FFXIV 4.0 – New Job Speculation! Blue Mage, Red Mage, Samurai, and more

I just realized this started as a comment discussing the meet up of people in real life as an effect for our love for video games in Las Vegas… How we ended up here and how what I just said doesnt immediately debunk this guys arguement is beyond me.

As much as I would personally love Samurai, I honestly want to see an Alchemist-like Healer job over anything else. Just because there’s no sort of “science” or “medicine” based Healer in FFXIV. Every other role in the game has both magic and non-magic based jobs except Healer which is purely magic.

I cant imagine a tank haveing time to pull plus to manage a pet. lets say you go on raids even for a scholar it is hard to manage the pet during massive aoe damage to team as healing, dodgeing etc. but lets say if they bring a healer suporter that could change alot maye with some buff enhancement as additional percentage to heals could be great, that would create a balance to scholar. As also a desease dispell buff since seleene is a moron.

I could see Samurai being closer to Dragoon as far as a dps with heavy armor. I’ve even had a few end game fights where I held a boss with Drg just long enough for a tank to get ressed without dying. What really would be interesting is just to give them the ability to rip threat off a tank so they could use Third Eye to completely negate a big hit, then let the tank have him back.

here is another sword wielder…because you have sword and shield, now big sword…so two swords?!?!?! But I do think it’s a good way to get people to go into Tank. Ever group (healer, tank, Dps) needs new variety. The group that gets burned the hardest is the healers, I hope they drop a patch class like rogue and it’s a healer.

First to say: I never played any FF other than 14 and 15 so I dunno anything aside from that. But based on the 4.0 trailer I actually hoped to finally get to “the far east” or at least near it? The clothes looked like it and a speculated a new class that is something like a martial artist that’s using ki. Something like Kempo.

Also I heard from my friend blue mages in other FF have some kind of “time” and “Balance” based skills. So if that is true i speculate that is a rl possiblity. For example Gigi (the little marionette) and also Sopia hinting on this kind of magic.

dps is someone who cares about their damage per second, literally just another way of saying a damage dealer, but I will disagree. blue mage had no time related shenanigans whatsoever. the ‘balance’ they stressed was the balance of keeping ones humanity while drowning in the power of monsters. it was a very real possibility in lore for a blue mage to lose control of their monster magic and turn into a monster themselves (a soul flayer, humanoid mob with tentacles on its face). but the ‘balance’ component was never really reflected in gameplay at all.

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