FFXIV 2.51 0570 Weaver 1-50 (Powerlevel Guide)

I use Mithrie’s level 50 Weaver and also have a friend make all the required items for the Levequests level 1-50 below. This method relies completely on High Quality (HQ) quest turn in’s to be effective as it offers a 100% experience bonus when applied. Any level 50 Weaver should be able to help you craft all required HQ items.

I can’t get anyone to help me on my server (Zodiark)… You need a really nice person to take the time out to help with crafting the items and sticking with levelling to 50 or now 60. if you don’t have help this is hard to do.

Sad alot of my friends are not into final fantasy. sadder I got the wild rose gear set for my being a sub 810 days, the friendship of circlet braclet would have been more useful.

if you still care I would say get a friend from free company or shout in main city to craft HQ for you. Its breeze for lvl60 crafters to craft 50 and below stuff even with None quality materials.

When you crafted those 200x Spruce Plywood for the 10 Million gil video, did you buy HQ Horn Glue and Spruce Lumber or did you make them HQ yourself? What about shards, did you buy or farm them?

Hey Mithrie Really enjoy all of your Videos. Do you have any Macros for HQ Leatherworker Items with out using any other Crafters abilities? I just hit level 50 with leather worker and would like to make the most of it before Starting another Craft like Weaver.

big fan of your videos, and I know you made gearing up with 1 level 50 and 15 BSM earlier, but I was wondering about gearing up with all 50’s. Recently I have capped out all my stuff, and was wondering if you could make a video on where to go from there in order to better prepare for heavensward. Thanks!

may i ask about the rested experience? is it crucial or just a small bonus? im hoping to get back into ff14arr in a few months and i am trying to do some research early on. thank you for the guides, i would be completely lost without them.

You do know when you first teleport into Ul’dah or any major city, you can use that main large aetherite crystal you come in with, to teleport to any of the smaller aetherite locations such as the weavers guild, you don’t need to run around to find one of the smaller ones. Once again, a great guide though.

I’ve got some questions, if you don’t mind my asking. 1st, how do you get items onto your Alt? 2nd, if you can HQ all the items by yourself would you recommend doing so? I’m one of the only people in my FC that was lvl 50 crafters, and I don’t want to bother the other crafters. Also as of this moment I only have goldsmith and alchemist left to get to lvl 50. Gsm is at 32 and Alc is at 26.

HQ leves are pure gold. Funny enough I just did this last night with GSM. Took me 3 hours to take it from 15 to 50. Didn’t craft a single thing either. Bought everything from the Marketboard. Was cheaper than expected. Only spent a million gil on it. Drained me down to 4 leves though lol… Guess i’ll work on fishing while they replenish then do ALC next.

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