Face Targeting Changes – Discuss!

Hey folks!

I’m sure many have read the summary of the latest live letter, however, I am surprised no one mentioned this on the forum yet:

Changes to Face targeting System
In relation to the auto-attack system changes, face targeting will also be adjusted. It will become inaccessible while moving, and can only be used when standing still. With this change, for casters, your character will face the direction of the target’s current position and follow the direction automatically. However, please note that there may be times when this won’t happen correctly due to server communication.

We would like to point out that until now, some mechanics required players to stand still or face away from the target to dodge specific mechanics; however, because auto-attack will be active regardless of which direction you’re facing, players will not be able to simply turn around to dodge. Rest assured, you can still sheathe your weapon, or cancel targeting to dodge these mechanics.
This short explanation lacks substance compared to the in-depth explanation for the cross-bar thing for consoles and controler-users.

First of all, does this apply for legacy-controls or standard as well? Second, how can I picture this? For example: I am using the standard controls (going backwards with S, strafing with Q and E). As soon as I am using a skill, the character will automatically face in the direction of the enemy, however, as soon as I am turning away, my character will stop the actions such as auto-attack. I am aware, that the auto-attack will now no longer stop (which already is a questionable change if you ask me).
Second, does this only apply with the “Lock-on” mode (Numpad 5) or in every situation?
And last of all, did anyone ask for this? I wasn’t aware, that drastic changes where needed. If they want to change things to targeting, they should fix the clunky TAB-targeting (WoW shows how it’s done).
I am afraid, that you will lack control with these changes. I don’t want to be forced to sheathe my weapon if I have to look away from my foes. I don’t want my auto-attack to continue when I am not facing the enemy. Controls are there for a reason. If people really want it, make a toggle, let it be an optional system to help those, who are not good with controls, but don’t force such unnecessary changes on me, who’s playing with these controls since release now.

Now, go ahead and discuss!

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