FC Housing Transfer Question

Hello All – after doing some searches for some of my housing questions, some of the threads are out-of-date, or there really isn’t a definitive answer I can find.

My FC will be in the process of relinquishing our current plot (small), and buying a new plot (large). Before I do anything, I want to make sure I have all of my bases covered since this transfer affects others.

Here are my questions:

– I know if we relinquish the plot, the removable items from our personal rooms go to the junkmonger. However, is everyone required to purchase a new room at the new house? I assume yes, but need clarification.

– So far we have a company airship and a glamour for the front of the house. The glamour for the front of the house, which was made in the workshop, will have to be redone. Does anyone know what happens to the airship? Do we lose it?

– Chocobo stables – I know this was an issue in the past, but if I have inactive players with chocobos housed, can I still remove the plot and/or the stable? I feel like this issue was resolved, but can’t seem to find an answer in the search.

– Will someone from the FC need to physically remove the items that can be removed? Or can we relinquish plot and find items with junkmonger? I seem to think we’d have to remove items because how would the monger know what account to allow the items to be taken back? Unless the game recognizes FC leader as person to take them back (?)

I might think of more later, or if anyone has any other major suggestions to pay attention to, please let me know. I appreciate the assistance

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