FFXI Crossover Event – No Crab Mount?

SE. You make me sad. Maybe i’m jumping the gun on this one but I was highly looking forward to the crossover event. As a veteran of XI, I can honestly say that I am highly disappointed with the crossover event. While I do understand that you are doing it commemorate the new patch, it does anything but hit my nostalgia button.

Most of the people I still talk to agree with me that 75 cap was XI, and it died and/or became something else after the cap was raised and most of my memories are from that era. One of which would be leveling from 1 to 75 on pretty much nothing but clippers/snippers/crabs and their many forms. With that being said, I couldn’t think of anything more worthy to commemorate the event with a crab mount. Among other things.

Other ideas I heard from friends was glamour/hair from NPCs such as Prishe, Naja, Tenzen, Lion, Aldo, or several others that where big parts of the game from start to finish. Shantotto /laugh emote? There are tons of things that come to mind. Not someone that was just recently added to the game. The reason? granted I don’t know the numbers, but it seems like most of the people that still play XI, only play XI and most of the people that play XIV, don’t play XI.

Please don’t assume I’m saying this event is bad or a waste of time by any means. I doubt it will be. Its just that I hope you do more events like this and plenty of crossover events. I love that you added M.abj tank set, and the Ares set. I hope in time you add Homam set amount others, even if its just glamour.

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