FFXIV 3.3 0907 5 Million Gil Per Hour (Insane Gil Guide)

In this episode I show you how to make 5 Million Gil Per Hour in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn after Patch 3.3 Revenge of the Horde in the Heavensward expansion. With level 70+ Leatherworker Desynth and some Gil to invest I mass desynthesis Bridesmaid Sandals which give 1 Fieldcraft Demimateria III. On my server they sell for 60k each at the moment and are highly in demand. This depends on your server economy. I average about 5 Million Gil Profit per Hour doing this right now! Get on it before the prices go down!

First of all, great work with this video =) I’ve been having some money issues recently, hopefully this can help. However, since I don’t have Leatherworker Desynth, I’m stuck with desynthing the Bridesmaid’s Tights instead in order to try this method. Secondly, I don’t suppose you know some good ways to level up Carpenter Desynth? Last I remember it was around the 77.80 mark or something and it’s been an absolute pain to grow since.

well you can buy crafting gear and materia. if you aren’t about that aesthetic life, then that’s basically what you spend your money on. gear. excluding glamour. that’s part of aesthetics.

Its really important to know that when your ‘per hour’ depends on loads of items being sold, that hour can easily become, 2, 3, 4 depending on how often you need to repost the items. it can also be like a month before you get your full return for your ‘hour’ of work.

It’s only been just over a week and the prices have gone down by half =( On Balmung server they are only selling for 33-36k each so lets say you buy 6 and only get 1 Demimateria, You come out even. I know each server is different with it’s economy so it’s something people should look into before dumping a mil+ on those bridesmaids shoes. P.S… Awesome guides btw. I followed your Leatherworking guides in hopes that i’d get in on this action in time. took less than a day to go 1-50 and 88.73 Desynth.

Just saying, but the Spruce Lumber has a better use. If you can keep your retainers running for Aldgoat Horns, or you stock up on them in another way, you can then make Horn Glues that, together with the lengths of spruce lumber, can be made into Spruce Plywood (HQ, fastest by making a macro or 2 for the proces), that then can be traded in Mor Dhona for the spectacles, which can be desynthed into even more FD3s.

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