FC Workshop Ideas and Feature Requests

Just like the other thread, I wanted to start a separate section for the new workshop content. I, myself, like crafting. And so far the free company workshop has been fun and unique. However, like many others, I feel there are things that need to be added or changed to make it better. I hope SE will listen to our suggestions here and build on this wonderful content.
Here are a few things that I seen mentioned, and that I wish it could be implemented:
1) Retrainer Bell in the workshop

I think many people has asked for this, running in and out to fetch stuff out of your retrainer is a headache. Though will adding a retrainer bell inside the workshop change the needs to have a bell inside the house? For example, small cottage can avoid adding a retrainer bell if there is one in the workshop.

2) Experience gain on each crafting Progression

People complain it is hard to get 4 people together to craft an item. I feel that there really is no benefit of having 4 people in the party to jump to the next progression. Like any crafting, if we finish something, we should get an experience bonus with it. This will encourage more members in the FC or outside the FC to join crafting parties.

3) A bulletin board / message board

Can we have a bulletin or message board that FC members can gain access to? Not all FC members have crafting jobs leveled. Some of my FC members only have gathering jobs. Some of them have neither crafting or gathering job. However, my members can still participate by getting items from grand company, dungeons, or by other means. Yet, the problem is these members don’t know what items are needed for which recipe. This means it is a constant reminder that our leader and crafters have to give on the stuff we need to craft.

4) Grand Company Purchase in Bulk

This doesn’t really have to do with the workshop, but in ways it can make things easier. Can we please get the option to purchase items from our Grand Company in bulk? FC crafting uses a lot of material such as coke, potash, and hardened sap. Standing there clicking to purchase these items one at a time is really a hassle. It takes like a good 10 minutes to purchase 300 coke. Can we get the option to purchase these 99 at a time, please?

5) Airship memo

From what I see, you can only view fly log for your previous flight. I have been writing everything down. But can we have a memo section or a history section where we can view fly logs of all previous flights?

And here are just a few things I thought of. Feel free to add more everyone.

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