[Feast Feedback] Rewards and New PvP Profile

The following document contains collaborative feedback for the reward system in the Feast. The purpose for these rewards is to increase incentive to participate in the Feast each season and provide players with more options to display their achievements. Contributions come from several experienced players on the Aether datacenter.

Moderator: Nikoza Envy (Gilgamesh)

Seasonal Rewards
Please consider adding rewards to Ranked Light Party. This is the only mode that can be played with a group of friends that utilizes a lot of communication and coordination between teammates. It needs incentive in order to stay active throughout the season.
Trophy for top prize is good, but some players might not have a house to display it. We think a unique title should also be awarded for the top player in Solo Ranked and the same title for the top 10 players in Light Party Ranked. These titles are permanent and would be rewarded at the end of the season. Here are some titles that were suggested:
“Leader of the Pack”
“The Legendary Wolf”
“Wolf of Legends”
“Wolf of Swords”
“The Feastful Wolf”
The Mentor System “Crown” icon is currently very popular. We think that icons would be a unique way to reward and display a player’s PvP achievement at the end of the season, based on the tier they end at. These PvP icons would last only up until the end of the next season, when new seasonal rewards are awarded:

Examining a Player’s PvP Profile
Consider allowing players to examine other player’s PvP profiles, since this information will already be available for everyone to see on the lodestone.
Consider making adjustments to the PvP Profile to display a player’s previous season tier achievements. This provides incentive to participate every season.
Since a player’s rank in Diamond Tier is important, consider displaying a player’s rank number of where they stand in the rankings (updated daily).
Consider displaying a rank number of where a player ended in Diamond Tier in previous seasons.
Here is an example of a PvP Profile:

The current seasonal rewards are not enough, but with these proposed changes, we believe that this will increase competition and participation for both casual and hardcore players.

This is true for any competitive game, there will always be newbie groups and experienced groups. Matchmaking is already set in so that a full diamond team will only gain 1 rating from a full bronze team, and the bronze team will only lose 1 rating. Yeah, newbie groups might get bronze the first season, but they’ll progress and hit gold the second season, and maybe diamond by the third season, too. Everyone starts somewhere, it’s a long term learning process.

The purpose of the icons is to introduce a new incentive to the PvP side of things. Yeah, it’s still a PvE centered game, but based on the fact that SE has been spending more and more time on PvP content, I don’t think it’s excessive to give PvP something neat to promote it.

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