Everything to know about 4.0 from the Fan Fest

So in less than 8 hours the las vegas fan fest will begin and with it we will get the first information tidbits about 4.0.

The next few days will see thousand of redundant threads made to analyze the title. trailer, the logo and yoshie-P’s T-shirt for clues.

Since I’m very nice and also very clever, I’ll make this thread here in advance and edit in every piece of info that we get. Of course there will still be separate threads most likely, but I will make sure that those who want it, shall find everything here.

First Day Q&A
35 million USD compared to 12.6 million of HW


– Ala Mhigo

– No confirmation that we get one at all
– Viera almost became a playable race
– The Lorebook comes with a Hummingway (also the codename of an Ala Mhigan spy)
– Beast tribes won’t be playable for lore reasons, inhuman races for technical reasons, and not-cute races because japanese don’t like em.

– New jobs confirmed
– Samurai almost became a playable job
– There are strong hints towards a new sword wielding job/class
– scarlet witch=red mage
Central theme
– 3.0 was going to be either about flying or swimming. Flying won, so swimming should come next.

– Zenos Yae Galvus occupies Ala Mhigo and is the leader of the XIIth legion.

– The blonde chick from the trailer who will join us in 3.x


– New city is Rhaelgr’s Reach
– Eureka is new exploratory mission area (Tied to the relic weapon questline)
– Deserts, ruins, lots of water and a misty forest. And a Wall!
– New Aetheryte shapes
– We are going to cross the wall from Black Shroud in 3.5
– Castrums are temporary bases but 4.0 will have actual Garlean architecture
– -It will mix with Ala Mhigan style


– New level cap (70)
– New raids
– New dungeons
– New Primals
– revamped battle system
– – Additional skill system (role skills instead of job skills)
— reassest unused/ineffective actions
— Accuracy revorked
– Inventory expansion as much as possible (server upgrade) (Probably won’t come with release to ensure a stable launch cause server upgrades are hard)
– New Residential area (Somewhere) (Will affect the main story)
– Flying in all new areas after finding aether currents (easier than finding moogles)
– Open World PVP might happen with positive feedback. On dedicated servers. Not at release.

Windows version
– Minimum specs raised
– really want a 64 bit operation system


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