind splitting up to explore, but there are others who don’t like it and will see it as not cooperating with the group.

I think the responses I’ve been getting on this thread is self evidence of ignorance. Whether or not I was being a complete troll or being beneficial to the group; one of the other 3 people should have said in chat, “Hey please stick with us”. Not a single word was said from anyone. I already mentioned that I conformed to their play style. They skipped many gold chests so I assumed they would skip the last one. It’s against the spirit of the game to kick people unwarranted which I feel I have been multiple times; only for playing Bard to the best of my ability to the benefit of the group. If you choose to point the finger at me then so be it. I won’t be in POTD anymore anyways because of the same ignoramuses on display in the latter posts.

Of course there is always the chance that you may run into a few jerks that will kick for no good reason, but it shouldn’t be common. If it’s happening repeatedly (as often as you say it is), I have a hard time believing that you have no fault in the matter.

I don’t think the other responses here show ignorance as you claim. I don’t think this problem is common within Deep Dungeon and it seems to be something you specifically are experiencing. You create a thread to complain about it and then you don’t like the response if it isn the one you wanted. If others aren’t experiencing the behavior that you are reporting, then they are going to ask what reasons there may be for this to be happening, including whether or not the issue is you within the group (s).

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